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Town Attorney

We’re counting down now…2 meetings to go before the soon to be ex- Town Attorney steps down off that dais for the last time….

at least while the majority on the dais is the New Guard.

RFP’s have gone out….we have been told….where they were published I am not sure….if in the Sun- Sentinel…I missed them…any responses are not public knowledge.

The RFP’s should be opened next ….with interviews to follow …

Will it be another large municipal legal team…such as the one our soon to be ex- Town Attorney is a partner in?

When I was ill- advised by him…. during the bogus….pre-meditated Sunshine violation charges/ SLAPP suit last year…I googled his law firm…it was quite an eye opener..

his firm is known as the “Monarchs of Municipalities” for how many municipalities they represent….

I found it funny at the time …due to their adding on municipalities as legal counsel and how it seemed to follow the same path Google articles described in articles about Ken Jenne in his hope to become a strong mayor….and BSO’s adding on municipalities for police/fire departments.

I am not saying there was any connection with the three, just that it was interesting how the path and goals were so much alike.

Now comes the big question that always rears its head in this all important decision….

stick with a firm like the one we would have fired….if the soon to be ex- Town Attorney had not tendered his resignation so fast after the election….

or try an independent attorney who would just represent us?

There are advantages and dis- advantages to both…and until the RFPs are opened we will not even know if we will have that option.

This decision is every bit as important as filling the position of Town Manager….stay informed…follow the process and let your commissioners know what you think.

I will continue to report all as we proceed.


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