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Here’s The Scoop…4/14/09 Agenda…RFP For Choice Waste Services…UPDATED….

April 14, 2009 by Barbara


4/14/09  …Town Manager Report…

8. Discussion and/or action regarding RFP 09-02-01 Waste haulers (Manager Colon)

Last month (previous LBTS agenda/meeting category post) Choice Waste Services won the job…now it comes down to the negotiations…and the agreement…contained in the backup online (link below)…The Commissioners threw out some terms they wanted included …but they were not voted on at the time of the meeting…they were just the inclusion desired by that particular dais member…such as Vice Mayor McIntee saying 2 times he wanted new trucks only…NOT in the agreement……He also asked in his “grilling” of the companies if they would  take less than a 5 year contract…which does appear in the agreement …with 3 years. to begin with three-3 year renewals…..But did the Commission actually decide to go for less than 5?…Also brought up by Comm. Dodd but not included in this agreement… the 96 gallon toter being the only size allowed…Still in the RFP is the required 96 toter along with recycle bin PER ” dwelling unit”…in a multi-family thus enacting a change from the present choice (pun intended) that lets landlords/owners decide how many toters are truly required by their tenants and on their limited lot size properties…undoubtedly increasing their costs as well….UPDATE…THIS WAS ADDRESSED AND WILL CONTINUE AS IS ALLOWED PRESENTLY….The waste employees will get an additional holiday off…in addition to Xmas…New Years Day…(this needed to be voted on to allow)…The recycle bins and containers will have the Town logo on them and will be replaced by Choice if stolen or damaged beyond repair…in an unlimited number of replacements with no charge to the resident or Town…garbage toters will be repaired or replaced within 2 days…also no charge to residents or Town…Asked for and included “portalets” for special events…(4th of July…with the real number required per the County?)….The Town has the right to change the size of the toters and frequency of pick-ups and Choice “shall adjust accordingly’…with the customers being responsible for the increase or decrease in the costs…The Town can change the billing practices at anytime…(there was discussion at the CIC Town Hall meeting to put it on our ad valorem taxes)……”Corporate Goodwill”…Choice will pay Town upon award the current franchise fee rate on gross single family/residential collections portion of this agreement 3.76% …1X per month will be electronic waste pickups…..a rebate of $20 +/- per ton on all recycled products from Town owned and operated buildings….5 recycled computers (if available) for the Senior Center….Admin. fees $3.76 gross single fam/res. on agreement…The final numbers…Residential Single Family $17.92/ Multi-family $18.37…(the rest of the costs in the backup material…link below)…The Law firm representing Choice Waste Service…Rothstein,Rosenfeldt and Adler…

June 1,2009 is the date to begin…It is 30 days before the Waste Management contract ends…but we hear Waste Management will refund for that 30 day overlap…

Public comment is welcome…Multi-Family Building owners may want to speak up!….UPDATE…A READER GAVE THE HEADS UP…UNDERLINED WAS THE PRESENT ALLOWED LESS TOTERS. PUT IN THE NEW AGREEMENT…..Thanks…Reader…

full text link below…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop….The Bids Were Opened…For The LBTS Waste Service Contract …

March 10, 2009 by Barbara


Five companies submitted bids for RFP 09-02-01..

Previous post…Public Notice…



RFP 09-02-01


specifications may be obtained at a cost of $10 from the office of the Clerk Town Hall

A NON-MANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE will be held at Jarvis Hall at 10 am on 2/24/09…Proposal shall be received on or before 2 pm 3/10/09 where shortly thereafter proposal will be opened and read aloud. 1 original and 5 copies must be submitted in sealed packaging and all clearly marked on all outer package  and/ or envelope “Sealed Proposal RFP #09-02-01 Solid Waste , Bulk Waste and Recycling Collection Services. Late proposals not to be considered.

RFP includes the following-

Section 1-Background information/Sec. 2- General instructions/Sec. 3- Terms & Conditions/ Sec. 4- Qualification Package Forms/ Sec. 5-Cost Package Forms/ Sec. 6-Agreement

The Town of LBTS reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any and all informalities, and to accept or reject all or any part of ant proposal as they deem to be in best interest of the citizens of LBTS or the Town of LBTS may reject proposal and re-advertise. June White, Town Clerk

previous post …scoops category 2/24/9….pre-bid conference…

The Bids were opened in the Senior Center due to bridge being played in Jarvis Hall…and opened around 10 minutes before the 2 pm deadline…

In attendance 5 companies…Asst. Manager Olinzock…Town Clerk White…Finance Director King…Comm. Dodd….and this writer….

