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October 23, 2008 by Barbara

Their recommendations included the following:
• Non-habitable architectural elements should be exempted to promote diversity in building
heights and visually break up facades. The objective is to improve appearances, not to allow
more living space.
• Amend Charter to allow height to exceed 44 feet
in limited areas. The siting of taller four story
buildings should fit into a street hierarchy that
visually supports the higher structures. Since the
town is so small, height exemptions should be
very carefully applied; for instance, near the
ocean the buildings should be lower while those
further back could be higher. The town might
require that proposals for structures that exceed
current limitations undergo additional scrutiny,
such requiring a special use permit that is
evaluated by an architectural review board, if
additional height is needed. Another approach
would be to host citizen charrettes that provide input on appearance as well as placement
and design of a plaza, and creating pedestrian-oriented design standards that support
additional parking.
• Amend Charter to base limitation on stories instead of feet. The town should develop visuals
that demonstrate what the current code encourages (“squished” proportions, low pitched
roofs) and what the proposed amendments would allow. The appropriate heights for floor
types should be identified; mezzanines could be 18’ high while the three stories above could
be limited to 14’

This issue should be addressed as several separate charter amendments. The city will need
experts to help craft the message and public information campaign. The proposals need to be
conveyed visually for the greatest impact.

FAU Design Institute

Urban Land Institutes…Florida

Elizabeth Plater Zyberk..Urban Planner..

Milt Rhodes ….Urban Planner… Abacoa 2005 LBTS Plan


Tim Hernandez…Urban Planner…Abacoa 2005 LBTS Plan

Walter Kulash….Urban Planner….Abacoa 2005 LBTS Plan

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