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Here’s The Scoop …. Showdown …. Town 4 – RFPs “Publicly Opened And Read Aloud” 0 ….

August 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers ….the bid was like all the rest for RFP 09-07-04 “Sewer Line and Storm Drain Maintenance & Repair” …3rd paragraph included in the bid package, “Sealed Proposals will be received by the undersigned at the office of the Town Clerk, Town Hall 4501 Ocean Drive, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida 33308 until 2:00 PM on Thursday, August 27,2009 AT WHICH TIME THEY WILL BE PUBLICLY OPENED AND READ ALOUD, SHORTLY THEREAFTER. Any bid received after time and date specified will not be considered”…So at 1:45 this writer and Commissioner Dodd came separately to see what would happen with this 4th RFP after the previous 3 starting on July 29, 2009 (prev. posts) were NOT publicly opened and read aloud…according to any sane person’s interpretation of what that means!… Turns out the 4th time was again the distorted and disturbing interpretation used by the Town Administration asserted point blank by the Town Clerk herself. The Town Clerk with the Assist. Town Manager concluded that it NOW means…to open them, read the names (this time the towns) and NOT the bid prices!…This writer again as I did on July 29, 2009 if they were NOT going to read out the prices and received the same response…”NO”…Commissioner Dodd then made reference to the bid and paragraph 3…and received the Town’s interpretation! … An interpretation not used prior to the July 29, 2009 opening or any surrounding towns!….Again this will be addressed on Sept. 9, 2009 at the Regular Commission meeting to change the LBTS purchasing manual to add the specifics to again allow the RFPs to be opened at the time and date published….An ordinance also needs to be made so there can be no more nonsense done without the commission’s knowledge…most other towns have an ordinance as well as the manual…

I  e-mailed the Town to see about seeing the RFPs  after turning down the $47.58 charge for the packets themselves (prev. post)…and received the following response…

RE: Recent PRR on bids
Monday, August 24, 2009 1:30 PM
“Steve D’Olivera”

[email protected]


I spoke with the Town Clerk and she said to call her office if you want to set up a time to review the bid packets. She suggested setting aside at least an hour. The only time that she requested you not come in was between 12 and 2 PM, when staffers go on lunch break and she is short-staffed. Town Hall closes at 4:30 PM.


I sent a reply of thanks to Steve and called the office as instructed, the Receptionist went to inquire and came back with the same times, I asked about setting up a time as the e-mail said and was told I did not need to do that!…

This writer made the trek to the Town Hall to see the previous 3 no longer “read aloud” RFPs …which never took longer than 10-20 minutes tops…10 days after they were accepted…(this must be done by all the bidders if they want to see what they can usually see the day OF elsewhere)…. and was now advised “to set aside at least an hour” for just the July 29, 2009 RFPs!… On top of that the Town Clerk told the PIO that she is “short staffed”…so the the change of procedure helps how exactly?…

Upon my entering the building at 2 pm, I found the 3 bids were available for me to look at….but when I asked if I could use the conference room which was empty, I was told by Officer Specialist/Assist. Town Clerk Nikki Smith who checked with someone in the back (Town Clerk or Town Manager?) “NO. you will have to sit in the lobby.”…More bad P.R. for the current administration!…DUMB!…

July 29, 2009…RFP 09-06-02 ….IT Bids… (information technology)

This package of 9 bidders was just clipped together with a big black clip…

1. Dynamic Systems Solutions Inc. Fort Lauderdale- Terms initial fee $1,500/ system maint. & network support$2,400 per mo./ additional consulting $85.00 per hr.

2. Calvin Giordano & Assoc. Fort Lauderdale- Assoc. $165- 3 hrs. $495.00/ network admin. $135-8 hrs. $1240.00/ IT support Spec. hrly support $85.00 32 hrs.$2720/ monthly fixed fee $4450.00

3. Brazart Corp. Oakland Park price proposal $968.00 per mo./ addt. time $60.50 per hr/non-sched.- on call addressed in less than 8 hrs

DeRose Technologies Pompano Beach Windows server std. $820.00/ Microsoft exchg. 2003 $300/ email software $150.Cisco $125/laptop comp. $1360/ desktop comp. $2100/ per mo. $4855.00/ tech support level 1 $70 per hr/ level 2 $95 per hr/ systems eng. $135 per hr

