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Watching Pompano

In today’s edition of the Pompano Pelican the report of a preliminary blueprint for the future look of Pompano’s Barrier Island.

250 people met last Saturday to see the unveiling and give their reactions.

They have a vision of a parking garage….is this a dream of all towns….is it like a trophy….if you build it they will come scenario?

A boardwalk…..did we not talk boardwalks in LBTS?….What happened to that? I would like a boardwalk…..why should those on the beach not join us on the side streets with what is best for the residents to walk this town on cement?

The location of a new firehouse….near the beach…..good for automatic/mutual aid (still get the two confused….just know they mean a backup plan). Maybe they can give ideas for one of our own?

Topping the list as always…greenspace and park like features.

So with our neighbor to the north, taking the lead ….maybe we can pull a Sea Ranch Lakes move…..piggy back off Pompano….get on board for less…or better yet…take it easy and learn from their mistakes.


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