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The Town Boards

There is an anticipation like none I have witnessed for a while, not only of what this newly elected commission will do, but who will be serving on the town boards….

I have heard here and there that those who are interested in volunteering their time are on an upturn.

Those who hesitated in the past, due to knowing all too well the majority on the dais would be holding over their pals , yet again, now feel they might have a chance this time.

Those who never even pondered volunteering for anything have caught some of the electricity from our newly elected commissioners, after listening to their stories of how they themselves decided to get involved.

So this time the choices of those wanting to participate may be overflowing!

How will the commission choose?

I believe they will do what they promised throughout the campaign, take all the information and decide on who can bring the most to the table, who will bring fresh ideas, thoughts, and follow what is allowed and what is not.

It can also come down to the backgrounds and expertise pertaining to what board they are volunteering for.

Will it look lopsided to some?

Will some call it lacking familiar faces of old…I sure hope so!

(Two exceptions please…..Sandra Booth..Master Steering/ L. Peanuts Wick.. Planning and Zoning)

Will it be a change…you bet!

There is still time, to put your name in for consideration…..

Planning and Zoning Board and Master Steering Committee….application are available at Town Hall.


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