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Update…LBTS Fireworks RFP Now On Town Website…


HMMMM…Today the Fireworks  RFP is  online on the Town website………

7 pages…shell size…time between firing shells…….number of personnel……and the location…on the beach behind El Prado Park…including  last on page 7 a permit for special events …conditions for marine guidelines..below…

Field Permit No.
1) The following conditions ate required for special events for the protection of marine turtles during the marine
turtle nesting season. The nesting season is March 1 – October 31 in Brevard, Indian River, St Lucie, Martin, Palm
Beach, and Broward counties, and is May 1 – October 31 in all other coastal counties in Florida.
2) All structures proposed to be constructed in marine turtle nesting habitat and left out overnight shall have 3 feet of
vertical clearance beneath them, at least 7 feet of horizontal clearance between the supports where they meet the
beach, and shall be located as far landward as possible. Any structures or materials not meeting these criteria must
be removed by sundown each day. All staging and storage of event equipment and materials shall be off the beach.
3) The use of heavy equipment is prohibited, and the use of street vehicles to transport event equipment is prohibited
except on beaches where public beach driving is allowed by local ordinance. A lightweight, ATV-type vehicle with
10 p.s.i. or less ground-to-tire pressure may be used for equipment transport if allowed by local ordinance. Use of
vehicles shall be minimized, and restricted to event set-up and break-down.
4) In order to place structures on the beach, surveys for marine turtle nesting activity must be ongoing, and have been
conducted daily for 65 days previous to the event date or since the beginning of marine turtle nesting season. It is
the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that nesting surveys have been conducted in accordance with the
following conditions:
a) All nesting surveys shall be conducted by qualified persons who hold a valid marine turtle permit issued by the
FWC pursuant to Florida Administrative Code Rule 68E-1. No materials or equipment may be set up on the
beach until the applicant has coordinated with the marine turtle permit holder.
b) Nest surveys shall be conducted daily between sunrise and 9 a.m. during marine turtle nesting season. No
activity shall occur in any location prior to completion of the necessary marine turtle nest survey and protection
c) Nests deposited within the event area shall be marked and left in place unless natural factors threaten the
success of the nest. Any nests left in the event area shall be dearly marked and the actual location of the clutch
determined- A circle with a radius often (10) feet, centered at the clutch, shall be marked by stake and survey
tape or string. No activities shall enter this circle and no adjacent activities shall be allowed which might directly
or indirectly disturb the area within the staked circle. During marine turtle hatching season (July 1 – October
31), no structures or materials which could impede the progress of turtle hatchlings may remain seaward of a
nest overnight
5) No lighting associated with the event is authorized after 9:00 psa. during the marine turtle nesting season.
6) No water from the structure or event area shall be allowed to run onto the beach where it could impact adjacent sea
turtle nests.
7) In the event an unmarked marine turtle nest is exposed, or a dead, injured, or sick marine turtle is discovered during
the event, the marine turtle permit holder shall be notified immediately such that appropriate conservation
measures can be taken. Within 24 hours of any such occurrence, a report of the incident shall be faxed to the FWC
Bureau of Protected Species Management at (850) 921-6988.
8) The permittee shall not disturb existing beach and dune topography and vegetation. No excavation of sand
landward of the mean high water line is permitted. Any temporary minor disturbances in the sand (including ruts,
depressions, holes, or mounds) shall be filled in and raked smooth with hand tools each evening’

BC- If this is a go acceptable to do….. then again …..the pavilion could not be built after season because?….

full RFP link below………

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