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They Voted With Their Pocketbooks

Throughout the campaign that just ended I was often asked about the condos and how I thought they were going to vote.

My reply was always the the same from beginning to end, “With their pocketbooks!”

I live in Sea Ranch Club, and am all too familiar with the neverending assessments that have become an unpleasant way of life since hurricane season a few years back.

Two types of people live in condos, those on fixed incomes and those with money who fear they will outlive it.

With that in mind, I knew what got the condo people’s dander up….. they told me at every opportunity…

a sliding scale for fire assessments, which came into play before the election

extra pay and a paid day off for an employee doing their job well

rising cost for BSO…(yes, they still wanted service and the best EMS )

monuments erected in parking lots or elsewhere naming the commission, town attorney, town planner and anyone else

Pelicans for the entryways

lowering the variance price so that the residents will cover the difference if it exceeds the cost

and the really big one… the one that made the difference….

sewers on private property!

So with the election over, seems the pocketbooks prevailed!

Now it’s time to get down to work, to make sure those votes counted….

one thing about these condo dwellers, they will be watching, they will be waiting and they will be calling on those they elected to make good on the promises made to them to secure their precious votes.

So new commission, and town staff proceed with caution…

do not let the sounds of cha ching echo in the condo residents heads as they hear what is on the agenda for the future!

Instead, go slow, let us see your plan…your direction, your fiduciary commitment that brings forth the response, “yes, I voted with my pocketbook, and received so much more!”

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