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Try To Remember

A report on what was real and what was embellished about Barack Obama’s childhood….

A trip down memory lane shows he was not an angry child of color who hung with a rough crowd…but an overweight picked on kid who was ignored.

His name was “Barry” and he was left for periods of time with his grandfather who gave him the kind of love and attention all children crave from adults.

While in different environments he had different last names…the first name was “Barry.”

His recall of a defining moment when he realized what it meant to be a person of color does not exist….he cites an article in Life Magazine… about a man who tried to lighten his skin color…a check with the magazine and their archives….no such article…a check with Obama…brought forth another publication for the historic “light bulb” moment…another magazine…another check…no such article…next inquiry…the presidential candidate was not available.

Writing about going to Indonesia and”melding” into the community …picking up the language within 6 months as a precocious child….further reporting…more responses from those who remembered collectively factual recounts of a child who could not pick it up… even with help from those responding to the story.

Talk of a Obama – Clinton ticket are the daily cable/newspaper pundit’s hope….seems only fitting when Hillary herself has been caught with the same kind of statements regarding her own biographical memories…from babysitting for the children of those who were in the fields …to how she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary…which an easy check produced simply could not be possible…due to dates of his famous climb and her birth year.

No matter which way you lean politically this election…one thing you have to admit…John McCain….his background…his story….real!

Advice to candidates…try to remember…. check it out before the reporters do.

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