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Here’s The Scoop …. VFD FIREHOUSE… “JERRY-RIGGED” ….

September 3, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…Below is the latest from the biggest “Rigger” in town…. reported by Fallan Patterson…. (Hi-Riser/Sentinel online)…with commentary….

‘Lauderdale-by-the-Sea seeks grant for $3M fire station

September 3, 2009

Since Lauderdale-by-the-Sea took control of its Volunteer Fire Department from Broward County last year, the town has acquired several fire trucks and a fire boat and has created a beach patrol unit. But it isn’t finished yet.’


‘Town officials applied for a $3 million grant in July from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency to build a new fire station. The current building, constructed in the 1960s, is located behind Jarvis Hall on Bougainvilla Drive and is not equipped to house the rapidly growing department, which has become a sort of professional training facility for recently graduated firefighters unable to find a paying job.’


‘The active portion of the department — where the trucks are kept and the on-duty firefighters are housed — is run down, and the department’s administration offices are located alongside the Broward Sheriff’s Office in a converted hotel on Ocean Boulevard.

“The current fire station is antiquated and out-of-date,” said Jerry McIntee, the town’s vice mayor and Volunteer Fire Department deputy chief. “The present firehouse was never built for a fire department; it was jerry-rigged.”

McIntee said he is most concerned about the sleeping quarters used for on-duty firefighters, which he described as “a room that was fashioned for them.”‘


‘Town spokesman Steve d’Oliveira said that by acquiring grants, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea can complete projects while maintaining low taxes.

“The Town Commission is always urging town staff to apply for county, state and federal grants we can use,” d’Oliveira said. “It’s always good to apply for federal funds like this, because if the town can get them, it’s a way of paying for a significant capital improvement project without using local property taxes.”‘


‘The Volunteer Fire Department is not seeking any funds for additional equipment. The 69-member force boasts two ATVs for its beach patrol, a 102-foot ladder truck, three fire engines, a fire boat, a personal water craft for rescues and is currently discussing the creation of a dive rescue squad. The department also spent $2,000 in May installing 22 life poles along the beach. The numbered poles are equipped with a life preserver every 500 feet and identification markings so 911 callers can give their location during an emergency.’

BC- A dive rescue is EXPENSIVE. Specialized equipment is required by OSHA, you need mandatory extensive medical recurrent checkup .They need some specialized training. Dive rescue is not just diving, it’s about safety under water, exposure to chemicals and pathogens from dead body and others hazardous substance, search pattern, communications, etc…Start up is costly…. BUT BOY IT SURE SOUNDS LIKE MC-FURTH FUN…FUN…FUN!….

‘According to online statistics, the Volunteer Fire Department has responded to about 1,000 calls since taking over last October. In July, the department responded to 38 fire calls and 42 medical calls.’


link without commentary below….,0,5192491.story

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop….LET THE SUIT BEGIN…./BSO Payback….Fallout…On The Radio…

July 2, 2009 by Barbara



‘Lawsuit filed in deadly Broward hyperbaric chamber blast

The family of a woman and her grandson killed in an explosion of a hyperbaric chamber they were inside is suing the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea facility where the explosion happened.

The two wrongful death lawsuits were filed Monday against against the Ocean Hyperbaric Oxygen Neurologic Center in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

The boy’s family had traveled from Italy so he could get treatment at the clinic. The lawsuits seek damages of more than $15,000’

Full text link below….

BC- Thanks to the alert Reader for sending in the news….What would we have done without BSO that day?….Some say the first “salvo” of removing Chief Gooding was PAYBACK…for the BSO not including LBTS-VFD in the Press Releases…OUCH!…

We hear that this morning 1470 AM Radio had a good 45 minutes on the IRRATIONAL…UNILATERAL….IRRESPONSIBLE  action taken by Town Manager Colon in besmirching the reputation of Chief Gooding and “DEMANDING” he be transferred…..Should replay we are told tonight ..9-10 pm per a reader’s heads-up…

We hear a steady stream of calls…cards and e-mails are arriving to thank Chief Gooding and show the large support he has in our town….

We hear Commissioner Clottey has been asked by constituents to resign…after she was booed leaving the special meeting on the 30th…This writer went to the podium immediately after her nonsensical written statement and non-action to direct the Manager to reinstate Chief Gooding and told her that I had wasted 2 & 1/2 years of my life on her and that she should consider a 2 year term…asking what happened to her…she was an independent woman….