5. JDL Technologies Fort Lauderdale monthly maint. option 1 per hr $120/ option 2 2 hr $80/ option3 server and infrastructure maint. & setup $299/ updates $100/ exchg. $24/ backup verification $24/ labor hrly $80

6. Dennis R Deblois Miami monthly maint. $1500/ beyond hrly $125

7. Solution Response LLC Coral Springs30 on call hrs per mo. $60 per hr/ greater than 30 $65 per hr.

8. City of Coral Springs Coral springs 10/1/09- 9/30/10 monthly $700/excess hrly rate $70

9. Rad Gov Fort Lauderdale on call support $54.18/ monthly maint. fixed service fee $133, 120.00

BC- No evaluation or analysis was included by staff….although the e-mail exchange (prev. post) between the Town Atty-Asst. Town Manager and Town Manager Colon ends with the Town Manager sending an e-mail stating the staff will review and recommend to the Commission (evaluate)…Hmmmmm…..

August 11, 2009 …..RFP 09-07-01….. Commercial Blvd. Drainage Project

This RFP was in a big blue notebook which included dividers…the 1st one was for analysis and it was empty…

1. Mullings Engineering Sunrise-removed their bid due to a misinterpretation of the bid…contained was the removal and the letter refunding the dep. from the Town Clerk…the bid was $44,170

2. Williams Paving Co Miami Dade $80,000

3. Man Con Deerfield Beach $61,500

4. Johnson Davis Inc. Lantana Fl. $69,000

5. Ric Man Int. Inc. Pompano Beach  $115,617

6. Straightline Engineering Miami $58,300

7. Omega Boca Raton $64,894

8. Florida Siteworks Davie  $33,450

9. ABK Construction Miami  $69,000

10. Miguel Lopez Medley Fl. $79,125

11. DBF Construction Pompano Beach $65,813

12. Coastal Contracting Hollywood $36,445

13. Atlantic Civil Construction Orlando Fl. $73,000

14. PBH Enterprises $48,333.60

15. ARZ Builders Boca Raton $ 47,500

16. GMI Contracting Davie $48,400

BC- With such a large range…we must look for any and all change orders from the lower bidders as the job progresses/ with a$36, 445 bid from Coastal Contracting the company contracted for the Pavilion and quoted in the Hi-Riser as saying the drainage was addressed with the administration prior to construction…only to be informed the town did not have the funds (did not reach the commission for decision) this too should be added to the long list of bad unilateral decisions made by the Town Manager on her Performance Review…

August 11, 2009 …RFP 09-07-02…. Parking Citation Process Services

This was the RFP that was first put on as an “emergency” consent agenda item for the hand held devices that started the spiral down to the RFPs no longer being “read aloud” in retaliation (this writer’s opinion) for Comm. Dodd’s finding the real costs involved in the backup materials…insisting on an RFP… bad advertising used (prev. post) and a vote after no bids were received from the dais to go out again….

1. Duncan Wisconsin (current vendor)…Autocite X3 hand held -provide 3 option 1 price per citation processed $2.62 …Special collections contingency fee 30% on deliq. accts/ option 2 Equipment fee- price per hand held per mo. $250….price per citation $1.93…Spec. Collections contingency 30% of actual fees collected on deliq. accts.

2. Complus Terrytown N.Y. hand held IT 3100 Series Casio / option 1 $2.95 per ticket issued/ option 2 percentage 11% all stat of Fla. ticket collections…11% all out of state ticket collections/ alternative solution $2 per ticket issued regardless of ultimate disposition or process ability of each citation

3. Iyetek Kalamzoo, Mich. (The Rep came and spoke at the commission meeting to re-bid this project after the non-responses) The package included the following LBTS issues approx. 14,000 citations per year/ the current system was last updated in 1996/ Iytek proposes a revisited system with online management providing the same functionality as the old system while adding state of the art features…3 units 1st yr rental fee per unit $2851 per/ standard ticket $1.25 per/ ticket processing  …in state 25% /out of state 30% / total start up $13,590

BC- Again no evaluation or analysis was included and again we will need to see when and if staff does “evaluate” before the Sept. 9, 2009 meeting where all should be on the agenda for the Commissioners to decide…If there is no “evaluation” ie “review and recommendation”…more unnecessary time will be used to be spiteful and vindictive (this writer’s opinion) for calling the Town Manager to task for her past unilateral actions!…

more to come….

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