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LBTS resident…Ashley Carmichael….’Getting recipes analyzed’,0,2713834.story

‘LBTS Commission wants Internet straw polls’

‘To get a better understanding of its resident’s opinions, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea wants to poll residents through the town’s Web site in addition gathering responses by phone and mail.

Commissioners recently discussed offering straw polls on the town’s site to gain a larger and wider audience of voters, where both residents and businesses can take part.

“Rather than take up clerical time to answer calls, people with computers [could] register with the Web site [to vote],” Commissioner Stuart Dodd said. “I think we’ll get a greater response and better feedback.”

Over the summer, the town executed its first straw poll through its newsletter, Town Topics, about the possibility of opening a dog beach. About 239 respondents voted by submitting their full names via mail or phone responses for resident verification.

Commissioner James Silverstone said he supports the idea if there is a way to guarantee residents can only vote once via the Web site.

“There needs to be some type of integrity, but then again with computers, there’s always a way to manipulate stuff,” he said.’

Longer Version…,0,6273316.story


This seems intrusive…it’s one thing to see the transactions on the Property Appraisers Public Records site…or read it in the transactions in the local news…but a background on the buyers/sellers…with location of the property….might cause those buyers/sellers some concern….as they are private citizens, not public servants…

more to come….

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