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Update…LBTS Drownings…#3



”This was a truck-driving couple from North Dakota who probably just came down here to enjoy the South Florida weather,” said Veda Coleman-Wright, spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

“But that weather can be unpredictable.”

Witness Jean Smith, 53, said she first spotted the couple while walking south along the beach with her daughter and granddaughter.

She saw the couple on the beach, near 4100 El Mar Dr., said hello to them and continued on.

About 20 minutes later, Smith and her family were walking back and passed by the same spot when they saw the woman in the water, on her back, close to the sand.

”At first, we thought she was just floating. When we got closer, we saw her face was black and blue,” Smith said.

The woman’s body came to rest on the sand, Smith said.

The man was still floating farther out in the water.

Firefighters who arrived at the beach had to help pull his body out, Smith said.

He too was dead.

The couple were a husband and wife truck-driving team from Jamestown, N.D., BSO said.

They had checked into a Holiday Inn, near where they drowned, on Saturday, according to BSO.”

More to come…

Note to Commissioners….Rip Tide Info …must be addressed on the 12th….

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