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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town …. Big Fish…Big Implosion ….

June 17, 2010 by Barbara


The former Town Manager is going on a “fishing expedition”! ……. Shades of her pal McIntee…We hear former Town Manager Esther Colon has made public records requests for Commissioners old and new! …The timeline we are told is Feb 1st 2010 to June 4th 2010 …which means …McIntee and Silverstone should be getting a call if they haven’t already… to produce along with the current Commissioners e-mails…texts…and any other electronic communication with persons or entities … from both Town and personal e-mail accounts…She is  requesting anything that states…the words..”Manager”…Esther” “Colon”..and “search For Town Manager”… WOW!…

The Commissioners I am sure have nothing to be concerned about…NO HOOKS WILL COME THEIR WAY…. This writer can only surmise that the former Town Manger and her “camp” believe their was some secret effort to get rid of her …and to prevent her from her payout…

There was no secret effort that this writer is aware of…in fact it anything but a secret…it was an election!… Every voter …Commissioner …Staff member and the Town Manager herself knew …if they voted for the new majority …it meant this Town Manager no longer served at their pleasure…That’s why she fought so hard to and became so political in the process…in this writer’s opinion… In fact on the campaign trail…at the meet and greets …the Town Manager was always at the top of the list…and despite the cost of her one year’s severance…most of the voters …declared it was worth it to pay it…just to get rid of her… What was not known was the additional large payouts from the benefits ….(prev. posts)..

This writer can only speak for myself when I state ….nothing to find between me and any Commissioner …that is not already a public record and known to all…

The cost to get such words from all correspondence in the Town will cost big bucks…and I sure hope the cost is required upfront from the former Town Manager …Commissioners should require the same as VM Dodd did this before with former VM McIntee….(prev. posts) and was never paid for exercise…The State Attys. Office dismissed the case in the end …(prev. post)…

What a waste …again, in my opinion… The real questions that need to be answered once again to answer the question of an overpayment to Colon or not…What did the Commission prior to Dec. 28,2001 pass to make a change to Bob Baldwin’s pay and benefits?…Did it apply only to Baldwin or all Town Manager’s going forth?….How is Esther Colon entitled to receive her 7 years of benefits …as a Finance Director..receiving what other Directors of Departments received per the Personnel Policy Manual…or is there some document that allows her to be paid that 7 years as if she was a Town Manager?…. Lastly is the language and what is states for her severance and if that includes her health benefits or not…PERIOD!…

The rest is posturing and continuing on with what got the former Town Manager in trouble all along… She could have made things so different…if she owned up on May 22, 2007 to what she added into her contract…not just what she took out…She could have just fulfilled her contractual obligation to have an annual Performance Review…She could have stopped any questions concerning her qualifications per the Charter by speedily answering public requests on her watch and turning over her resume to answer the valid question…Instead she did what she is doing now…She made it  personal …. Old habits ….. Time to put that “Popeil” back in your pocket….



We hear there was a meeting tonight …no details on the outcome as yet…but the lead up to the ongoing implosion …was said to be casting Chief Perkins aside sooner than the July 1st resignation date given to the Town by the VFD just a few days ago after their monthly board meeting…

We hear the Chief is at odds with members …and may have decided to take a few “swipe” as he prepared to go the way of McIntee…The scuttlebutt has been …yet again another leader in the dept. would be facing some paperwork that would make it impossible for the leader to not comply with the department’s decision…For McIntee it was a complaint filed while he was on that fated cruise that stopped the CIC from having heights return to the 2010 municipal election ballots…For Perkins…it is’s that and maybe more…UGH!…

We are also hearing the dynamics have changed in the department…Tomorrows VFD Roster for May …might reveal if this is the case…If so…does that mean the VFD consists of more Associate out- of- Town members than in-town ones?….

A letter sent to the Chief and Commissioners with serious concerns has gone unanswered from former VFD Battalion Chief Patrick Pointu…… The concern for this writer…is not just the “accident waiting to happen” portion of trucks going too fast ..That’s bad enough…but the greater concern is portion concerning the VFD’s insurance …Are the VFD’s men and women safe on the job?… Could there be trouble with the contract with the Town if the insurance is not correctly in place?… Could the Town be liable if it is not?… With McIntee/Perkins out the door … and a new Town Manager and Commission majority in place…it’s time for action…for this second most important letter (see below/ prev. post 10/16/08 scoops/VFD cats.)… from Pointu to be addressed ASAP!….