1. Southern Waste Systems-Lantana, Florida- Bond included $50,000 (as required)/Res. Single fam-Duplex-$21.93 per mo./Multi-fam- $31.00 per mo./Residential dumpster-$997.05 per mo./Comm. dumpster-$1117.66 per mo./Compacted comm. dumpster- $1292.75/ Roll off dumpster- $420.00 per mo./ Emergency preparedness- Vegetation and transport-$15.00 per cubic yd- debris-$18.00 per cubic yd.

BC- Initially the representative from this company was not in the room and the Clerk could not locate the bid…and after making a few attempts to locate it…moved on…at the end…with the rep. now sitting next to her…he directed her to its location and it was read….

2.Waste Management-Bond- $50,000./Res. Sing. fam-Duplex-$28.45 per mo./Multi-fam-$26.99 per mo./Res. dumpster-$1281.39 per mo./Comm. dumpster- $1358.34 per mo./ Compacted comm. dumpster-$2946.10 per mo./Roll off dumpster-$300.00 per mo.+ disposal fee/Emergency preparedness- vegetative & transport-$40.00 per cubic yd-debris-$40.00 per cubic yd.

BC- Waste Management is our  current waste service contractor

3.All Service (Republic )- Bond-$50,000./Res. Sing. fam-Duplex-$29.14 per mo./ Multi-fam.- $29.14 per mo./Res. dumpster- $772.97 per mo./Comm. dumpster- $760.17 per mo./ Compacted comm. dumpster- $4246.87 per mo./ Roll off dumpster- $570.73 per mo./ Emergency preparedness- vegetation & transport- $22.00 per cubic yd- debris-$30.00 per cubic yd.

BC- At first the Town Clerk thought there was only a letter of commitment for the bond…the representative returning from a call…directed her to the bond’s inclusion in the bid…

4. Waste Pro West Palm Beach, Florida – Bond $50,000./ Res. Sing. fam- Duplex- $30.35per mo./ Multi-fam $26.35 per mo./ Res. dumpster-$808.76 per mo./ Comm. dumpster- $772.05/ Compacted comm. dumpster- $882.26/ Roll off dumpster- $500.00/ Emergency preparedness- vegetation & transport- $12.00 per cubic yd.-debris-$14.00 per cubic yd.

5. Choice Waste Services-Plantation, Fl-Bond -$50,000./ Res sing. fam.-Duplex $17.92 per mo./ Multi- fam.- $16.97 per mo./ Res. dumpster- $899.42 per mo./ Comm. dumpster- $816.11/ Compacted comm. dumpster- $1436.41 per mo./ Roll out dumpster-$454.00/ Emergency preparedness- vegetation & transport- $20.00 per cubic yd.-debris- $25.00 per cubic yd.

BC- Choice Waste is currently the waste service provider for Fort Lauderdale…with service for recycling town wide …and is just about to be the solid/ bulk waste contractor for the entire city as well…….

The Town had a formula to be followed for the costs…based on the sizes…from a 96 gallon toter-8 cubic yards….to be added to the pick-ups per week…those totals were divided by 30 to come up with the averages…of the costs per mo….they include the franchise fees….

While they included the cost for compacted commercial dumpsters the rep. from Waste management informed me there are currently no such compactors in town to do this….


An interesting aside…this writer was told the contract asks the bidding companies what they can do for the community?…HMMM……

Sounds eerily like what former P & Z Chair Geesey did during her time on the board….Only she received some harsh words for doing so…Seems apologies might be in order if this was something practiced by the Town ….If this is new to the Town’s bidding process…is there a double standard at play?….

One company- Choice told this writer they will give back with rebates to condos etc… for recycling…help out the senior center with refurbished computers…along with other ideas put forth to the Town…

Choice also informed this writer they are willing to work with the Town and the residents for the use of  a smaller toter  ….not requiring only 96 gallon…and to allow duplex…multi-family customers to retain the ability of having less garbage receptacles …as is allowed  at the present time… rather than requiring 1 for each unit as was suggested at the pre-bid meeting….

BC- There is quite a big difference in price between our current vendor and the others… Commissioners have no choice but to make a change if all the provided materials are in order and  accurate from the lower bidders……….A decision to keep the current company at these rates….will leave the Commission with a lot of explaining to do to the taxpayers….

more to come….

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