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Still on the question of the advice from the Town Attorney…. the “do not respond” question….

opinion… from….another attorney…

Thinks the Attorney General opinion is being mis-read…. in previous update…

The use of e-mails between commissioners is limited to factual information- not opinions,  and e-mails MUST be a part of some public record. Private e-mails don’t satisfy those requirments.

This attorney still feels it was bad advice…because you think there is a loophole when in fact there is not.

Elected officials may not discuss, in private, matters which they will consider and vote on.

Bcbythesea…. thought it was a disconcerting piece of advice …as previously posted…and still feels it is asking for trouble.

Commissioners and Board members must decide whether to get a formal written opinion…or steer clear of this advice all together…

will update if more opinions are forthcoming….

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