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We Made The Papers…FRONT PAGE…Reopening The Access To The Pier Parking Lot……

‘LBTS’ Anglins Pier owners fight road closure’

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‘For five months, Louis and Spiro Marchelos have been asking the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Town Commission to reopen an access road between the Anglins Pier parking lot and the Oriana By The Sea Condominium, which has been closed off by a fence. But so far, the fence remains.’

BC….Is the Vice Mayor  utterly incapable of telling the truth?…..

This statement  to the Hi-Riser from the Vice Mayor…is totally bogus!….

‘Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee said the road “is the number one source [for pedestrians] to the beach.”

BC…Thank you Ms. Patterson for catching him in this latest one!…..

‘But at 11 a.m. on a recent Thursday, just three people could be seen using the road — which has a sidewalk — to access the beach.’

‘Everett Sorensen, who built the pier and parking lot in 1963, said the lot’s entrance was originally on the north side, with the exit on the south, where the Oriana condo is now.

“[This issue] has really handicapped [the Marchelos brothers] and the pier,” Sorensen said. ‘,0,5331506.story

Time to stop the insanity…open the access…and leave it open!….

This will be addressed this evening at the 1/22/09 continuation of the 1/13/09 Regular Commission meeting….

BC…from the article it looks like 2 commissioners are for it….Good Move!…Now about Aruba/ Village Grille/Hi-Noon’s alleyway……leave it 2-way!….

more to come….

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