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Tell The Sea Turtles To Move Over

Next Icon: Gopher Tortoise?

Tallahassee is still doing the important business that concerns us all!

This will either make you happy or make you laugh or both?

One bill passing through with flying colors….adding to the list of 37 state symbols!

A Republican State Senator wants to add the gopher tortoise…..

His fellow Senator went on to joke…”if this bill in no way denigrates the integrity and value of sea turtles, then I will support it.”

Funny- yes…happy news-yes….but will the gopher turtoise ever reach the “big business” status of the sea turtles…with its own prepared booklet, state officials that are sea turtle patrols…university grad students en mass at FAU?

Only time will tell…….after this all important first step into the big time!

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