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Here’s The Scoop…Thank You Sen. Obama

September 1, 2008 by Barbara


The previous policy of children being off-limits in the world of politics was appropriate…and a policy that should continue going forth….

The assault on GOP V. P.  candidate Sarah Palin via her children is one that no matter what your politics…as a woman…and a  mother ….should raise your ire!…

How can those who said…. we are ready for a woman for President…give her accolades for her “cracks in the ceiling”… announce how it means so much as a parent of daughters….and then be a “party” to the disgusting assertions…that have been growing in the past days about a mother’s children?….

To take the “Desperate Housewives” plot…from the last season….and say it is even plausible …for this vetted nominee is really outside the realm of reality….

Season Four

In season four, Bree and Orson struggle to keep her fake pregnancy a secret. They also struggle to convince Danielle to let Bree adopt the child. Phyllis, Rex’s mother, discovers Bree’s pregnancy to be a hoax and tries to convince Danielle to raise the child herself to spite Bree. In the end, Danielle gives birth to a boy named Benjamin and allows Bree and Orson to raise him as their own. Bree also develops a rivalry with new neighbor, Katherine Mayfair. Bree and Katherine, who share many of the same interests and personality traits, have a series of small feuds before ultimately becoming friends. After a tornado destroys Bree’s house, she, Orson and Benjamin move in temporarily with Susan Mayer. During this time, Orson inadvertently reveals that he was responsible for putting Mike into a coma. Unable to forgive Orson, Bree kicks him out of their newly remodeled home. During their separation, Edie Britt comes onto Orson, which begins a feud between her and Bree. When Edie discovers the truth about Bree’s pregnancy, she uses it to blackmail Bree. This leads to Bree telling the other housewives the truth. Towards the end of the season, Bree and Katherine begin a small catering business together. In the season finale, Katherine saves Bree’s life by telling her ex-husband Wayne her secrets. When Katherine kills Wayne, Bree rallies the other housewives around Katherine to prevent her from going to prison.

In this day and age of anorexia…and eating disorders…to point out “body image” issues of a teenager is also out of touch and should blow the minds of all those dealing with this devastating issue so prevalent in todays society…

To assert a child born with Downs Syndrome was due to either poor prenatal care or an outside Doctor’s view of what might be…without ever knowing the patient or seeing her case….

Then today…due to the above onslaught…. a 17 year old… was compelled to tell the world of her own pregnancy….to stop the onslaught….aimed at her mother…her brother and herself….

Perhaps….the response today….from the top down….will prevail…..

“Our people were not involved in any way in this and they will not be,” Mr. Obama snapped. “And if I ever thought there was somebody in my campaign that was involved in something like that, they’d be fired, OK?”

More to come….

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