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Alexia Campbell covered the AMR/BSO workshop….shock of shock a reporter from the Sentinel actually reported the facts…no bias!

There really is a Santa Clause…Virginia…

Maybe she can cover this town…send Brittany packing?

The major difference…besides the 3.2 million…the auto pulse on board the ambulances!

Really now…after the attending the Old Guard/ BSO (single digit in resident attendance) where this auto pulse was front and center …and watching no less than 6 BSO personnel spend over 20 minutes trying to pack the thing up correctly after the demonstration…the best quote of the night came from a skeptical resident….

“you know how many of those you could buy for a million dollars?”

After the workshop….for a 3.2 million dollar difference …..LBTS could buy an auto pulse for every man, woman and child in the whole town!

Bottom line, as the Town Manager said at the workshop…”A Honda is a Honda”….no need for a Bentley!

UPDATE: Thanks to Commissioner Dodd, for catching a big mistake in the article….

AMR will be providing 2 paramedics and 1 EMT on the ambulance stationed in LBTS.

The reporter wrote it the other way around…this is a very important detail in the consideration process of who will get the job.


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