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Local News….Just The Names And Town Are Different…The Story…All Too Familiar…

November 19, 2008 by Barbara

Change you didn’t want to believe in

It’s Bender Time… Part 3….online…

Welcome neighbor…boy can this town relate…..

‘Things started to change rapidly. Chadwell’s open door policy soon morphed into a closed-door policy. Chadwell started ignoring telephone calls and e-mails; or he just didn’t return them.
He was giving lip service and ignoring suggestions made by residents. He sounded on top of things at work sessions and City Commission meetings – even writing down suggestions made by the citizens – but never really followed up on them.
Anytime there were contentious remarks made or clarifications needed on a subject during a city commission meeting, Chadwell would focus in on a department head saying, “Would you look into this and get back with me?”
The natural response was, “Yes sir.” That ended the matter, never to be mentioned again.
Chadwell did that same act, time after time with City Commissioners, always with the same result – no follow-up. Some commissioners even have confided in me that they were tiring of the lip service.’

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