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The Chamber

I was just thinking about the interaction last night between the Chamber President and Commissioner Clottey….She inquired about the chamber having an after business get together at an establishment outside of LBTS…..(The Xmas party was also out of town.)

He was pretty straight forward in his assessment that outside businesses were essential for the chamber to operate as it does…if we kept to only local business the chamber would be much less an organization in size and stature.

Is that really so bad…we are after all a small town.

Do we need to have a large building staffed with full-time or even part-time paid employees? ( Aren’t volunteers available as they are at the Bonnet House, Holy Cross and elsewhere?)

Are we producing the same amount of travel books as we were when we had more hotels?

My questions may prove to be the wrong questions to ask…but … questions do need to be asked of the chamber…and the first is to open their books…the second is to review their by-laws….the third is to see if an overhaul might be beneficial…or if there is a reason I am not able to see…. for keeping the status quo?

A sample of this will be Taste of the Beach….which I attended for the first time last year…the food was good…..the atmosphere seemed festive…but the downfall was adding political favor into the mix with the booth for one sided publications….

I plan to try it again this year…to see what changes…if any I see…hopefully the political booth will be among the missing… a first step in the right direction…. to again…opening up your books!


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