We hear condos in the north have put McIntee on notice …he is toast if he tries to run again…

We hear that Commissioner Silverstone further maligned the Chief after the meeting by telling some residents they did not know the whole story about Scott Gooding…and that the Manager did not tell it due to a hostile audience…… SHAM-ful..(meant to spell it this way)….

We hear BSO is putting together a list of 3 names to present to the Manager to replace Chief Gooding…

We hear…calendars all over town are counting down the days to the end of the BROOM BOYS reign….and the resignation of Town Manager Colon…Hear there’s a run on laundry markers!…

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoops…We Made The News/ Scene And Heard Around Town….

July 1, 2009 by Barbara


BC- We hear the “belt tightening” VFD went CODE 3…Lights and Sirens…to help with the turtle hatchlings…Hmm….Maybe the “2-Hats” July 4th Co-Chairs and Coordinator/VFD Photog. Marc Furth think an assist offsets the July 4th beach fire display on 3/4 inch plywood!…


‘LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – Dozens of disoriented baby sea turtles were rescued from a storm drain hours after they hatched on the beach this morning, officials said.

Environmental surveyors followed the hatchlings’ tracks from their sandy nest toward the storm drain, said Lou Fisher, of the Broward County Natural Resource Planning and Management Division.

The surveyors called firefighters, who then managed to pull the hatchlings out of the 15-foot drain, Fisher said.

City lights often confuse newborn sea turtles, who sometimes scramble from their nest toward the street instead of the ocean, Fisher said.

The turtles were moved to a dry, dark place and will be released into the ocean tonight.

full text link below….,0,4959169.story


Dear Readers…Last week this writer posted the July 4th meeting from June 22,2009…Coordinator Marc Furth told the committee he had a contract for monitors to come from 9-10 pm to monitor the beach during the fireworks…A reader sent an e-mail to say she had heard the monitoring was done by Nova University…I contacted PIO d’Oliveira and he sent back the info that it was Nova…from 9-11 pm and there was NO contract…I had Googled Nova turtles and up popped the website which I posted…Low and behold another reader was questioning the site and the fireworks on the beach…The reader also contacted Broward county Spec. Lou Fisher…who confirmed as well the site was suspect …the site is now shut down…and the reader is going to be monitoring the coastline with his group on July 4th…(info provided below) which will make the 1st reader who provided this writer with the Nova info some comfort!…

“As for the Turtle Hatchlings safety during the Fireworks.. We will be out in full force the entire day.  We will be monitoring the entire coastline and documenting the event for the State as a record of Illegal Harassment to the Sea Turtles for Hatchling Rescue and Recovery should anyone reading your blog in LBTS witness hatchlings on the beach during that time or any other time during nesting season.. Also please post the NOVA emergency number as well.. For we will both have our Volunteers in the field for that purpose..

Here are the Numbers for you

Our 24hr. Sea Turtle Oversight Protection Emergency # is 954 404 0025

NOVA is 954 328 0580

FWC 24hr dispatch * FWC from cell phones or 1 888 404 FWCC

Richard WhiteCloud
Sea Turtle Oversight Protection”


We hear that after the disgraceful sullying of Chief Gooding that took place last night the Mayor walked in to see the Volunteers this morning…and was shocked and dismayed when a VFD member said quite matter of factly…”Wasn’t that fun last night!”…Not a hint of sarcasm….just a satisfaction of “payback”…towards the BSO!…UGH….Does the VFD offer a sensitivity training class?….YIKES!


We are now tented for the July 4th event…on July 1st…El Prado Park…and the surrounding area are out of commission …pun intended…for the $40,000.00+ event…

Speaking of the event we hear the VFD Board voted again for spending the big bucks from the never ending Booster Fund …$5000.00 for food and a barbecue for the VFD members and their families at the firehouse on July 4th!…Hmmmm…Let’s see it will be competing with a Town Event…and per PIO d’Oliveira…. no special permit is required for the large 100-150 person (per est. form the VM/Dep. Chief) event…DOUBLE STANDARD….No competing from the businesses… OUCH!…

Yep, the “UNITED WE STAND” sign is ready to go again for the July 4th event….the municipal workers were seen in the Town Hall parking lot putting it together in the pouring rain….A reader last night after seeing the finished sign …said maybe it should read…”UNITED WE STOOD”!….HA!….

