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We Made The Papers…LBTS-VFD…Raise More Questions…

‘Switch to volunteer fire department a hot topic in


‘The VFD reported to the state fire marshal that of its 76 firefighters, 57 have firefighter II certification, or 360 hours of training. The rest, including the chief, deputy chief and three captains, have firefighter I status with 160 hours’ instruction, or are trainees. Most have not yet passed medical exams, something Perkins said will happen within the year. Some live in town and many are new fire academy graduates who train with the VFD while awaiting permanent jobs elsewhere.’


The above paragraph seems to support one of the concerns raised by former Battalion Chief Pointu…concerning medical exams….this along with the startling account at last night’s Commission meeting….regarding VFD Training Officer/Vice Mayor McIntee needing medical assistance…and VFD trainee/fire truck driver Tom Carr now sidelined due to his own medical emergency….raise serious questions….especially that a year’s time is allowed to have fire fighter’s medical exams in order… YIKES!…

What else was allowed…or overlooked….

more to come…

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