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BCbythesea received an email from Master Steering Committee Alternate Member Mary Ann Wardlaw…..

Mrs Wardlaw would like a few corrections to be posted…

She was advised by 2nd alternate Shevaun Steward-Kuhn that it was Mrs. Kuhn who had not sent in her paperwork.

UPDATE: Mary Ann contacted BCbythesea… 4/23/08 to correct once again…Shevaun had indeed filled out her paperwork…a fast exchange between the two was mis-interpreted… prior to the meeting…

She thinks there was some confusion by Town Hall between the two of them.

She sent in her oath of office …and Town Hall has been in receipt of it since April 15th.

She was called by Town Hall Monday and declined becoming a permanent member of the Steering Committee due tp personal reasons.

She was not advised that there was a meeting Monday night.

Bcbythesea….reported what the Town Manager presented to the board present at the meeting….

Shevaun offered a few times to step forward to the permanent position…and was told by the Town Manager she could not ….until they reached Mrs Wardlaw…due to Mrs Wardlaw being 1st Alternate and Mrs Steward- Kuhn being 2nd Alternate.

As stated in previous post….the Town Manager returned with a book and announced that there was no form from Mrs Wardlaw…and no phone number to reach her.

Thank you for your email Mary Ann…happy to post your email

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