“From: Patrick
Sent: Fri 6/4/2010 8:51 PM
To: Perkins Robert; [email protected]
Cc: Scot Sasser; Birute Ann Clottey; Stuart Dodd; Chris Vincent; Roseann Minnet
Subject: VFD Complaint

To Robert Perkins, Fire Chief,

Chief, I have been sending you a few letters and phone calls regarding
some safety issues in your department. You have been ignoring them all
and never ever had the basic courtesy of answering. At one time you even
denied having received some letters despite having given copies to your
staff. I would like to remind you that even if the VFD is a contractor
of the Town, you are providing a government subsidized service and are
subject to public oversight and accountability.

As concerned citizen warnings did not worked, please receive this time
my formal complaint regarding your department.

Today, at around 7:07 pm I have witnessed one of your fire engines
leaving the station Northbound on Bougainvilla drive, using lights and
sirens and traveling at high speed. There were three vehicles at the
stop signs on the corner of Bougainvilla and Washingtonia. The driver of
the apparatus, who by the way was not wearing his seatbelt, crossed the
intersection at a speed that I would estimate far above 35 mph. I know
very well that studies showed that heavier vehicle always seems to
travel faster than they really are. However in this case I had a proper
reference with the others vehicles traveling at the legal speed limit,
and the fire truck was way much faster . A car coming from the West of
Washingtonia started to enter the intersection and hopefully halt in the
middle to let the fire truck fly by as the apparatus wouldn’t have been
able to stop in time. The vehicle in front of the apparatus had just the
time to clear the intersection to avoid the collision.

I was shocked by the total disregard for safety and the lack of proper
defensive driving skills of this driver.

I would request you to disclose the name of the driver and the officer
of this apparatus, their fire and driver qualifications, the date of
their EVOC certification and training provider, recurrent driving
training and any corrective actions that you will ask them to follow to
correct this behavior.

Also I would like you to publicly explain at the next commission meeting
your SOPs regarding driving safety and what are the sanctions for not
following them. If you have trouble remembering it, I’ll suggest that
you watch yourself on tape during previous commission meetings when this
subject was already brought up.

You claimed that many of these behaviors were caused by your former
Deputy Chief. Now that he is not here anymore what is your excuse? Why
the policy decisions that you endorsed in front of the commission are
not followed?

Maybe it is due to your lack of presence and supervision of the
department activities. You claimed being a full time paid Fire Chief.
But you are also claiming being a private investigator and running a
beach concession at the same time. I have received many comments from
citizen who left you voice messages but who you never called back. How
many hours are you spending in the department each week? And what are
your activities while you are at the department? How many fire drills
have you been during the last two years? Let me rephrase that, how many
fire drills have you been in the last two years where you trained
(putting on gear, SCBA, pulling hose, flowing water, …)?

I would like to have a list of your fire qualifications and date of all
formal certifying training that you passed. I would also like to know if
you have met the requirement of 633.35 F.S. within the first year of
your employment as Fire Chief or if you were issued a special
certificate of compliance by the State.

Last but not least, as written in my previous letter, I am concerned
that many of your members may not have a proper pre-employment medical
exam that may void their insurance coverage in case of accident (I am
not talking about health and safety annual medical exam, but
pre-employment that should have happened _before_ being a member). I was
reported that WorkComp already denied a claim for one of your member for
this same reason. Will the department cover the members in this
situation on its own money or will you let these members without any
coverage without even telling them. Should not a volunteer fire
department put the safety and health of their members as a first
priority? Is that not your job as you claimed?

All my comments these last two years were to improve the safety of your
department. I have worked beyond reason to improve this department and I
was proud to be a member and your instructor. Don’t make me ashamed of it.

Patrick Pointu”


SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 ….Pointu Letter….

“9/30/08…8:17 am…

Dear BOD, officers or members,

You hired me as administrator until September 30st to organize the department during the transition period that is ending today. I am not happy with the result, we’ve gone a long way, but I was expecting much more. Our SOPs are not ready, no written training goals or recurrent training requirement are in place., the required ICS training are not completed by our older members., the mandatory (by our contract and NFPA) medical exam is not in place, our by laws were not updated and the current ones are not followed, purchasing procedures are not enforced, decisions from the business meetings are not applied, etc….

I have dealt with a war zone, I have dealt with terrorism as a victim, as a first responder or as a law enforcement officer. I have managed emergency operations with as many as 1 million people or a budget over 3 million dollars. Even if stressful, these operations were a breeze compare to the last six months because I was working with a supporting team of people.

