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You Can Go Home Again

Making a quick trip to Chicago to visit our daughter and son-in-law, we decided to make the trek to the North Shore after 14 years.

It all looked so familiar as we headed down Sheridan Road winding our way past the homes of my mother’s youth, my husband’s and my childhood, my first apartment,and the homes we had together numbers 1 through 4.

We stopped for lunch at the restaurant we frequented when we lived in town, and had a healthy dose of deja vu….

Upon walking in the front door, sitting in the exact spot, looking exactly the same, sat the owner just as he always had …..

I told him I could not believe he was here, that we had returned after 14 years….

without missing a beat he replied, “We’ve been waiting for you!”

The food was as wonderful as we had remembered and I was suddenly overcome with emotion, as memories came flooding to the surface.

But as quickly as they came, another unexpected surprise….

a look around at the booths and the tables to see if there were any familiar faces, produced one indeed!

I saw a woman I went to high school with , but decided that to approach her might be too hokey….so I sat and ate and enjoyed all that was around me.

Suddenly she walked by, did a double take and approached me….we caught up in record time!

The rest of our journey went just as smoothly, and produced a pleasant day of nostalgia and a calming that was a welcome change after months being in active election campaign mode!

As we return home to LBTS, we look forward to another walk down memory lane with the hopes that the town we chose 9 years ago, (because it reminded us so much of those we re-visited today) will also return to the familiar, where people greet their neighbors, keep our traditions intact and move forward in development while still retaining all we have!

You can go home again…..


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