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Late today due to late night commission agenda and Sea Ranch meeting this AM ……

Power puzzle…chain of events leading to power outages…the haves and the have-nots…..and full time local news coverage…joined by the cable stations….this is the stuff that gives the news anchors that adrenaline rush!

Fires from ethanol requires special foam….alternative fuel carries a danger many communities have been slow to recognize; Ethanol fires are harder to put out and require a special kind of foam. Many fire departments do not have the foam and are not well trained to apply it.

Bone tests are not just for women, men need to be checked for osteoporosis….

A friend of mine told me of an ongoing program at the Wellness Center at Holy Cross Hospital for those with Osteoporosis…. called “Bones For Life”….which meets at the center Friday mornings at 9:45- 10:45. They are halfway through the current 6 week program but will continue on with more as long as the people respond and the classes are full. I have been told the difference is incredible after just a few sessions…plan on trying it myself.

Editorial…State Budget…. Tell me something I don’t know….we are going to pay one way or another…creatively and underhandedly… we will be paying…may just have fancy wording…or might just be slipped in like all those annoying extra charges that pop up at the end of the phone, cable and other bills that have increased so much that sometimes they are equal or more than the bill itself!

Opinion…Where are the tax dollars going…Stephen L. Goldstein….No more corporate socialism in Florida….a litany of who is getting what at the taxpayers expense!

Local section….Terminal 4 work approved for the Fort Lauderdale Airport….a week after auditors criticized the airport construction project as the “poster child” for for purchasing projects. …. with expanding existing contracts to include unrelated work ….maybe it was done under a consent agenda item?

I still take issue with Washingtonia sidewalks being passed under the consent agenda…without acknowledgment ( it was buried in the back-up materials) to the residents who might have wanted to address the issue.

I will be seeing plans on Friday afternoon….but have been told that I was incorrect when I thought Walter Keller needed to ask for a change order from the Commission.

I thought when he had presented the sidewalk addition…when discussed at a previous meeting…. the cost was 20 thousand dollars…. I was informed the 20 thou was for Mr. Keller and the sidewalks will be costing an additional 47 thousand!

Florida moves toward revising a state tax code….mail order and internet sales are targeted… more way to build revenue…

Business section….Office Depot earnings fall 85%….with Staples continuously sending coupons and undercutting the prices… it was only a matter of time…but will Staples be able to continue this for long?

Reminds me of (hearsay of course) rumblings I have heard for quite some time about a local newspaper selling ads at cut rates in order to drive business away from their well established competitor …but like Staples…how long can they continue?

Investors lose their zeal for Google…say it ain’t so Joe?….this once robust stock looks haggard…botox anyone?

Botox continued….

Business section….Economy can’t stop Botox…males are joining females in Botox injections….well we need something to to take care of all those worry lines….from loss of revenue, new taxes…

Pack better…those second bags will cost you…US. Airlines will join United Airlines for charging for that second bag to be checked in ….. pretty soon it might be cheaper to send your clothes by UPS?

Broward and State section….Schools take another hit…state lawmakers will slash another 350 million from schools…forcing layoffs….first the courts…now the schools…maybe the Jaablog challenge …( in earlier post) should extend to school union heads to kick in 5% pre tax income to help their workers too?

Loving our low- rise community even more…..

Things are looking up for Miami skyline….two mega-skyscrapers planned for downtown Miami would break the 1,000- foot threshold, making them the tallest in the world…nice place to visit…but I wouldn’t want to live there!

Editorial….For real change the, the residents must act…task force got it right; Miami-Dade needs reform….restore fairness to the initiative process…restore the basic right of a citizen to petition the government….remove control of initiative process from the commission and forbidding commissioners from writing or changing rules governing the process…..Hmmmm

task force report at

update in Sun-Sentinel….that 70 mission dollar Cricket Stadium…just added a 1.2 million dollar scoreboard!


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