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Here’s The Scoop…LBTS 7/24/09 Agenda …. Solar lighting ….Right In Our Backyard …..

July 25, 2009 by Barbara

Unavailability of solar lighting….HMMMM…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 10:10 AM From: “Rick Schuett” <> To: “barbarafcole” <>

Hello Barbara,

I read with great interest your most recent blog, in which the following statement was posted:

Comm. Clottey said she spoke to “Mr Sehl” and he said solar lighting was not yet available in the U.S….but it was something that we should think about …(audience members disagreed with the assertion of unavailability)…

I am President and CEO of SOL, Inc – the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor commercial grade solar-powered lighting. We have been in business since 1990, and even more interestingly, are located basically in your back yard up here in Palm City, FL.

I would be more than happy to meet with any of the commissioners, the Mayor, the City Council members, or whomever you feel would be appropriate to speak to about this issue, and would welcome the opportunity to do so.

Best Regards,

Rick Schuett

President & CEO

SOL, Inc

Re: Some more info on solar lighting

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:10 AM
“Barbara Cole”

“Rick Schuett”
They are looking for turtle friendly lighting. In bollards is what is being thought for redoing El Mar Drive. Let me know how it goes. BC
— On Tue, 7/21/09, Rick Schuett wrote:

From: Rick Schuett
Subject: RE: Some more info on solar lighting
To: “Barbara Cole” <>
Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2009, 11:13 AM

We have a turtle-friendly solar-powered light that we can provide, in a bollard.

From: barbarafcole
To: Rick Schuett
Sent: Tue Jul 21 18:00:43 2009
Subject: Re: Some more info on solar lighting

I just heard one Commissioner is doing a solar light presentation at the July 28 Comm. Meeting at Jarvis Hall 7 pm.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:59 PM


“Rick Schuett”



Yes, I spoke to the Commissioner who you quoted, we will have someone present at the meeting (I will be out of town on business).

Thanks for the opportunity..

Re: Lighting Solution

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 5:13 PM
“OANI Sales Dept.”


Ms. Cole,

Referance to our solution not being available at this time by Comissioner Clottey at the Master Plan meeting is correct, we are not in a position to release further information at this time.

Thank you

Re: Lighting Solution

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 5:20 PM
“Barbara Cole”

“OANI Sales Dept.”

Thanks Jerry, but I have received info from other company that it does. BC

Fw: Information you requested from Sol Inc

Thursday, July 23, 2009 9:03 AM From: “Jerry Sehl”  To: “Barbara Cole”  Message contains attachments,  Just thought I would pass this along…   —– Original Message —– From: To Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 2:27 PM Subject: Information you requested from Sol Inc

Thank you for your interest. Because each of our systems is built depending upon the specific parameters of each project, we’ll need a little more information about your needs.  I would like to thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to answer the questions and send this back to us.  With this information, we’ll be able to size up an appropriate system for you.

Dear Readers…This writer wrote about the MPSC /Commission meeting and Comm. Clottey’s remarks fro “Mr. Sehl” of the unavailability of Solar lighting in the U.S. market…Once again a word search was done by a company from the BCbythesea post…and the above is what transpired…leading up to the July 28, 2009  presentation……The “presentation” agenda item put on by Comm. Clottey is to be made from  gentleman’s company that contacted this writer …..After my correspondence with the company I received an e-mail from the “Oani Sales Dept..”….that a simple Google showed was a company with a 954 phone number ….a Google of the phone number showed the “Sales Dept.” who was contacting me on behalf of Comm. Clottey was “Mr. Sehl”…So I responded back to “Jerry”……”Mr Sehl”AKA Jerry  then sent this writer a “heads up” from the very company I sent the Commissioners way!……I did respond  to him and say thanks …not wanting to cause another “interrogation” for whomever came to speak at the presentation from the “Detective” on the dais… But after seeing the ONLY presenter is the company that picked up the RFP from this site…it is “suspect”  on two fronts…1st…”Mr. Sehl” is not presenting (How many companies does he have anyway?…He is under Oani for this and Online Access Network for repayment for the TV and camera etc…for the July 4th raffle items)…and 2nd…the cutoff date for items from Comms. on agendas is supposed to have been Monday the 20th…..So either the rules were bent for Comm. Clottey or “Mr Sehl” backed out of his “presentation…Hmmmm… In the backup is what this writer thought…in black and white of the assertions made by Comm Clottey at the MPSC/Comm. meeting on the 20th….see below…(available on the Town site)…

7/28/09 Presentations 4 B.

In conclusion….let’s see if the “Gang of 4” on the dais…shoots the messenger once more!….

And thanks Mr. Schuett for pursuing your word search…it may benefit our Town as we deal with our El Mar Drive project…Presentation item 4 D. by Chen and Assoc.

more to come….

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