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Topic 1….Class Size Light At The End Of The Budget Tunnel?

Delaying full implementation of caps 22 grade school/ 25 high school students until 2010-2011 could save 90 million in one year alone.

Bottom line: class size flexibility will receive support.

My comment….in previous post…use laptops!

Topic 2….Take Your Gun To Work

allow employees to bring firearms to work…leaving them locked in their cars in the employers parking lot…measure failed in the past 2 years.

Bottom line: Lawmakers may have found compromise to let this measure pass.

My comment…. What happens when the gun is stolen from parked car in employer parking lot ….who is responsible?

Topic 3….Managing By Measurement- The New Methodology For Managing Government

Florida joined increasing number of states using performance measures to set goals and measure outcomes  last year whenGovernor Crist launched   

A diagnostic tool that provides scorecard of broad range of measures reflecting trends in key areas across state government.

Florida this year ranks…B-….same as the national average

money B-/ people C-/ infrastructure A-/ information B-

Bottom line: Headed in the right direction using data to manage government.

My comment…. who would have thunk…A- in infrastructure?

Topic 4….Insurance Industry Watchdogs

Senate  Select Committee…on property insurance accountability proposed sweeping property insurance changes last Thursday.

Recommendations…hard line against  insurers…proposed increased penalties r insurers violating state laws…allows regulators  to block rate increases.

Bottom line: Property insurance rates along with property taxes …still the 2 biggest concerns of the Florida electorate.

My comment…Touche’!

Topic 5…EPA Set New Standards

EPA announcing smog standards…counties/states have until 2010 to meet new standards before EPA determines violators.

Bottom line: The new EPA regulations draw national attention to the issue.

My comment….will the date be extended?

Things To Watch… Lemeux sidebar

Monday 17th…today…The full Taxation Budget Reform Committee will vote on 5 constitutional proposals relating to property taxes….recognizes Palm Beach County as one of the top ten up and coming tech cities…specifically noting the impact of Scripps.

Supporters of Central Florida CSX rail project held a rally at the capital last week.

Florida Council of 100 opposes the senate joint resolution aimed at recognizing Florida higher education system in favor of an elected  Commissioner of education rather than the constitutionally created Board of Governors.

Daily Business …review on mandatory retirement age polices.

Panel of the 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled prospective buyers who cashed refund checks forfeited their right to sue developer.

My Favorite Shell Game…(sidebar inclusion)

Carbon permit markets allow poluters to buy polution credits in the open market.

Last year more than 60 Billion in carbon permits were bought and sold!

As posted in previous post…theser are the new millionaires…carbon brokers!

My comment….akin to low income housing requirements being honored by having them somewhere else!

a must…Google carbon neutral…..


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