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop….We Made The News….OOPS!…

June 28, 2009 by Barbara


MIAMI HERALD  June 28,2009 (paper…pg. 3BN)/ Online June 26,2009


Three days of free fun are on the agenda for the holiday weekend. Join the Patriot Party with Elvis from 6:30 to 11 p.m. Thursday and head to the Sister Cities Party from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, both at Town Hall, 4501 Ocean Dr. Independence Day brings a 10 a.m. parade through the tiny town’s streets; an 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. picnic at Town Hall and a 4 to 7 p.m. street party at Anglin’s Square. At 9 p.m., be on the beach by the Clarion Hotel, 4660 N. Ocean Dr., for a fireworks show. Buy $15 raffle tickets to win an $8,000 plasma television. Money goes to the fireworks fund. Call 954-772-0847.

HMMMM….Google in the number….it’s Ron Piersante….and the event was……in 2005….. OOPS!

It was a McIntee free 4th though….so maybe they could repeat it in 2010?….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop….Leave The Manatees Alone!…

June 23, 2009 by Barbara


Excerpt…6/23/09 Sentinel…(online/pg.4B)…

‘FORT LAUDERDALE – Amorous manatees have been spotted near the beaches of Broward and Miami-Dade counties, leading conservationists to warn against interfering with their mating behavior.

Although mating herds have come up to shore, with females seen resting in the surf, people should not try to help them.

The Marine Animal Rescue Society urged people to observe the following precautions if they see manatees near shore or apparently beached in the surf:

-Don’t try to push manatees back into the water.

-Don’t touch them and try to keep people away from them.

-Don’t throw water on the manatee’s head because it could get into the blowhole and suffocate the animal.

-If you see a mating herd near shore or a manatee in the surf, report it to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, at 888-808-3922 or the Marine Animal Rescue Society at 305-546-1111.’

full text link alone….,0,1874335.story

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Here’s The Scoop…We Did NOT Make The News…

June 13, 2009 by Barbara


BC- LBTS will shoot fireworks off  plywood on its beachfront at El Prado…permits were issued this week …as the sea turtle nests in that location were relocated further north…It is reported they were moved due to  LBTS not complying with their own  light ordinance….( after hearing the Town Atty. say there is no real recourse for not turning the lights out and the commission making it clear that was enough for them to keep them on)….but the blatant disregard for turtles by the 2009 4th of July Co-Chairs…McIntee and Silverstone and their main man- Coordinator Marc Furth…( the big Coral Reef Capital Improvement Project proponents )…have left many wondering if this is really a  “politically correct” excuse for doing what the FWC said they no longer advise …in moving nests….. Many will recall that Furth & the Co- Chairs were not forthcoming in their assertions that it could not be done off the pier ( saying it cost too much) and were less than honest in their assertions of the FWC stance of compliance and that of the Mayor and Comm. Dodd’s inquiries!…OOPS!….

The article below…makes no mention of LBTS…


FORT LAUDERDALE – The countdown is on to July 4, but federal rules are keeping several cities’ fireworks plans in limbo.

The U.S. Coast Guard and National Marine Fisheries Service are still considering whether to allow cities to launch fireworks from ocean barges.

The government agencies are trying to prevent harm to endangered sea turtles and federally protected corals from fireworks, boats, barges and anchors.

“We’re working on a plan over the weekend and are encouraged we’ll have one to allow the festivities to continue while still protecting the threatened species,” said Lt. Commander Matthew Moorlag, U.S. Coast Guard spokesman. “But cities should still work to identify alternative plans in the event we cannot issue permits after consulting with other government agencies.”
Decisions are pending for Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Delray Beach won a permit but could have it rescinded, and Pompano Beach had canceled its application and then decided to reapply this week.

In November the government designated thousands of miles of ocean floor from Boynton Beach to the Florida Keys as critical habitat for elkhorn and staghorn coral. That status grants various government agencies the right to review use permits for potential harm.

On May 22, Broward County’s Environmental Protection department recommended to the Coast Guard that cities choose inland fireworks locations; formulate plans to prevent spectator boats and barges from dropping anchors; minimize impact upon nesting turtles and make media announcements about threats to wildlife.

“If a permit was issued and there was species damage, the Coast Guard could be found liable for violating the Endangered Species Act,” Moorlag said.

Late Friday he said discussions with the National Marine Fisheries Service were encouraging and that over the weekend solutions will be considered that may include enforcement help from local, state and federal marine patrols to prevent anchoring at reefs.

Pompano Beach’s seaside event was to cost $93,810. As a backup they also negotiated with the Isle Casino to host fireworks. The new venue would cost taxpayers $44,278, and includes a $7,500 kill fee for the barge rental.

