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Here’s The Scoop … 12/1/09 LBTS Commission Meeting … Hypo-CRISSIE … UPDATED ….

December 2, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers … The Dec 1, 2009 Commission meeting started off on a high note with Rabbi David Mark, from Temple Shalom in Pompano Beach. He thanked the Mayor, the Commission and the residents for honor of being asked to deliver the invocation. He was there at the invitation of our Town Chaplain Rev. George Hunsaker. The Rabbi faced the audience as he spoke asking “God to bless this assembly as they have gathered to deliberate the laws and governance of their community. May their council be like a tree planted by streams of water that brings forth fruit in its season and whose leaf does not whither, so in whatsoever they do their town will prosper.”…He went on to bless those that serve their country… The audience members appreciated his words and thanked him as he walked by to leave the hall …. The high note was a short note as we began public comments …

Now listen, Rosa the tomato lady, you may want to admonish your pal Cristie Furth as you did the candidates running for commission last month, for she too came  with her speech written…so do the same rules apply?…

Ms Furth must be feeling a sinking feeling these days…she can’t catch a break…the old “tricks” don’t work and the smiling, fake glibness…well it ain’t cuttin’ it anymore either..and tonight’s “blasting the politics of the past”…did not fare well either…

BC-[commentary included]

“Good evening everyone, Cristie Furth,” [she sighed] “I have listened to the Unite Our Town speakers express their outrage at this podium meeting after meeting about how terrible the political opponents are running the town. So I began to wonder where their outrage over similar type issues was before 2008 when their Old Guard friends had been a majority for fourteen years?   Today they’re all outraged about ethics and conflict of interest. Even when there’s no financial gain.” [conflict of interest comes without financial gain, a concept Ms. Furth and her Gang still do not get] But yet when Commissioner Yanni sat on that dais for eight years as an Eighty five thousand dollar a year paid BSO employee and voted yes for BSO every single time, never heard a peep.”[ Comm. Yanni, is on record going to the same Fl. Ethics Comm. that both Comm. Silverstone and VM McIntee say is the only agency required for ethics and conflict of interest. A letter from Ms. Furth’s husband Marc was sent addressing Comm. Yanni’s  situation and Comm. Yanni was found to have none due to his job description. Ms. Furth cannot support the current dais members and their stance on the Fl. Ethics Comm. and have a double standard  for former Comm. Yanni.] “You want to talk about trust? Where was the outrage from theses folks when the Old Guard fired the entire volunteer fire department  after sixty years of service on election night and placed armed guards in front of their quarters the next morning to prevent them from entering”.[ While it was a bad move by the Town, Marc Furth himself informed this writer that the act was due solely to Comm. McIntee’s actions behind the scenes, and despite many including the Furths imploring McIntee to back off so the VFD could remain viable until the next election. McIntee would not listen] “Unite Our Town seemed just fine with that How about when the Old Guard refused to discuss firing the VFD at a special meeting leaving a packed room of over 300 residents behind. [ This meeting was orchestrated by McIntee , and unfortunately most of those in the audience, this writer included were unaware of the reasons behind the action and what was still going on to exacerbate the situation] “Where was the outrage when the Old Guard Commission selfishly reinterpreted the term limits referendum so it would not apply to them?” [ Where was the outrage when Vice Mayor McIntee went back on his word to not be a VFD officer, broke the VFD By-laws to return to be Dep. Chief?] “Silence from Unite Our Town. You want to talk about back door deal and corruption? How about giving away water views, Sea Grape’s cul-de-sacs and one lane on El Mar Drive away to developers for free”.[Why at this late date is it that the “Gang” does not understand a cul-de-sac does not give water views to a private property? Where was the outrage when Ms. Furth changed her decision to use  the Oriana million to return the 1 lane in front of Oriana back to 2…saying she liked it after all]” Unite Our Town saw no problem there. How about the Old Guard turning a blind eye to the mountain of complaints that Oriana was illegally building into the set back. [ No Gang outrage for a crappy 2 million dollar motel , they turned a blind eye] No outrage from Unite Our Town when Commissioner Yanni told an audience member that he had more integrity in his little finger than the resident had in his whole body and called another citizen a liar. [ Pick a date and a meeting for all the times McIntee called audience members liars and worse]”Or when Mayor Parker called an audience member a foul name from the dais and said don’t vote for the jerks during the campaign.[Hold on isn’t this “Mr Oliver”, Comm. Clottey’s Hillsboro Inlet nominee and Moe McIntee’s favorite Mayor of Decorum?] You want to complain about stifling the voice of the people. Where was Unite Our Town’s outrage when the Old Guard limited public comments to  a half an hour and only allowed people to speak on agenda items?” [ This comment was priceless as Furth and her co-horts have tried to enact the same restrictions ever since their support went south!] Where was their outrage when the Old Guard fired three board members without cause, [ No CIC outrage for the despicable behavior the “gang” in the board appointment process with Mrs Booth and others under the direction of Ms. Furth herself]” tripled the fire assessments,” [ less fire assessment, but it could be lower except for a purchasing frenzy the Vice Mayor has been on ]gave big town contracts to their cronies.” [ Town Manager Colon’s picks for vendors fit the same bill]” Refused to allow Athena Saturday night events. Put the town thirty million in debt.[ same pre-payment penalties/ Finance Director was TM  Colon]  Held a Christmas Eve special meeting to put a developers referendum on the ballot”, [ the ethics/ heights put on late in the game tonight ]”promised to user tax dollars to put sewers on private property” [ The MacMillans/ McIntee fought to support the sewers in Palm Club early on in the 2008 election along with Peanuts Wick] “hardly ever put out RFPs,” [ What a hoot, only reason RFPs went out after 2008…Comm. Dodd went against the “Gang” and Town Mgr.] stonewalled citizen referendums”.[ “Gang” stonewalled the ethics ordinance and the Town Manager’s contract required annual review]” I could go on and on [ and so could I, the Town Manager’s contract, Chief Gooding, BSO Police, Patrick Pointu, Scot Fowler, Fire Marshall, substandard Dept. Heads, Beach Pavilion, sewers, infrastructure, unsold warehouse, insurance for Commissioners, Cell phones for Commissioners, $300,000 to pay off loans] “but suffice to say there was no outrage because the Unite Our People, the, the because the Unite Out Town people condoned all of it.” [ No outrage because the CIC is a dying group of chain of command cheerleaders/ a patronage army condoning all the same bad acts they fought to replace]” Their deafening silence back then when we had serious corruption on the dais belies the crocodile tears they shed today over insignificant issues” [ For Ms. Furth to call the actions taken by her majority “gang” “insignificant” and not corrupt ,in this writer’s opinion, says it all…out of touch and in denial, and sinking fast]”and that is the definition of hypocrisy.” [ and that is, the very definition of hypo-CRISSIE Furth!] “Thank you.”..[a few of the supporters left, clapped]..

