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They Altered My Letter

It was quite a surprise that of the 3 papers I sent my letter to…. concerning my reimbursement for legal fees…The Times, The Pelican and the Futures……

It was the Futures that published it!

I was shocked…

I was told that former associates were incorrectly passing the word around that I sent in an article…even though they themselves received the letter and as stated above chose not to publish it….

that is par for the course these days….

also disturbing ……

though the Futures did publish it…….they took license with my letter to the Editor by removing the portion that addressed the Mayor….

That paragraph read….

Furthermore, I was surprised to hear Mayor Minnet inform the residents from the dais that she knew of such representation, which I believe is untrue, due to the fact that at a P & Z meeting preceding my being served a fellow member of the board asked this question and Ms Minnet remained silent on her supposed possession of this information. ( Perhaps, it was not written out on a card that evening?)

I know that the Editors have editorial rights and use them quite often with their reporter’s articles on all 3 papers I sent this letter to….but to delete a portion of a letter to the Editor…is something else!

Therefor…I guess all 3 neglected to publish my letter as it was intended….

says it all….really!

UPDATE: a learned reader informed me that many papers do indeed include in their papers notice that letters to the Editor may be altered for space considerations etc…

a check of the Future’s paper includes no such warning….although they may follow the same guidelines…it is however suspect that the paper chose to omit the paragraph concerning the Mayor….

I believe the Mayor was not honest with the reidents with her assertion of knowing that the League of Cities were available to represent board members…that she had done her due diligence..

either she said an untruth from the dais as the new Mayor citing her knowledge at the time of this event ….

or she was calculating in her decision to keep mum on the dais as the Chair of the P & Z Board when two of her fellow members were faced with this situation and another member inquired a few times about any legal protection….

whichever it was ….it certainly calls her character into question….in my opinion….

one last point….the thirdĀ  board member who made those repeated inquiries on the P & Z Board….was her nomineeĀ  as Mayor to be placed back onto the P & Z Board. last week……Brendan Berry.


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