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Thank You John

John Thompson has persevered and finally had the opinion piece he sought to have published right after the election published.

He has written about the newspaper’s role in endorsing candidates…presenting the facts and making sure those facts are accurate.

Case in point, the Sun-Sentinel publishing the “facts” of a volunteer EMS…no such “volunteer” EMS service exists.

Was this incorrect statement a factor in the narrow loss for Mayoral Candidate L.Peanuts Wick?

Fully understanding the VFD/BSO/EMS impact in the election campaign, from interviews with the candidates, coverage of the commission meetings, and several news reports in their own paper on these subjects….it would seem the responsible journalistic practice of the Sentinel would have been to check with Mr. Wick which would have cleared up this erroneous stance attributed to him immediately.

An aside to the endorsement above….

A friend of mine responded after I told her of the apparent snafu involving the Sun-Sentinel endorsements of the Pompano Beach incumbents which appeared briefly online and then were pulled…only to appear in the newspaper yesterday…..

We were discussing why the Sentinel keeps choosing developer friendly, special interest backed candidates over those who clearly see conflict of interest and are independent?

Without a pause this well informed person, responded that the Sentinel gets all it’s legal ads from these towns….

I suppose a change in the majority could conceivably mess with that revenue income by instructing the town to bid out for the ads to published elsewhere for less?

Always about the money!


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