“While we’ve identified a second location, the city commission has decided at this late date they would like to host it on the beach,” spokeswoman Sandra King said. “We have a plan to protect the turtles and reef and we’re prepared either way.”

Hollywood spokeswoman Raelin Storey said they don’t have another venue.

“There really are no other alternative sites that can host this type of a show,” Storey said. The city’s marine patrol will pitch in to prevent reef damage. “Obviously, we would like to know as soon as possible what the status is of our applications. There are a lot of people who love our show and are trying to make plans.”

Fort Lauderdale is going forward with preparations, said Angela DiPietro, city spokeswoman for Parks and Recreation that has $80,000 budgeted for the beach celebration. “The city has plans for boat patrols and turtle monitors. We’re hoping we’ll have a spectacular July 4th.”

Delray Beach’s permit is being reviewed, Moorlag said.

“We’re all planned and ready to go,” Assistant City Manager Bob Barcinski said about the city’s 23-year tradition. Their barge does not anchor and a tug keeps it steady at sea. “We don’t have a backup location.”

Their event costs $68,000, with $28,000 paid by sponsors.

“If it doesn’t happen people will be very disappointed,” Barcinski said. “It brings a lot of business to the city.”

He is remaining positive about the situation. “I can understand the concerns and hope at least this year it happens, but we’ll have to see what we get back [from the Coast Guard] and go from there,” Barcinski said.

Boca Raton will host their fireworks from the Florida Atlantic University campus at 777 Glades Road. Boynton Beach’s July 4 bash fires from a barge in the Intracoastal Waterway.

“A tug boat holds it in place, and we do not anchor,” said Kathy Biscuiti, special events director at the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency. “Our fireworks company takes care of permits.”

Moorlag said his branch of the military is doing its best to ensure everyone an enjoyable holiday.

“The Coast Guard absolutely understands that any decision impacts communities and tradition,” Moorlag said. “We all want to see fireworks on the Fourth of July, but we don’t want to see damage to those endangered species.”‘

full text link below…,0,1709610.story

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Update….The Little Boy Has Succumbed To His Injuries…

June 11, 2009 by Barbara


‘LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – A 4-year-old boy seriously burned in a hyperbaric chamber explosion last month in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea died today from his injuries, his family’s attorney said.

Francesco Martinisi was the second person to die from the May 1 fiery accident at Ocean Hyperbaric Oxygen Neurologic Center. His grandmother, Vincenza Pesce, 62, died from her injuries a day after the blast.

“This is the tragic end of a very sad story that should never have happened,” said Russell S. Adler, a Fort Lauderdale attorney representing the Martinisi family.

Authorities said a blast dislodged a tube attached to the hyperbaric chamber, which resulted in an explosion and flash fire. An investigation is underway.

Francesco had been at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

“The family is in mourning, and has no comment at this time,” Adler said.’

full text link below….,0,7129881.story

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Here’s The Scoop…We Made The Papers…VFD Expands It’s P.R….But Not It’s Training…

June 7, 2009 by Barbara

SUNDAY JUNE 7, 2009…

full text link below…MIAMI HERALD…

‘For years, swimmers hit the surf at their own risk in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea — there are no lifeguards on the two mile-stretch of beach in this tiny coastal town. But during the past year, the town’s Volunteer Fire Department has escalated efforts to protect beachgoers, including a simple, new safety feature that is already saving lives.

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea’s Volunteer Fire Department designed and built 22 ”life poles,” spaced about 500 feet apart on the sand. Each well-anchored post is equipped with a life preserver and painted with large numbers that make it easier for firefighters to get to the scene quickly.

”People don’t have to worry about landmarks or street names,” said Jerry McIntee, deputy chief of the fire department and the town’s vice mayor. “Call 911, tell what number pole you’re at, grab the preserver and rush to the water to help.”

The rest is up to the town’s 69-member, volunteer firefighter force. Members of the force patrol the beach in two ATVs, mostly on weekends, and are always on call through 911 dispatch.

The fire department added the ATVs in July and more recently acquired a water scooter, a boat and now the life poles. ”The Volunteer Fire Department has made phenomenal improvement in the safety of beachgoers,” McIntee said. “We’ve gone from having no lifesaving tools to having a big component of aid available.”

Two swimmers were rescued May 17 by other beachgoers using the life preservers during the first weekend after installation, said Fire Chief Bob Perkins, the only department employee. Five more people were saved May 24 — three by beachgoers and two by firefighters.

