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Unsolicited Advise

After reading the opinion piece from Mr. Thompson in this mornings Sun-Sentinel, I feel compelled to take it a little further….

Does anyone really pay attention to endorsements, from papers?

I guess the answer would be …yes if you were endorsed or your candidate was endorsed and a resounding no if you were on the other side of the endorsement process!

That being said, I am a pround member of the G D I’s…. G-D  Damn Independents!

I do not like it when anyone informs me how they are voting ahead of time….such as members of a board.

Whenever I receive proxy’s to vote on from investments I have,  I take issue with the board of directors telling me how they suggest I vote.

If I am being asked to vote, give me the literature and let me decide without a biased view inflicted upon me!

In the past I have been told many organizations in town have been a little shifty in guiding their members to vote the way the board wants them to.

This is a practice that should be ignored by those being asked to vote……rebel against a pre-emptive strike from those “informing” you of their stance.

Any voter who wants to be advised on how a board member would vote should contact them personally, and  let the rest of the GDI’s not have to be subjected to the preferences of the board.

The only thing accomplished by such presumptuous “guidance” given to voters is exerting control over the process to try an guarantee a certain outcome beneficial to those sending out this unsolicited advise!

My advice,  ask why would you need to know what a board member recommends, take the time decide what you the voter want and vote independently.


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