I am tired of the lack of support and the constant fights with Jerry. I’ve tried to take on myself to let it go by looking on all the good sides of the work he was doing. but everyone has its limit. I can’t deal anymore with Jerry’s threats,intimidations,insults and constant disregard for procedures,by laws and chain of command.

Some of you may remember the threat he’s made to me two months ago when he wanted to “shove his fist in my ass” and “punch me in the face” or the statement that he was ” the one who brought back the department” and if it is not going the way _he_ wanted that he will “in one commission meeting bring back the BSO to replace us.”

You will also remember that Jerry went ballistic when Captain Scot Fowler countermands his order regarding a probationary member wanted to attend the beach rescue class. When I confirmed it and informed the Chief about it, he threatened me and said I had no authority to change his order. (For your information, our by-laws Jerry as a rank of Lieutenant) That’s one of the reasons why Scott resigned despite what Jerry is trying to let you believe.

I will pass on the multiple instances when Jerry accused me of lying about some facts that were not going the way he wanted or even accused me many times of not following proper procedure for the medical equipment.

Yesterday, the Chief asked me to organize the demo of the battery operated extrication tools for our officers to be able to choose the one we will buy. The company traveled 300 miles to come for this demo. Jerry just canceled it, refused to obey my order or the Chief’s order. That’s when I decided to resign.

That’s not the first time that Jerry is making department policy by himself or taking decisions on behalf of the members. He fired members without prior approval from the Chief, he decided to give $5,000 cash to the chamber of commerce, he throw out of a meeting people that were invited to attend by the Chief.

As I said before I can’t deal with it anymore. Members are calling Jerry ‘Chief’ and are all believing that he is indeed in charge because nobody is challenging it. I hope that on the fire scene there will not be any confusion and proper chain of command will prevail.

I have reached a point where I can’t deal with Jerry anymore and this fight is damaging for the department. One of us needs to leave and the department can’t afford losing him.

I am sure Cheryl will do a good job to keep the administrative work. Please help her by filling out properly all the forms, including the ones regarding expenses.

You will have to find a certified instructor for the Fire 1 class. Beau is in town for a few weeks, he can probably fill in until you find someone.

It was an honor to be a member of this department for all these past years. I’m leaving sad but that’s the right thing to do for the sake of the department.

Please stay safe out there,

Patrick Pointu”

For a while now the rumbling has been heard in and outside of the department… No one wants to dismantle the VFD…but someone needs to save the VFD from themselves…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. The PROOF Was …. In The Pudding ….

August 26, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…. those up close to the scene yesterday….reported back to this writer just what was posted throughout the day…. ….The Town “saving face”….put out their  own P.R. version that should “chalk -up” one more reason on the ever growing list of reasons why March is the time to give marching orders to those who were in charge ….

“AUGUST 26TH, 2009





954-275-2801 [C] OR 954-776-3611 [O].


The Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea removed a stranded sailboat from the beach on Tuesday (Aug. 25) just south of Anglin’s Pier at Commercial Boulevard .

The 24-foot sailboat washed ashore in Town at 9 AM after running out of gas. The vessel’s captain and owner said the mast on the vessel was broken. He could have avoided grounding the vessel had he dropped the boat’s anchor.

The vessel was traveling north from the Keys at the time of the incident. The captain told the Town he could not afford to have the vessel towed anywhere.

After the owner signed over the title of the vessel to Sal’s Towing, Sal Towing – in conjunction with the Town’s Municipal Services Department — used a backhoe and front-end loader to drag the vessel off the beach at about 4:30 PM Tuesday.

The Town extended its thanks to Sal’s Towing for its help in removing the vessel.

Firefighters with the Town’s Volunteer Fire Department and deputies from the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of the vessel stranding Tuesday, which attracted curious beach-goers and camera crews from local TV stations.


Steve d’Oliveira
Public Information Officer
Town of Lauderale-By-The-Sea

Tel: 954-776-3611
Cell: 954-275-2801”

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … “Towing The Line” …. The “Lifeguard Chief” …. “It’s A Liability” ….

August 25, 2009 by Barbara





“ROBERT PERKINS, LIFEGUARD CHIEF ” it says on screen as he says to the Reporter……
” Nobody wants to touch the boat,it’s a big liability.”….OUCH!…

link to Channel 10 news…8/25/09 6:15 pm….

“Big Chief” ….  “Little Chief”…..”Lifeguard Chief”…. That’s sure some “line” he was “towing”!….

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. SAILED IN ….

August 25, 2009 by Barbara

8/25/09 ….BSO First On Scene ….

