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Here’s The Scoop…NO DIRT…From The Soil and Water Commission To The State House…Former Mayor Parker Making A Move….

June 3, 2009 by Barbara



‘The paper thin victory margin of 12 votes triggered a Statutory Recount, mandatory whenever there are diminutive winning margins. The recount took place on Thursday, supervised by canvassing boards in Broward and Beach counties. It changed the vote total for only two candidates. Bruce McNeilage, who finished fourth, won an extra vote because officials found two absentee ballots stuck together in a box. Julie Morrall, who finished fifth, lost a vote when officials discovered one ballot was actually an overvote, as a tabulation machine misread a ballot in which the voter selected more than one candidate. By the end of the day, records still showed that Bogdanoff had defeated Oliver Parker by a 12-vote margin.’

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BC- Guess the Soil and Water Commission wasn’t enough for former Mayor Parker ……he’s running once again for the Florida House…Psst…tell 13 “friends!….


‘With Republican state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff running for the state Senate, the field is wide open to fill her House seat next year, already offering a potentially spirited Republican primary.

Three Republicans say they plan to run: Soil and Water Commissioner Oliver Parker, marketing company president Yomin Postelnik and attorney David Maymon.

Parker was the subject of a failed recall effort in 2007 while mayor of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
Parker lost to Bogdanoff by 12 votes in 2004. But now, he says it was a mistake to give himself a six-figure loan then. ”I think some people resented it,” Parker said. “They want people to earn the seat and not buy the seat. This time I intend to earn it.”

District 91, which runs up the coast from Dania Beach to Boca Raton, leans Republican. On the Democratic side, Christian Chiari — who lost to Bogdanoff twice — is mulling a bid.’

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