I had signed up with the intention to pass up public comments..but could not pass this opportunity to follow Ms. Furth up…

“Good evening, Barbara Cole,. I wasn’t going to speak. I mean this sincerely. Everything that you just heard, take out Unite Our Town, fast forward two years put in CIC,. There you go! Their CIC people have been complicit in being quiet to what’s been happening up there on the dais. I haven’t seen any outrage over what has taken place in the last almost two years. I would say hypocrisy works both ways and we will see what happens in the future. Thank you.”

Finally folks, two important points to remember…both organizations are no longer the same as in they were in the past…UOT has a large, growing  new membership with two new “no-guard” candidates for commission while the CIC has a dying membership with the usual suspects for candidates in one position or another….they are now the new-“Old Guard”!

more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. Campaign Ploys OR Voter Lobotomies …

August 31, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…Tomorrow starts the month in which those ready to take on the “2-Hats/Broom Boys” need to make their decision known to those who will be backing them….Strategies will need to be made with an eye on March 2010 and the expectations of an election just like those we experienced  in the March 2006 and January 2008  Commission outcome …The majority changes yet again due to voters unhappy with the status quo majority in charge on the dais and the Town Administration….

What will be seen from the “Mc-Furth Campaign Committee Gang” and their campaign themed BTSTimes will be an attempt to lobotomize the voters to the past bad acts  from the “Broom Boys”…and the Town Manager…They tried this before ….attempting to quiet “Jerry” down”on the dais ……to stop “Jimmy” from putting forth ideas that hit  the voters in their pocketbooks (until the election is past…ie the Public Safety Complex 2008)…. all met with little success and plenty of chest thumping from McIntee exploding and letting it be known  nobody was gonna be telling  him what to do….But that was when other candidates were running…not the “Broom Boys part 2″…. If it starts to look like McIntee is on meds, perhaps it might be that Mr and Mrs “event coordinator” after putting their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, and not liking direction found, demanded a “promise” to strictly adhere to the 7 month “spiritual”campaign path to provide them any hope of retaining their seats….. thus allowing “Town Hall East” to stand again like “Tara”!…..

