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We Need A Grant Writer!

In todays Sun- Sentinel…. a story of Fort Lauderdale getting a grant for installation of hurricane impact windows and it will cover 75% of the cost!

In research of the Broward County agendas, online and in other articles…towns are still getting grants…to cover items that we are in need of here or projects that we have bids out on!

My opinion….dump the Jarvis Hall patio enclosure…it is a waste of the bg dollars it will cost on a building that is in need of being replaced.

That being said….here we have a RFP out for bids on this enclosure for glazed windows and doors….

what is wrong with this picture?

A grant writer…or lack there of…..

Many fondly remember and highly praise our last grant writer…Laura Ward….

Is there another Laura Ward out there?

A person that would be on top of these things….

I look forward to the time it will be LBTS in the news receiving yet another grant….and not in the public notices doling out yet more of the taxpayers money?


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