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What Does A Chamber of Commerce Cost?

There has been a lot written lately about the Pompano Beach Chamber of

What about the LBTS Chamber?

This year they should be willing to open their books.

I know they have a profit and loss for 2007 that is available, but that does not seem to go far enough, in these belt tightening times.

They will be part of the town’s budget and as such should be prepared to be transparent to the town and commissioners, if they expect some level of taxpayer funds to offset their yearly projected budget.

In these times of looking for alternative ways to cut expenses, volunteerism should be the preferred way to run a chamber.

Creative ways to cut down on special events expenses…using ….volunteers…. VFD….civic organizations ….cutting back on expenses…operating at a profit…..after using the previous year”s profit and loss thus streamlining those expenses.

The chamber building….can it be made into a multi use building to offset the cost of maintenance?

The Chamber should take this opportunity before the yearly budget to be looking into presenting to the town with both the books and some new ways of doing business.


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