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What Will Happen To The Chamber?

There are lot’s of questions about the chamber and what is in store for them in the future?

I can only hope that the president takes this time to look at their past actions, and their present bylaws.

Many thought it was unseemly when those on the board walked around wearing two hats (sometimes three) and reportedly strong-armed small business owners to pay heed to their bias.

Political leanings were prominently displayed at occasions when as representatives of the chamber, it was imperative they show neutrality.

Bending the rules to give an advantage to someone in their inner circle when up for election to the board, while those who admitted it was suspect, became awkwardly silent in doing anything to right the wrong.

Pushing forth untruths to harm a candidate in the condos, to skew the vote in one direction.

Not having open books for the public, the town and the press… there something to hide?

Read the by-laws which contain some laws that truly stretch the imagination of what passes the smell test.

How can someone represent a business that they neither own or work for…..and have a position on the board much less be a member?

How can two people on the board be from the same establishment?

It is the right time now, to do what will happen at town hall with the new commission, be open, honest and accessible to all… qualities of leadership, that will bring back confidence in the chamber and cast aside all doubt of the old ways which brings the question to the forefront….

What will happen to the chamber?

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