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Updates…Explosion In LBTS…”it could be the first such incident in the United States.”….



‘A Broward Sheriff’s deputy who was first on the scene fought through thick smoke and found the boy in a burning hyperbaric chamber on the first floor.

State fire marshals and Sheriff’s Office homicide detectives are investigating.
The Lauderdale-by-the-Sea fire department arrived a short time later.

The woman and the boy are not mother and son, Jachles said.

It is not known why the victim of this afternoon’s explosion was being treated.

A patient is usually put in a chamber and exposed to 100 percent oxygen at a pressure greater than sea level. Chambers are typically cylindrical and can fit only one person at a time.

Hope Fine, who runs a freestanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy clinic called South Florida Center For H.O.P.E. in Deerfield Beach, said if the hyperbaric chamber exploded, it could be the first such incident in the United States.

“The last accident was at least 15 or 16 years ago in Asia, because the patient brought in a hand warmer,” she said. “These chambers are safe if you do it correctly. You have to take precautions because you’re dealing with 100 percent oxygen.”

Pure oxygen is highly flammable’

full text link below….,0,1520166.story

Miami Herald…link below has a series up photos….along with the story…

Television news crews are still on scene…so expect local coverage on all local channels….starting at 5 pm…(It was on local channel 7 at noon)…

Channel 4 reported at 5 pm the boy first said to be 7-8 yrs. old was actually 4 and the woman was in her 50s and possibly the boy’s grandmother…They were here from Italy for treatment of Cerebral Palsy…First taken to Broward General…they were then transported to Jackson Memorial…The boy’s father is en route from Italy…The BSO Deputy …first on scene was also a paramedic…A special report on hyperbaric chambers will be at 6 pm….

At 5:30 the area surrounding the building is closed down while the all the tanks are being emptied …..precluding many homeowners from entering theirĀ  streets…

We are also told the helicopter touched down at the Fountainhead Condominium….

Questions being asked by concerned citizens today…with 3 calls since October 2008…was the facility sufficiently inspected for fire safety?…

A request for the incident report has been made from BSO and an e-mail sent to the VFD….

They will be posted upon receipt….

BC- a note of thanks to all the Readers who contacted this writer with eyewitness accounts and professional input ….

more to come…..

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