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The Times Paper 3/7/08

Looked at it online…

Hmmm…Cover story about the smut on the Sun-Sentinel Topix Blog!

In previous posts…I addressed this topic.

Glad to have some company on this one….with further investigation than I was able to find out about Topix.

I sent e-mails to Topix, received a few responses….nothing has happened so far as the site.

My writing has not been deleted as of yet…(copyright material.)

The smut has virtually died in the last few days….and postings are few and far between.

(Update: this afternoon they are picking up…but staying on topic..not portals as site originally started with…but not smut either.)

But boy did I get hammered…in previous post….for suggesting the site be dumped.

What will the Times get…the same responses?

More on this weeks Times…..very informative, more mainstream… really enjoyed the Bill Hubley article…

and the new online format….a winner!

UPDATE: I have re-read the cover story in the Times…2 points…

First point….the Editor states he does not want the blog shut down…I did due to my copy right material being put on it and the smut that was constant.

I am revising my stance due to the change I have seen in the past days…minus one minor smut post that saw no traction…a definite change for the better.

The topics now seem informative and substantive …BRAVO….. hope this lasts? Just who has been away from their computers or have they seen the light?

Second point… quite a statement about his being for freedom of speech…considering the feedback I received from so many when I started this site and the extent he personally went to in order to thwart my right to do just that.


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