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Front and center in the Sun-Sentinel today…Coral Reefs…

The Fight For Coral…all about sewage dumping and the widening of beaches and how it affects the coral reef.

This impacts LBTS especially and we should come under the protection being proposed.

Two residents of this town worked together to promote the coral reef and a project that is still to come to LBTS with Dr. Tom Goreau, President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance.

This was introduced and voted on during by previous commission, with it front and center….which will be ongoing…it needs to be brought to the dais once again.

It will impact our future both for protecting the reef, and will, if promoted correctly….increase our tourism…by the very nature of this unique program!

I have been waiting for this one…seems they held on longer than anyone could have imagined… when entering their store or receiving their almost monthly catalogues….Sharper Image files for bankuptcy!

Every time the merchandise was the same…always reminding me of walking into a store with the the blaring “slashed prices” banners on their storefronts…. the “everything must go” signs…. that carry over for months at time … often making it seem it’s a ruse.

Sorry to also see Lillian Vernon taking the same route…a childhood mainstay…in the mid-west!

Food prices are up.. (why do they always show the guy with the tomatoes? )… surprise…but as stated in an earlier post…you ain’t seen nothing yet ..if we proceed in the future to use corn ethanol for automobiles etc….

Two biils would limit campaign financing…Tallahassee…Senate Ethics and Election Committee…would ban towns from using taxpayer monies for use in the town advocating for or against ballot initiatives…..sound familiar?

We faced this when our previous commission used 75 thousand of LBTS taxpayers money to do a push poll during an election!… I believe it is still being looked in to!

Disney will rebuild its treehouse villas….it was an unusual housing option…now to be replaced…maybe Disney in Orlando will do what Disney California just did with bringing back the house of the future….and bring the treehouse villa back…for a visit….nostalgia sells….

Invocation stirs debate on religion…Deerfield Beach…should it remain? Does it belong? A longtime quandary… Here in LBTS we face this now…how do we deal with the retirement of the previous town chaplain?

The commission must decide on how we move forward…one chaplain …rotation…rotation of different faiths…no invocation?

Michael Mayo addresses ethics…for dummies…addressing the Hollywood 50 thousand dollar training that did not happen…great piece about…using …common sense!….who would have thunk?

How do you the commissioner use your issued items….not personally!

How do you the commissioner treat your business connections coming before you…. publicly reveal the conflict, fill out the paperwork and recuse yourself!

How do you the commissioner deal with a donator to your campaign who comes before you… publicly reveal the conflict, fill out the paperwork and recuse yourself!

How do you the commissioner deal with a spouse who is a grant writer who comes before you…. same as above! (example used in article)

The all important Sunshine Law violations…. so easy to fudge this one…from appearances in the past…..just appearances mind you….among elected officials… I offer an easy solution…..TALK TO THE HAND! A simple stop-gap, to re-access any conflict..any unintentional breach of ethics.

Commission OK’s raises

Despite an impending budget shortfall, Pembroke Pines commissioners voted themselves raises.

The 2.75% raise will cost taxpayers and additional 800 thousand a year. The commissioners will receive $24,359.

Comparisons shown….

Fort Lauderdale-Mayor, 35 thousand with $500 monthly expense account….Commissioner, 30thousand with $300 monthly expense account.

Pembroke Pines- Mayor 47,763 dollars with a 11,749 annual allowance….Commissioners,24,359 with a 5,874 annual allowance.

Hollywood- Mayor 38,000 dollars with a 100 dollar a month cellphone allowance…Commissioners,28,000 dollars with a 100 dollar a month cellphone allowance.

Miramar- Mayor 39,753 dollars with 7800 dollar yearly car allowance….Commissioners, 32,547 dollars with 78oo dollar yearly car allowance.

Of course the size of these towns are from 108 -185 thousand residents!

I am not sure what LBTS commissioners make…I seem to recall it is low….and I know we only have approximately 7000 residents…so it is all relative.

My hope is that no changes are made as a priority, that any look into an increase for our new commission comes well after the next budget, when we know where we stand with usual budget items… who will be our police, fire and EMS…as well as increases from contractors….Waste Management etc….increase costs for capital improvement projects and insurance.

Finally on cable news….

Not Jon Benet…Not Natalee Holloway….Yet!

Is it a scandle or a scam?

John McCain and the lobbyist…from the New York Times and other publications…

Why is it we never grow up when it comes to trying to take someone down a peg or two?

Go for the insinuations…the innuendo…the smut!

Happens from the bottom up or top down …take your pick!

On the notorious …Sun-Sentinel blog….on any given day…this person with that person…ridiculous and sick scenarios….

again what is it that makes this flare up?

Every time I see these items…I recall the grade schoolyard taunt…K- I- S- S -I -N- G … know the rest!


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