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In today’s Sun-Sentinel local section, is a “tug at your heart” piece about a retired couple staying for the “season” months at the Hampton Beach Club Condominium.

They are complaining about their seaside experience being ruined due to construction going on below them!

I gather they have a lot of company, staying in several sections of the town.

With Minto in full blown construction mode, visitors, annual and new must be taken aback from the noise and confusion.

It must be tough for all those who came to relax as well as those in the business of providing this experience, and hoping for repeat business next season.

While knowing full well that living in a condo, we have been and will be dealing with ongoing construction for a long time to come, due to concrete re-construction and wear and tear due to deterioration that is a result of living by the sea….

I empathize with those here a short time.

I will be very interested to see if some new ideas to control new building sites with their impacting noise and mess will be implemented as the new commission goes to work.

Commissioner- elect Dodd had some very good ideas brought to light at the debates in this regard…. perhaps they are high on his list?

Calling ….Sun-Sentinel Reporter Brittany Waldman …on her blog today…

your statement … This should be interesting… what way?

Will you be attending? Will you have an open mind?

I sure hope so, because from the coverage after the wins of our 2 new commissioners the day after…I have some concerns!

Try to be open, and cover them fairly….you will not be disappointed!

I hope make it in tomorrow’s Sun-Sentinel… for a new day in LBTS with a new commission and a report of a first class swearing in ceremony that does our town proud!

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