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We Made The Papers…Sentinel Saturday Editorial…VFD

‘Volunteer Firefighters must improve response


‘THE ISSUE: LBTS chooses volunteer firefighters.’

‘Another possibility would be to consider hiring a paid professional fire chief to head the volunteer department. Or even creating a citizens committee to keep lines of communication open between firefighters and residents.

The bruising battle is over. The town should support the VFD, and the VFD should work to maintain that trust.

BOTTOM LINE: Necessary to build trust, acceptance.’,0,4775471.story

Thanks to a faithful Reader for the heads up…almost missed this…

Time has come for the VFD and the Town to get on board…find alternatives to the status quo…a Citizens Oversight …and the real possibility of a Fire Chief that is independent of the department and allowed under the 2004-16 Ordinance for the Town Manager to enact…along with answering to public requests that are required…Hipaa…which is required……and having outside help for following the required protocol …required By-laws and SOPs that are not being adhered to a the present time…….

more to come…

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