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We Made The Papers…This One Ain’t Going Away…


unguarded beach raises


‘Caverni, in Montreal, said this week that the incident left her “angry. This doesn’t have to happen to others if there are lifeguards on the beach.”

Mitchell also blasted the lack of help.

“Twenty-two respondents without adequate training, equipment and physical ability is near criminal,” he told commissioners. “We cannot put a price tag on lives.”‘

The latest near drowning…in LBTS on Oct. 25th is not going to fade away….this one just may be the catalyst to make some costly decisions… to get the town off the merry-go- round of lifeguards…or no lifeguards…leaving no one in authority the opportunity to sit on the fence this time…

Once again in his short tenure as Vice Mayor/ de-facto LBTS VFD Fire Chief McIntee has made the news…and none of it is good…

Time has come for the Commission …the Administration..AMR….and  the VFD to stop being mute…

An oversite committee needs to be put in place…and public requests need to be forthcoming….

more to come…,0,2706909.story

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