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Yesterday’s Sun- Sentinel…

Pompano hires a re- development agency director, who will join the city staff in March and will oversee the CRAs east and west at a cost of 107 thousand a year.

Combined these areas have 3000 acres and 9.1 million for use.

Again, let’s take our time in LBTS and watch what happens there….we can learn from their adventure.

Today’s edition…charitable gifts from cities…. LBTS gave to the Boy Scouts… when other communities refused due to the organization’s membership stance.

Some think that it is time to look at these long held practices at budget time, when charity representatives are seated in town halls waiting for their turn.

Money being so tight, everything will be under the scrutiny of the voters.

Miami Herald today…

Fred Grimm …..Keith Wassersrom…60 days to serve and 4 years probation.

Lobbying…the system…status quo…. screams out for another look into elected officials and lobbying…..

during their time in office….and right afterwards…doesn’t Washington have a time out for their own before they can lobby….should apply here…even if it’s free!


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