VFD Chief Perkins …VFD/AMR arrived….

Channel 10 news was covering it….

Boat overboard….

Big doings on the beach today in LBTS…from what we hear a man was out at sea for days and ended up dangerously close in his sailboat to the Pier….The BSO were first on the scene according to bystanders….and the VFD came out in big numbers after that……They observed and then they left….The Coast Guard was contacted ….Channel 10 news was there to cover it….and we hear the man on the boat may not have the funds to get the boat out…..and now it appears …..the boat is taking on water….And many questioned where the VFD Boat is……..The answer…it’s docked …..

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop … With The Deputy Chief Back In Town Did The VFD Chief Get Little? ….

August 23, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….We hear the Bull-y came a- stormin’ into town last week and hi-tailed it over to the station ….He was on the “warpath”….a-huffin’ and a-puffin’ up his chest and showin’ the tribe just who is the “Big Chief” in Town!…(prev. post).. We heard the VFD was a-gainin’ ground…gettin’ organized to stand their hallowed ground…with the vote a-comin’ sooner rather than later to not re-elect the Deputy Chief …making him one of the injuns …. a-pullin’ the feathers from his headdress….

Now we hear VFD Chief Perkins may be a- bucklin’ under with his return …..Retreatin’ from his beatin’ the drum of bein’ THE “Big Chief”……

We hear that last week the Deputy Chief was not in town…and did not inform the Chief … A dispatch call came in and the new command car was not available to go to the scene…being parked in the Deputy Chief’s driveway….  Chief Perkins (it is said)… did “squat” …. a-leavin’ ….. many a-scratchin’ their heads….

Time to take a stand….”Little” Big Chief …….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … Following The LBTS Purchasing Manual Procedures ….A Lesson In Selective Adherence? …

August 17, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… Still looking at the LBTS  10/15/05 Revised Purchasing Manual…(yes, still)…after finding one “selective” procedure the Town Manager and her staff want to adhere to concerning the RFP bids wording in Sec.2 …page 19 4a…(prev. post scoops cat.) that was revised on 2/17/09… (without Comm. approval)…and to forgo reading “aloud” the RFP bids as published and done prior to July 29, 2009…While at the same time the Administration did NOT follow the procedures when it came to the LETF decision process (prev. post scoops cat.) that states it is the BSO Police Chief and the Town Commission who decide the use and approval of the funds… The Town Manager  is not even mentioned  in the procedure and  should be only the facilitator in the process ….The Purchasing Manual procedure that states the Fl. State Statutes in black and white spelling out ….LETF funds cannot be used for renovations or building a station …And now there’s one more procedure that may have been tossed aside …and if it turns out it too was selectively and purposely ignored..then readers..once again…”Houston, we have a problem!”…

According the the LBTS Purchasing Manual Section IV L. REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION…(page 39-40 Revised 10/15/05-scans below)…

“The following procedures shall be employed whenever LBTS seeks to acquire, by purchase, any real estate.”

1. Deals with the prior to initiating negotiations with the property owner LBTS shall obtain a written appraisal including the appraiser has no vested or fiduciary interest in the property..

BC- At the March 25, 2008 (video link below…below) the Town Manager asks the Commission for a motion on the sale/purchase of properties (it was tabled at the 3/11/08 meeting) because “there are RFP processes we have to follow”…and she “doesn’t want to waste her time” …Comm. Silverstone asks if it is to sell the warehouse as well as purchase the hotel…The Town Manager says “It would be nice.”…Comm. Silverstone makes the motion to do both and VM McIntee 2nds it…Comm. Clottey asks for an estimate of what the property we would sell is worth…Town Manager Colon says the Town bought the warehouse for $1.6 million and the hotel was orig. $2.4 million and was down to $1.9 million so there would be a $300,000 difference..and says “that doesn’t mean anything” because  the market is not good …but also says “it is a good time to buy an adjacent property”…adding that since she [TM] has been her [8 yrs] we have bought 6 properties and we own all of them except the “parkin’ lot”…VM McIntee (ever the “wheeler dealer”) addressed the Town Manager and said that the $1.6 million warehouse could sell for more ..”It could grease the wheel”…The Town Manager says that a Realtor she thinks named “Stella” “performed the process for us”…the motion was passed 5-0…The question is was “Stella” involved at all with the purchase or sale of either property which according to the procedure is not allowed?…

2. Appraisal reports and counter-offers are confidential and exempt from public records law (1991)

3. No negotiations may be commenced, offers, and counter-offers made for the acquisition by purchase of real property without prior authorization of the Town Commission.

