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Here’s The Scoops…We Made The News/ Scene And Heard Around Town….

July 1, 2009 by Barbara


BC- We hear the “belt tightening” VFD went CODE 3…Lights and Sirens…to help with the turtle hatchlings…Hmm….Maybe the “2-Hats” July 4th Co-Chairs and Coordinator/VFD Photog. Marc Furth think an assist offsets the July 4th beach fire display on 3/4 inch plywood!…


‘LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – Dozens of disoriented baby sea turtles were rescued from a storm drain hours after they hatched on the beach this morning, officials said.

Environmental surveyors followed the hatchlings’ tracks from their sandy nest toward the storm drain, said Lou Fisher, of the Broward County Natural Resource Planning and Management Division.

The surveyors called firefighters, who then managed to pull the hatchlings out of the 15-foot drain, Fisher said.

City lights often confuse newborn sea turtles, who sometimes scramble from their nest toward the street instead of the ocean, Fisher said.

The turtles were moved to a dry, dark place and will be released into the ocean tonight.

full text link below….,0,4959169.story


Dear Readers…Last week this writer posted the July 4th meeting from June 22,2009…Coordinator Marc Furth told the committee he had a contract for monitors to come from 9-10 pm to monitor the beach during the fireworks…A reader sent an e-mail to say she had heard the monitoring was done by Nova University…I contacted PIO d’Oliveira and he sent back the info that it was Nova…from 9-11 pm and there was NO contract…I had Googled Nova turtles and up popped the website which I posted…Low and behold another reader was questioning the site and the fireworks on the beach…The reader also contacted Broward county Spec. Lou Fisher…who confirmed as well the site was suspect …the site is now shut down…and the reader is going to be monitoring the coastline with his group on July 4th…(info provided below) which will make the 1st reader who provided this writer with the Nova info some comfort!…

“As for the Turtle Hatchlings safety during the Fireworks.. We will be out in full force the entire day.  We will be monitoring the entire coastline and documenting the event for the State as a record of Illegal Harassment to the Sea Turtles for Hatchling Rescue and Recovery should anyone reading your blog in LBTS witness hatchlings on the beach during that time or any other time during nesting season.. Also please post the NOVA emergency number as well.. For we will both have our Volunteers in the field for that purpose..

Here are the Numbers for you

Our 24hr. Sea Turtle Oversight Protection Emergency # is 954 404 0025

NOVA is 954 328 0580

FWC 24hr dispatch * FWC from cell phones or 1 888 404 FWCC

Richard WhiteCloud
Sea Turtle Oversight Protection”


We hear that after the disgraceful sullying of Chief Gooding that took place last night the Mayor walked in to see the Volunteers this morning…and was shocked and dismayed when a VFD member said quite matter of factly…”Wasn’t that fun last night!”…Not a hint of sarcasm….just a satisfaction of “payback”…towards the BSO!…UGH….Does the VFD offer a sensitivity training class?….YIKES!


We are now tented for the July 4th event…on July 1st…El Prado Park…and the surrounding area are out of commission …pun intended…for the $40,000.00+ event…

Speaking of the event we hear the VFD Board voted again for spending the big bucks from the never ending Booster Fund …$5000.00 for food and a barbecue for the VFD members and their families at the firehouse on July 4th!…Hmmmm…Let’s see it will be competing with a Town Event…and per PIO d’Oliveira…. no special permit is required for the large 100-150 person (per est. form the VM/Dep. Chief) event…DOUBLE STANDARD….No competing from the businesses… OUCH!…

Yep, the “UNITED WE STAND” sign is ready to go again for the July 4th event….the municipal workers were seen in the Town Hall parking lot putting it together in the pouring rain….A reader last night after seeing the finished sign …said maybe it should read…”UNITED WE STOOD”!….HA!….

more to come……..

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