Perkins said he came up with the idea in February because the town couldn’t spend $1.9 million for a full-time lifeguard program.

”We took bids from Pompano and Fort Lauderdale, but the town could not afford to pay . . . the life-rig project took three months to approve and get the poles in the sand,” Perkins said.

McIntee, town commissioner and volunteer firefighter Jim Silverstone and Perkins showed off the new posts during a May 29 tour of the town with U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton.

Klein, who serves coastal cities from Juno Beach to Dania Beach, said the $2,000 project “is just logical. You have numbered posts, life preservers and a simple idea that saves lives — that already saved lives.”

The need for more resources has been crucial.

In August 2008, a couple from North Dakota drowned off Lauderdale-by-the-Sea beach. In January, a man was found floating near the town’s Anglins Fishing Pier, and in April, a woman from Oregon drowned in the ocean trying to swim to shore after scuba-diving with her husband.

In a 2008 release by the United States Lifesaving Association, a consortium of 102 lifeguard agencies — 23 from Florida’s east and west coasts — reported 20 ocean drownings. Only two of the drownings happened during guarded hours. Of eight drownings attributed to rip currents, seven occurred during unguarded times.

Michael Staugh of Oakland Park, playing with his 17-month-old son, Anthony, at the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea beach, knows from experience the importance of a protected beach. An employee at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, he carried lifeguard certification for many years and his father was a Dania Beach lifeguard. But Staugh said he felt safer with the poles and life preservers available nearby.

”Its like defibrillators at the airport. Its such a simple thing that saves lives,” Staugh said. “Life preservers at the beach? An excellent idea — money well spent.”’

BC- What this P.R. piece does not say is this does not have to be an “all or nothing” for lifeguards in LBTS…at the purported $1.9 million price tag (avoiding former VFD Scot Fowler’s alternative) ….Many residents are for lifeguards on the beach located at the Commercial Blvd. Pier area that will be designated……and outfitting them with the ATVs…for quick response either way on the 2 mile stretch of beach…Good for swimmers…good for tourism….a win-win…for all…

Also (previously posted 5/26/09 LBTS agenda/meetings cat.) this P.R. piece is lacking in the info presented at the May 26,2009 Comm. Meeting by the VFD Dep. Chief/ VM/ and VFD “Spokesman” McIntee himself that showed a glaring problem with the Sea Doo “rescue” use and training including the 2 “saves”!…OOPS!…

Ratcheting up the P.R. does not usurp ratcheting up VFD training by certified trainers… on and off the beach…or the need for qualified lifeguards!…

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop…Scene And Heard Around Town…This And That…We Made The News…Public Notices…

June 6, 2009 by Barbara


We hear,  from an observant resident that the turtle eggs are being moved!…This resident said she saw it and asked and although it was stated at the recent LBTS Turtle Workshop, that this was no longer being advised…it is in fact happening here!…The response to this citizen on why…was it was due to the noise and the lights…The eggs are going back into the sand by Sea Ranch Club…HMMM…July 4th Fire Display from that area of the beach…thanks to the Mc-Furth Gang and the turtle eggs are suddenly being moved?…OOPS!…

We hear the VFD has been out two times this week spraying foam on the building at the SW corner of Commercial Blvd. and Bougainvilla…for bees…After visit number one they left it looking like Christmas …..with caution tape across the streets access onto Commercial…Day two brought them back for another round…and more foam…more caution tape around the front of the empty store….Questions being asked…what kind of foam was used…environmentally approved foam that will not cause problems for our water system?….OOPS!….

We hear the VFD once again chose to follow AMR on a medical call for a gentleman at the Beach Pavilion…who had chest pains…The firetruck was parked ion El Mar and crew was standing around…..We hear they were blocking the entry to the Pier parking lot and  were not too quick to move …that is until cameras starting clicking! OOPS!…We hear as first responders there is nothing the VFD could have done for this type medical call……So why take the truck out in the middle of the day to muck up traffic in the middle of town?…OOPS!

