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The Beginning

January 30,2008
Good day to all who have chosen to visit my new endeavor!

It seemed only fitting to enter into the world of websites after finishing up a successful commission campaign, here in Lauderdale By The Sea!

Months of hard work, that involved standing firmly behind 2 fine upstanding members of our organization, the CIC and our community running for office, Stuart Dodd and Birute Ann Clottey have brought back town wide optimism that we can indeed move forward with developing a cohesive future, whether it is with our public safety, neighborhood streets-cape, or dare I mention it, decorum on the dais!

I have kept notes of this whirlwind experience, which I jokingly refer to as Anatomy Of An Election, for use in some form for a later undetermined date! A valued friend of mine came up with the perfect way to describe what this vast amount of notes I have accumulated entails. He said it is like sausage….everyone loves sausage but no one would want to know what goes into it!

So, with the campaign over, and the candidates moving forward into their elected positions, I too will move forward to put down in words, my opinions, observations, suggestions and information dealing with events, meetings and items of interest along the way.

Sit back and enjoy ……from my vantage point…..more to come!

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