BC- In the March 25, 2008 video the Town Manager states the price for the hotel was “down to $1.9″…was that done in general for the open market or with the Town prior to the motion made at this meeting?

4. Upon commencement of negotiations, LBTS shall inform the property owner, in writing , that all agreements for the purchase of real property are subject to approval by the Town Commission.



BC- I cannot find anything that shows this was done…could I have missed it that far back?…Yeah…but I want verification it was adhered to and that it continues to be adhered to moving forth…If it was not then the public was not allowed to voice their opposition to this purchase as they should have been afforded with the publication and the process of this purchase was not done properly. I await a response from the Town showing  copies of the 2 weeks of “general circulation” newspaper publications ….

6. Evidence of marketable title in the form of title ins. etc….

7.” In order to prevent the premature disclosure of LBTS’s interest in acquiring a specific parcel of real estate, the Town Manager may expend up to $30,000 on related appraisals, environmental studies, etc. without Town Commission approval”

BC- This one [#7]  needs to be “Revised”… ASAP!

MAY 27,2009 Commission Meeting video (link below)…The Town Manager spoke of the 2 appraisals that were done …the Town Atty’s review of the property document agreement…BUT NO MENTION OF 30 DAYS  PRIOR PUBLIC NOTICE (#5-2x in a general circulation to LBTS newspaper)…and that the owner reviewed the agreement as well….Comm. Silverstone made the motion…VM McIntee 2nd it…Comm. Clottey asked about the warehouse property…The Town Manager said they were awaiting a 2nd appraisal but the appraisal they had was higher than the hotel property they were buying…The Town Manager stated the property [hotel] started at $2.4 million and after 2 appraisals the owner agreed to come in between the 2 appraisals and the purchase price would be $1.77,650…Comm. Silverstone said it was a “pretty good deal”…The Mayor said we had enough property with the land we own and she was not for investing in more with the funds we have…The Vice Mayor said he disagreed with the Mayor …VM McIntee said we are “10 years behind for police…50 years behind for fire”…we are “jumping from 3 people to 92 possibly”…we need a “environment for public safety people”..he spoke of the BSO fire station promised and not produced…and asked the Town Manager “Do we have the money?”…”Town Manager do we have the funds?”…TM”yes!”…VM McIntee “Is it earmarked for this?” Town Mananger “Yes!”…VM “Then what are we arguing about?”..

Town Manager Colon-” I want everybody to understand we have a fire department comin’, an AMR department comin’ and of course we have a police department and we only have one room to house the fire and fire rescue. We have to house both companies somewhere. Right now BSO sits in 2 trailers cause they really don’t have a facility to reside in.” (HUH?) “I think it’s time we address that issue.”

BC- 2 trailers?  [(A reader informs there were 2 trailers…1 by Town fire station and 2nd one was at Assumption Church…)The BSO police reside in the same place [Jarvis Hall building] they have from the beginning of their contract…… and we now know from the special meeting in June when Chief Scott Gooding was represented by the BSO Colonel that BSO asked to remain where they are after seeing the hotel!…OUCH!…We also now know that the Town Manager did not plan properly for the building  and did not include the real cost of doing the required renovations…and it seems her decision to use the LETF  for the renovations was improper. Double OUCH!…In the time since we purchased the property the BSO have remained where they are …so the status quo implies the Town Manager should have planned better and waited to purchase this property or to not purchase it at all!…

Comm. Clottey said that “normally” she wouldn’t like a purchase like this , but asked “how often does an adjacent property come on the market?”…

The Town Manager said “Never!”….

BC- not long after the purchase the adjacent property behind the hotel on Bougainvilla came up for sale (prev. post) and it was for sale at less than $800,000!…The Commission addressed it, but did not attempt to buy it with the outrage that came from this purchase…which cost the taxpayers more than double for the same size lot now available!…OOPS!…

Comm. Clottey then spoke of the warehouse and the need for it to be advertised ASAP!…She stated “Otherwise I think residents are going to be justified in screaming loudly.”

The Town Manager said she had an advertisement ready to go as soon as the 2nd appraisal came in as she was “obligated” to wait for it…saying she [TM] will work with the Town Atty. who had reviewed it …Comm. Clottey reiterated she wanted the property on the market….The Town Manager said “probably this week if not next week, we’re just waitin’ for the next appraisal.”

