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When Only The Players Change

It’s always interesting when those who were disdainful of “business as usual” in politics come up with a vast array of excuses to justify their turn at using those practices when it suits their purposes.

On a national level…the Hillary math problem that exists…combined with the newly emboldened Super Delegates who are not so beholden to the Clintons as they might have been a few months back….

News continuing to evolve on a “Do Over” (see previous post) for Michigan and Florida…..

The convoluted statement from Howard Dean….that talks about playing within the rules the Democrats made up early on…while using political doublespeak to push just the opposite.

How weird is it when you have the editors of the far..far left The Nation in full agreement with the far…far right National Review cautioning how this will be a calculated pre-curser to a Super Delegate fiasco being pushed from the Clinton side that could equal a “Civil War'”..”a 1968 moment” (repeatedly being spoken about on the cable news shows)…at the Democratic Convention.

Interesting times….bending reality…playing with the numbers….ignoring the math…and the will of the people….sound familiar?

UPDATE: Cost of a “Do Over” 20 million dollars!


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