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Here’s The Scoop….We Made The Papers…Sat. Morning Drowning…

April 12, 2009 by Barbara


Excerpt…(previous scoop 4/11/09 post …scuttlebutt)

‘Vacationer drowns off Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – A vacationer from Pennsylvania who was scuba diving with her husband drowned accidentally, a Broward Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman said today.

Mary Darnley, 58, had received her scuba divers’ certification in February, according to the spokeswoman, Veda Coleman-Wright.

‘On Saturday morning, Darnley and her husband went scuba diving.

“As her husband was on his way back up, he thought she was behind him,” Coleman-Wright said. “She was found floating in the water by other divers.”

The divers brought her back to shore, at the 4100 block of El Mar Drive, and tried to resuscitate her, but to no avail, Coleman-Wright said. Paramedics took her to Holy Cross Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.’

full text link below…..,0,1052211.story

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Here’s The Scoop….We Made The N.Y. Times!….

April 4, 2009 by Barbara


At sunrise, fishermen are already trying their luck at Anglin’s Pier in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.



Published: April 5, 2009

‘IN the battle of fish versus pelican, our money was on the fish. Not that the plump, yellow-tailed amberjack was still alive, mind you. The catch was an angler’s reject — not particularly good eating, in other words — but it looked like a decent lunch to the pelican that spotted it along the pier.

The only problem? The bird hadn’t quite figured out how to wrap its mouth around its extra-wide find, resulting in a comical scene. My 10-year-old daughter, Emma, stood firmly in place, capturing it all on the family camera.

Such was the kind of cheap entertainment that abounded during a recent weekend family trip to the beach communities north of Fort Lauderdale and south of Boca Raton along the Gold Coast of South Florida. By most definitions, these oceanside towns — Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Pompano Beach and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea —’

‘We were not limited to the beach. Emma made a point of checking out the ticky-tacky merchandise at the countless beach shops in all the towns. At a Wings shop in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, she headed straight for the rope bracelets, conveniently ignoring the fact she had a drawer full of them at home.

When we decided to park ourselves for a few hours, we settled on Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, a walkable village where you can while away the morning over a feta cheese omelet at Athena by the Sea, a Greek-style diner by day and a Greek restaurant by night, or while away the afternoon fishing off Anglin’s Pier, a 45-year-old legendary spot that stretches 876 feet into the ocean.

And if it rains? In our case, it gave us an excuse to play a marathon game of Monopoly while lunching on enormous take-out submarine sandwiches from LaSpada’s Original Hoagies, a Lauderdale-by-the-Sea mainstay since 1973. In the end, the game was a draw.

O.K., there are better ways to enjoy a beach vacation than moving pieces around a game board, but the joy of spending time in this part of the world is that a family need not feel pressured to seek out the fun. Instead, the fun finds you, slowly and unexpectedly. Just ask any 10-year-old.’


For breakfast, Athena by the Sea (4400 Ocean Drive, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea; 954-771-2900; serves pancakes, omelets and other egg dishes, all under $10. Try some of the Greek breakfast options, including a feta cheese omelet and thick yogurt with honey, bananas and walnuts.

Need a sandwich to go? Look no further than LaSpada’s Original Hoagies (4346 Sea Grape Drive, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea; 954-776-7893;, which serves some of the best — and biggest — we’ve ever found in all of Florida, $6.60 to $10.95.’

BC- Should we not value all of our small town charms…Our destination “stars”…….rather than let 1 “Vigilante” carry out his personal vendetta?

It is time for the LBTS residents to stand up and let your Commission know…enough is enough…….Save the Pier sign!….

Tell them to treat these business owners who have chosen to buy property in our town, investing in our “village” to maintain these valued LBTS venues with respect and dignity for what they do….with their heart and soul….

full text link below…..

more to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop….We Made The Papers….

March 19, 2009 by Barbara



‘March 18, 2009
Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Commissioner Stuart Dodd: Separated at birth?

By Linda Trischitta/Staff Writer

They are both well-dressed, lean Englishmen with elegant accents, but Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Commissioner Stuart Dodd, says he should be not mistaken for Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman,

“I wish I was [him], I really do,” said Dodd, who ‘fessed up to being flat-footed despite having a Mum who won “many prizes” back home in England for ballroom dancing in the early 1950s.

Though he may be tempted to raise a low number score paddle on some of the proposals presented to the commission, Dodd, a marine engineer, keeps his cool.

Some contentious nights though, he’d likely rather waltz away from the dais that sits high on a raised stage.

“My wife enjoys dancing, and I bet she wishes I could dance like him,” Dodd said of his TV twin.’

check it out …link below……

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We Made The Papers…Sentinel Saturday Editorial…VFD

November 30, 2008 by Barbara

‘Volunteer Firefighters must improve response


‘THE ISSUE: LBTS chooses volunteer firefighters.’

‘Another possibility would be to consider hiring a paid professional fire chief to head the volunteer department. Or even creating a citizens committee to keep lines of communication open between firefighters and residents.

The bruising battle is over. The town should support the VFD, and the VFD should work to maintain that trust.

BOTTOM LINE: Necessary to build trust, acceptance.’,0,4775471.story

Thanks to a faithful Reader for the heads up…almost missed this…

Time has come for the VFD and the Town to get on board…find alternatives to the status quo…a Citizens Oversight …and the real possibility of a Fire Chief that is independent of the department and allowed under the 2004-16 Ordinance for the Town Manager to enact…along with answering to public requests that are required…Hipaa…which is required……and having outside help for following the required protocol …required By-laws and SOPs that are not being adhered to a the present time…….

more to come…

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We Made The FRONT PAGE Of The Papers…$60,000 LBTS Project…But Will It Work?

October 7, 2008 by Barbara

“Lauderdale-by-the-sea will try electricity to

stimulate coral growth off South Florida coast

Low voltage current to stimulate coral growth off our coast”,0,1759467.story

The Furth-McIntee Coral Reef Project…has some noted experts questioning it’s ability to deliver….


March 4…7-9 pm…International Game Fish Assoc. 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach…

Comments also may be sent in…

Assistant Regional Administrator, Projected Resources Division

National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office

263 13th Ave. South

St. Petersburg,Fl. 33701

or on the web… the identification number 0648-AV35

deadline is May 6

OOPS…left out in the dust once more…. the resident who brought this to the Town …Furth and McIntee,,,

Former Mayor Ken Wardlaw…

Note: The former Mayor sent this writer numerous e-mails with the accounts of his role in the project…

more to come…

“The cables are part of an ambitious underwater experiment that uses low-voltage electrical stimuli to revive the badly damaged coral reef. (AP)”

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