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With A Heavy Heart

How very sad with the election being only weeks ago…that the powers that were and the power that is are so stuck in their ways that they cannot just STOP!

A man has come forth…a citizen…well known, well respected…he was asked to serve…to bring diversity to the town meetings with invocations that will bring to all inclusion ….to spread the word of faith and hope…to emanate beyond the hall and help to heal a divided town.

Within days of his acceptance to this important position, he is met with the unscrupulous behavior we have all grown so tired of …from the competing papers in town.

Doing what he thought was right to fulfill this duty and bring forth the most response from neighbors who practice their faith beyond city limits….he sought to include an article in each of these publications.

He submitted one for the Futures paper which was delivered throughout the town today.

The article was as it should be, full of promise, reaching out to all to assist in this endeavor. A beautiful start….with one glaring exception….a Kewpie Doll Buddah….. alongside his article….how sad…what an insult….how insane must the editors be for not showing respect!

I cannot fathom that this would ever find a place next to something written by the past Town Chaplain!

An apology should be issued immediately!

This adds insult to injury after our new Town Chaplain was informed by the Times yesterday that he would no longer be welcome to write anything in their paper due to his submission to the Futures.

How callous, to a fellow member of the CIC /campaign worker/long time contributer to the Times…along with his wife.

Further stunning actions came when a Commissioner called him to read him the riot act!

Has every one of these people lost their minds?

The people spoke…the people voted…the people asked for civility…respect…and change with the demise of the Old Guard….so far there is great cause for concern.

Now is the time to stop, and get us back on track……

An apology must be forthcoming to our new Town Chaplain, Rev. George Hunsaker and his wife.

A heavy heart is what is being felt by many in our town tonight.


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