BC-Originally the Town Commission approved a 90 day contract for the firm to sell the property…Here we are 15 months later..the Town Manager has not asked the Commission for any extension or any direction to replace the company….We still own the building…just the “For Sale”  signs are larger…

The Mayor repeated her reasons for not wanting to purchase the property saying we have enough property…Comm. Silverstone asked the Mayor what it would cost to replace the Town Hall…the Mayor responded they would save the $1.7 million and then need to get the numbers …Comm. Silverstone retorted “Without knowing those numbers that’s a very strong statement you’re making”…The Mayor attempted to make him understand “You don’t have to spend money” on the new property…Comm. Silverstone spoke of a past Master Plan that included the Town Hall and the Town Manager said it was at a cost of “a couple of million”…The Mayor said to “use the $1.7 on top of that.”..



BC- When?…By whom?…

The Town Manager went on to talk briefly about the relocation that would have to happen if Town Hall was replaced…

Comm. Silverstone- ” That’s what I thought”…..

BC- Comm. Silverstone brought up the acquisition prior to the 2008 election 2 months earlier …but as far as it being a “goal”…Hmmmm….

VM McIntee- ” Jimmy’s right on, a fire station’s gonna cost $2-3 million, police department a million and a half, that’s $4 million, that’s not counting the Town’s offices, new structure, $6-8 million minimum, we don’t have that.”

BC- WHOAAAAA….I thought the Town Manager/ “Gang of 3” “Mantra” was and is “We are in the black” and the $8 million loan could be paid back at any time!…OOPS!..

VM- ” That’s probably low. You’re apples and oranges here Mayor! Bottom line is in less than 70 days we’re gonna have 92 firemen working in this town, 27 policemen. That’s 127 people.” (HUH?) ” Before we sneeze we’re gonna have ambulances coming in and out that we got to maintain”

BC-Add much VM?…We are not maintaining the ambulances, AMR is and the in- town ambulance is plugged in with an extension cord in front of the hotel (that alone would be a code violation for anyone else in this town)…The AMR portion of the Public Safety building is lousy, they could have stayed at the Beach Hotel or the Holiday in and had the same type of accommodations…YIKES!…


BC- The Manager found out after the purchase that the VFD could NOT sleep upstairs …and although there was talk of moving them downstairs and BSO up, that too would not fly…So desperate was she (we were told) that she considered using Lazy-boys to bypass the requirements…That too did not happen…We have heard that indeed there are some beds upstairs, but the intended use by 92 firemen never came to fruition as the VFD steadily thinned out to 60+ (last month we heard 75) ….

Town Manager Colon -” Remember if you look at your budget documents, a municipal complex was $4 million and that is about 4 years ago”..

VM McIntee-” Well quadruple it then!” and then used the increased costs of the sewers in the north as an example…

The Town Clerk asked for clarification of the vote…and was told it was to “just approve” the purchase…the Mayor read the motion and it passed 4-1 Mayor Minnet dissenting…

BC- There you have it…we taxpayers might have been had…unable to speak out and stop this unnecessary and unpopular purchase of the LBTS Mc-Public Safety Complex with its Mc-Public Swimming Pool…(still actively looking to hire a town lifeguard)…

The Scans…The Minutes….The E-mailed public records request….the Town meeting video links…

“Barbara Cole”
“Steve D’Olivera”
Steve: I am making a public records request for a copy of the publications that were to be published in a newspaper once a week for 2 weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in LBTS concerning the acquisition of the hotel in May 2008. Please acknowledge receipt of my request and let me know when it will be ready for pickup. Barbara Cole

March 25,2008 online link ….New Bus. 13D…….

MAY 27,2008 online video link….Old Bus. 15A. …….

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop … Batten Down The Hatches ….

August 15, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…..Looks like a “Tropical Disturbance” is coming our way…and I’m not talking about “Ana” set to arrive on Thursday….


We hear the return of our very own “disturbance” AKA Vice Mayor/VFD Deputy Chief McIntee is coming back our way late tonight or tomorrow after the FLOC Convention in Orlando …(see ) after 2 weeks away…

We hear the Town has been running quite well without him……a precursor for life within these town limits for after March 2010!

We hear the VFD members are reinforced in their new found independence especially after finding  out that the Townspeople will support them even more WITHOUT McIntee and they owe him nothing more than to be a member at large….if he behaves himself!..

We hear the Deputy Chief”s days are numbered as Deputy Chief….and even more so as insubordinate bully!….

Looks like the Chief is relishing his rise in popularity and will not back down this time in the head to head encounter expected when the big wind blows in to take over!

