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Update…Correction…… Pavilion Flooding…


Dear Readers- Previous Post….

“Floods we’ve got floods…at the pavilion…seems the run- off comes from Aruba…down hill from their lot…and maybe accelerated by covered drains?….Drainage was to be addressed ….The picture sent to this writer shows a swimming pool….not quite what was ordered!”

Pictures were taken and sent into the Town Manager by Comm. Dodd…

‘Seven photographs of interest

Deep water around pavilion area – hopefully once the drains are open it won’t be a problem.

Water flowing out of Aruba ’s in a small river

Flooded sidewalk outside Sealord

Puddles at Washingtonia North & South

Villa Caprice drain blocked
The only one that requires action is the blocked drain to the North  of  the FPL power pole outside Villa Caprice – the others are for interest

The Manager sent back a letter to the Commissioners and staff…She stated “Aruba overflow is a townwide problem. Older properties were not required to retain their stormwater at the time of construction.”

That is where the previous post story came from…

Athena /Pier Owner Louis Marchelos sent the following e-mail today………to set the record straight…

Dear Barbara,
I just read your recent posting where  in you said the rain run-off was coming from the Aruba lot. This statement  is inaccurate. The run-off and flooding comes from the Pavilion, the street paved being pitched toward that drain that was put in and the fact that the drains are plugged for some reason. Once the drains were opened the flooding abated in a timely manner. I spoke to Everett  Sorenson yesterday  and he told me there was never even a puddle of water in the area were the flooding was over the past 50 years.
A more serious issue is the unsecured roofing materials on the Pavilion. These panels and other materials were flying all over commercial blvd. It’s only through the grace of God that no one was injured.

Thank You, Louis Marchelos

BC- Thank you Louis…and as always readers anytime something needs to be corrected…just let me know!….

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