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Update…Public Information Request

KUDOS to the Town …with an incredibly quick response….in 1 hour and 45 minutes!…

Below is a second request….due to the VFD Constitution provided…appearing to be the one prior to the latest version used by the VFD…

Question is…is the Town in receipt of the 2003 or 2004 version?…and the By- Laws…

This writer has had no response from the VFD …Fire Chief Bob Perkins…

Below is the follow-up request to the Town…Town Attorney…VFD…

Posts will be made of comparisons between the 2 contracts…and also items of interest in the contracts/2000 Constitution….

The e-mail…today near 6 pm….

Madam Town Manager Colon
Madam Town Clerk White
Town Attorney
VFD Fire Chief Perkins

I appreciate the quick response by the Town with my request for the VFD-LBTS 2000/2008 contracts and the VFD Constitution.
I do believe the Constitution provided by the Town with a cover page showing a 1999 year on it is not the latest version being used by the VFD.
If there is another Constitution with updated By-Laws from 2003 or 2004, I would like that version.
Is the Town in receipt of the version the VFD is using?
Also,I would like to know the Town’s role in any continued disregard from the VFD in honoring my request for public information?
Thank you, Barbara Cole

more to come….

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