If all goes according to the word around town…it will be like watching a game of dominoes… closing down a Mc-era that went on far too long!…

In the meantime  have your supplies ready…for this “disturbance” won’t go quietly into that night…as long as his “Mc-Furth Gang” is still around him…

So have plenty of  Easter dye remover… Check those tires before you drive…and get those hidden cameras ready for the “bumps in the night-  nightly tour ” in their last ditch effort of intimidating desperation!….

Batten Down The Hatches!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop … “A THREE HOUR TOUR”…….

August 9, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….We all heard about “need” for the return of the BSO  “Fire Boat” and it was returned some months ago from the BSO for the VFD …YEAH BABY!…

It is now ready for “prime time” after being all lettered up and detailed to the tune of $9,548.48 (according to the 3rd VFD income/expense report)… Sitting pretty in the newly extended dock and pilings  (no details on this expense in the report) ..the boat left at around  10:30 am… with  Vice Mayor /Dep. Chief McIntee, his pal Marc Furth (AKA John Doe who lives on El Mar Drive in Town Hall East) and a 3rd “wheel”…

An observant and curious taxpayer was taken aback by what could only have been a joyride on the taxpayer’s dime(s) ….which prompted the eyewitness to give the heads up to those that cover what happens in this town……This observation was just the first of many as the day went on…There were plenty more questions coming from those who watched the trio out and about having some fun…There were calls and sightings as the boat sped from the Intracoastal out into the ocean…heading north at quite a clip ….while wearing no life jackets…(although the Chief said it was required)……

In this edition of the BTSFuture paper (page 5)….. the 2nd picture) shows the boat docked after returning from the 3 1/2 hour excursion…again clearly showing a piece of VFD equipment was used for personal use….Editor Mark Brown made an inquiry to the VFD concerning the use of the boat this day…he received back the response it was a “training exercise”from the VFD secretary…and later a backup response asserting it was “performing training evolutions” from the Chief.. REALLY?…Training for what kind of “evolutions” with the Town/VFD photographer who is not a FF according to the Roster…(although he has a VFD pager which may violate Hipaa)….

A member of a professional public safety department told this writer immediately upon hearing of this Mc-Furth escapade …that no one in their organization would ever be allowed to use a piece of equipment in such a manner…No way!…No how!

To add to the skepticism of calling it “a training exercise ” was the sightings last weekend of the fire boat out again going up and down the Intracoastal with the Dep. Chief’s fill-in while he’s away…Captain McGirr on board along with other VFD …..out and about and to all who watched definitely not training….The emperor wore no life jacket!

In 2007…if BSO was caught doing this kind of stuff ….there would be 3 pages of minutes containing  a barrage of questions from the investigating Commissioner McIntee…But in 2009….it’s anchors aweigh!….THE MILLIONAIRE….AND HIS WIFE…THE MOVIE STAR…THE PROFESSOR AND MARYANNE …..

more to come …..

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Here’s The Scoop… Who’s The Big Chief? ……..

August 4, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…The Vice Mayor/VFD Deputy Chief is out of town…and this writer saw VFD Chief Bob Perkins after the Farewell Party for Chief Scott Gooding last Friday night……He was standing outside of Village Grille talking to two members of the VFD (he acknowledged them during our exchange as such)…I approached the Chief and asked if he was allowed to talk to me with the”boss” out of town. Chief Perkins smiled, laughed and said he was allowed to talk to me with him in town and then said He’s [McIntee] not the boss! I told him that’s sure not how it looks…

I had previously heard from a resident that they had spoken a few days earlier  with the Chief and he had been quite open with them about the problems he was dealing with inside and outside of the department dealing with his Deputy Chief…Chief Perkins said he was trying to hold everything together…In fact I had heard the following account from leaks within the department before hearing the same story from this person… The Chief nearly came to blows with his Deputy Chief over the Chief’s decision concerning the transport of the new ladder truck…All said that an insurance representative was in the VFD offices and McIntee kicked him out of the Chief’s office to let Perkins have it in a rip roaring exchange…..All said that Chief Perkins let him [McIntee] have it back….with one reporting that the Deputy Chief was egging the Chief on so the Deputy Chief/Vice Mayor could charge him with assaulting an elected official..Lately the leaks have been coming out of the VFD of more and more of fights between members…and of seasoned VFD members who were there long before McIntee who are said to be fed up with what they see him doing in the department………We hear that McIntee is making a concerted effort inside the department to get rid of these men and women (so they cannot vote him out). and has been on the blogs doing double duty with this campaign with help from the Mrs & possibly his BFF….. Even so, up to the evening of July 30th and talking to Chief Perkins, this writer just heard it from those who had spoken to the Chief, heard it from leaks or were privy to the aftermath…..