On that same day, last  Thursday the schools were out…the beach was packed and the water was choppy…this writer and daughter were at Aruba Beach Cafe’ for lunch and never observed any VFD- Beach Patrol on hand to cover such an active day…Despite reassurance from the VFD Fire Chief afterward upon picking up a public records request for the Beach Rescue incident reports (to be posted later) that they were out there…a look at the firehouse as we left showed the ATVs there…OOPS!…

The new canopy is now up for the firetrucks…and we hear now there is no room for the VFD boat that was stationed alongside?…OOPS!…

We hear there is to be a shade session at 6 pm on Tues. June 9th…in between the 5 pm budget workshop and the 7 pm Commission meeting…BUT…the Town is supposed to respond in filing a motion by June 8th!…So that means the Town is either filing a motion PRIOR to direction by the Commission or missing the deadline!…OOPS!…

Usually the Commission meeting backup is ready by 3 pm the Friday but yesterday, at 3 pm we were told they were just getting started due to an item being added late…HMMM…A big no no according to the agenda deadline rules…so no backup in Town Hall we were told…that afternoon before Town Hall closed at 4:30 pm……although it would be online shortly before or after close of business…(it was)…The seems was Comm. Silverstone’s…new business…..while an item Comm. Dodd put on before the deadline was removed by the Manager without his consent……another  big no no…OOPS!…(Agenda/ commentary to be posted soon)…

The Hi-Riser this week (6/4/09) has an article about the “Totters” by Fallan Patterson…which looks at the “dismissed” item put back on the last agenda by Comm. Dodd looking for an Ordinance to prevent scavengers from taking the recyclables from the Right-Of-Ways thus keeping a certain element out of our neighborhoods..(leaving them able to “scout ou”t our homes) and keeping the recycle revenue percentages coming back to the Town…….The VP of Choice Environmental, Mike Savino said “LBTS is involved an Interlocal Agreement with 27 other cities in which the cities get a check for the recyclable materials they collect. The product [in the swale] belongs to the homeowners” ..(this was verified by the Town Atty. in the backup for the item)…”You can’t go rummaging through people’s stuff and making a mess, we try to deter it, report it if we see it.”…Comm. Sillverstone is quoted after these comments saying ‘he is not opposed to people collecting material from the recycling bins, but is concerned that if more people come around, their scavenging might affect the percentages the town receives.’ …”I can feel for those people. I’d rather them do this than less industrious things.”…UGHHH!…. Comm. Dodd said he wanted stop the risk right now by to ‘ give the police permission to tell “totters” who wish to pick up these materials “Not in this town. Why risk these types of people driving around our neighborhoods?”…(previous 5/26-27/09 Comm. meeting post)…An owner of a recycling center commented on collecting from the general public and the costs…saying ” In the last eight or nine months since things turned south, people are more aware they can be environmentally friendly and get a little money for it.”…OOPS!…

BC- From the article it clearly reaffirms the timliness and the necessity for the item Comm. Dodd put on, although it was hypocritically dismissed by the “Gang of 3″…OUCH!…

Public Notices…Sentinel…Few and far between are actual Town RFPs …still waiting on the Parking RFP…(and after we saw no newspaper RFP for fireworks display)…what shows up…The Invitation To Bid…on the Bel Air Entry signs! …..

6/6/09…(excerpt/ synopsis…full text in Sentinel..Town Hall)…

Invitation To Bid

ITD-09-06-04 …Town of LBTS …is accepting sealed bids for entryway signs…The work consists of the construction and installation of 2 concrete sign. The work will include demolition of existing signage, removal and relocation of existing landscaping ,installation of  proposed uplighting, installation of proposed curbing, connection to existing electrical service, restoration of asphalt, concrete, landscape and irrigation conduit.All work performed shall ne in accordance with the contract/Town of LBTS…Interested parties may contact the Project Engineer Shaun Bamforth P.E. for information. Copies of plans and specifications may be obtained from Town…Sealed proposal to be received by 2 pm July 7,2009..will be publicly opened and read out loud….

Readers…keep you eyes and ears open…and keep the information coming …Thanks!…

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop…Time To Throw In The Towel In LBTS?…

June 4, 2009 by Barbara


BC-Will the Mc-Furth Team get on the bandwagon and throw in the towel?…. For thsee 2-guys who are behind the LBTS Coral Reef project ($64,480) to ignore the FWC and forge ahead with their planned fireworks display to be shot off of a piece of plywood set smack-dab on the beach presents the Towns’s PIO with some real P.R. problems!..YIKES!….


‘Danger to turtles, reefs spur Pompano Beach to consider moving Fourth of July fireworks
Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood await permit to conduct their shows from barges.

Pompano Beach may move its Fourth of July fireworks show away from the beach this year amid concerns about nesting sea turtles and endangered reefs.

City officials withdrew their request for permission from the U.S. Coast Guard to shoot fireworks from a barge and on Tuesday will determine where to hold the display.’

full text link below…,0,6415874.story

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