It was not off the record and it was definitely not private….Comm. Dodd and his wife were there for most of it as well as the VFD  members dining outside the outside Village Grille and whomever else was in the vicinity … The Chief said he has been doing all the commercial building inspections as he stated at the podium on the 28th and all he was hearing from the business owners was talk of the March election and voting the Vice Mayor out of office…how much he is hated [McIntee]….Chief Perkins went on to say he [McIntee] will not be voted in as Deputy Chief again in December /January (whichever month they have the VFD election..per the Chief not knowing which month)…He said  the Deputy Chief has done alot of good things for the department but the bad is now outweighing the good…He went on to describe the encounter that he said nearly caused him [Perkins] to throw McIntee through the window!…He said he [Perkins] told McIntee he better never do what he did again…He spoke of the insurance rep’s response to the scene and that of the VFD Executive Secretary Cheryl Louvaris (who was shaking he said ) and even Comm. Silverstone’s sympathetic reaction to the Chief in the aftermath!…Chief Perkins again said it was he who was in charge not Deputy Chief Mcintee …This writer then asked why he did not suspend the Deputy Chief for this ?….Chief Perkins said he had to respect his [McIntee’s] position…I asked if he meant his position as Commissioner…and he said as Deputy Chief…(HUH?)… I told him that McIntee should not even be Deputy Chief and said “you shouldn’t have voted for him”…The Chief got a little perturbed and said I did not know how he voted…I said he shouldn’t have allowed the VFD to vote for him [McIntee] due to the VFD by-laws not allowing officers to be elected officials…Chief Perkins said they changed the by-laws to allow for officers not compensated…(This writer has been informed that ANY change in the VFD by-laws would have to come to the Commission to approve per the contract or the contract would be invalid and that has not occurred…oops!)…I asked the Chief if he realized that if he got rid of the Deputy Chief he would be a hero in this town…He laughed and said he was told he could be Mayor…I laughed and said “You could be king!”…I also asked him what he was afraid of?..He said he was not afraid…imploring me to just hold on….to just be patient…I told him I could not be patient……because I believe the Deputy Chief is harming the VFD ….I said  the townspeople are behind the VFD just not McIntee….and that any threats of the Commission getting rid of them if he is out…will not happen!….(It is said McIntee has repeatedly told VFD members if he goes the VFD goes and he will see to it from the dais)…We hear McIntee has been going crazy looking for the increasing leaks….. This writer has heard all the leaks…but this is not a leak…this is the Chief of the VFD ….

It is quite perplexing though, that on the very same day of this exchange with the Chief, he is photographed  on the back page of the Mc-Furth Times in an ongoing VFD Booster Fund paid ad that read…”I must take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous work  my Deputy Chief, Jerry McIntee has done to advance the Department to the present level we are at.”…(Did he know what text would be used by his photo?)……

I know that this post will bring the out the worst for the Chief to deal with…once the Deputy Chief reads it…and for that I am truly sorry…but…I am a resident and taxpayer and I want the  Chief of my fire department to act on what is right…to stand up to the Deputy Chief ….to follow the by-laws  concerning who may be an officer …and especially to suspend any member that is  insubordinate…proving who is in charge…after all the Chief told me “I do not lie”…and I believe him….because the account of the incident never changed no matter who was telling it…and today when I picked up my public records request at the VFD and asked the Executive Secretary where the Chief’s office was she pointed to my right…I looked inside to see his desk and then told her he had told me about “nearly throwing the Deputy Chief through the window”…and judging from her reaction…she confirmed it…I said he [Perkins] said she was shaking afterward…she laughed nervously…and I said “I don’t expect you to comment.”…She said “Have a nice day.”…and I told her to do the same…

One person asked me if this could be a “setup” …I cannot see how it could be…it came from too many sources…and from the Chief himself….The Chief said he is not a liar…and if he stands at the podium and denies what was said…and/or the incident…a full investigation is required…for that would mean the Chief of the VFD slandered the Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief of LBTS…and it would be he who needs to be suspended…

What happens now…we will finally see who is the Big Chief of the VFD……..

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. Survey Says …….

August 3, 2009 by Barbara

We’re #17 ….With Scenario # 2…In 2009

Scenario…..# 1 15th from the lowest /Scenario #2…17th from the lowest…..

The Commission chose to go with scenario #2…$130.00 at the 7/28/09 Special Meeting…

more to come…

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