The BTSTimes will surely be filled with more psychedelic feel- good pablum to lull those unsuspecting few into believing the “2-Hats” are wearing “white hats” and are the “good guys”…still!….Epiphanies at sunrise cannot suffice this go- round though…Nope, because this time there’s a record attached to their brooms …They have a 4 year record to contend with… and a competitive fact-filled local newspaper, a neighboring community newspaper, community reporters from the daily newspapers….and this site…With each and every act that has their names connected to it I see lots and lots of headlines!….There is now an opposing organization, Unite Our Town that has mobilized faster in numbers than the CIC did in its heyday… (and those days are long gone now)….chomping at the bit….ready to beat the drum … and hit the streets running  to deliver the message of bad deeds done by McIntee/Silverstone /Colon on every front doorstep in town!… Past “Broom Boys” supporters are in concert in saying no 2nd term for these guys…Many we hear voted for “Jerry” because they knew and liked “Jimmy”…”No more”…they say…”Jimmy” let them down…and they have no desire of 4 more years of McIntee!… Those who came forward for the VFD know it’s a non-issue for this election……The VFD is here to stay…that’s a given…Eyes will glaze over if the VFD is front and center…There is a buzz around town on if the VFD members can provide the first blow to the Vice Mayor/ Deputy Chief in October that if they follow through on demoting him to VFD member only, will redeem for many residents where exactly the department’s loyalty lies… Will the Mc-Furth’s campaign be running on the referendums?…Are they still going to pursue the 33 feet?… If so, when? …Will there be a backlash? …Will there be petitions to see if the voters really want 33 feet or 44 feet south/15 stories north?…How about more “2-Hats” in the future?…. This writer thinks a “laundry list” of items should be included if we are still going this route… After all we heard from the “Broom Boys” in the past March elections needed to stay in LBTS due to LBTS March municipal voters…discerning, astute voters who will be fully prepared to tackle referendum items…like lifeguards, bonds etc….So why not throw it all on there and let these diligent voters decide on it all in the voting booth?…

The lazy days of August gone, we prepare now for a busy, busy fall….A few days after Labor Day…it’s time to take your seats at Town Commission meetings…Commission Round Table meetings…Town Budget Hearing meetings …and a Town Manager Performance Review?…

We will watch in anticipation for campaign hats being thrown in the ring…one hat at a time, new hats, clean hats, hats that bring with them new ideas to be heard, offering new direction for the Town and for new exemplary records to be made on the dais that may finally, finally give us the future we so richly deserve. And to think when that  happens, it was done with our brains still intact knowing it was our fully informed votes made it possible!

more to come…..

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Here’s The Scoop … “A THREE HOUR TOUR”…….

August 9, 2009 by Barbara




Dear Readers….We all heard about “need” for the return of the BSO  “Fire Boat” and it was returned some months ago from the BSO for the VFD …YEAH BABY!…

It is now ready for “prime time” after being all lettered up and detailed to the tune of $9,548.48 (according to the 3rd VFD income/expense report)… Sitting pretty in the newly extended dock and pilings  (no details on this expense in the report) ..the boat left at around  10:30 am… with  Vice Mayor /Dep. Chief McIntee, his pal Marc Furth (AKA John Doe who lives on El Mar Drive in Town Hall East) and a 3rd “wheel”…

An observant and curious taxpayer was taken aback by what could only have been a joyride on the taxpayer’s dime(s) ….which prompted the eyewitness to give the heads up to those that cover what happens in this town……This observation was just the first of many as the day went on…There were plenty more questions coming from those who watched the trio out and about having some fun…There were calls and sightings as the boat sped from the Intracoastal out into the ocean…heading north at quite a clip ….while wearing no life jackets…(although the Chief said it was required)……

In this edition of the BTSFuture paper (page 5)….. the 2nd picture) shows the boat docked after returning from the 3 1/2 hour excursion…again clearly showing a piece of VFD equipment was used for personal use….Editor Mark Brown made an inquiry to the VFD concerning the use of the boat this day…he received back the response it was a “training exercise”from the VFD secretary…and later a backup response asserting it was “performing training evolutions” from the Chief.. REALLY?…Training for what kind of “evolutions” with the Town/VFD photographer who is not a FF according to the Roster…(although he has a VFD pager which may violate Hipaa)….

A member of a professional public safety department told this writer immediately upon hearing of this Mc-Furth escapade …that no one in their organization would ever be allowed to use a piece of equipment in such a manner…No way!…No how!

To add to the skepticism of calling it “a training exercise ” was the sightings last weekend of the fire boat out again going up and down the Intracoastal with the Dep. Chief’s fill-in while he’s away…Captain McGirr on board along with other VFD …..out and about and to all who watched definitely not training….The emperor wore no life jacket!

In 2007…if BSO was caught doing this kind of stuff ….there would be 3 pages of minutes containing  a barrage of questions from the investigating Commissioner McIntee…But in 2009….it’s anchors aweigh!….THE MILLIONAIRE….AND HIS WIFE…THE MOVIE STAR…THE PROFESSOR AND MARYANNE …..

more to come …..

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Here’s The Scoop …. 7/28-29 /09 LBTS Commission Meeting ….#4 …”Heel” Protection …….

August 6, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….Commissioner Silverstone placed on the July 28,2009  Commission meeting New Business item J. “Discussion and/or action for a proclamation for Marc Furth”…At the start of the meeting Comm. Silverstone withdrew his item explaining that he put the item on without Marc Furth’s knowledge …Mr Furth did not want anything …and he [Silverstone] reasoned Marc’s actions were “because of the political environment”…At public comments the Furth proposed proclamation was addressed by speaker and LBTS business owner Louis Marchelos ….his comments are below….In the aftermath on day 2 of the 11 hour Commission meeting when discussing New Business item D. “Discussion and/or action to have public speakers state their full address…the Vice Mayor went after the speaker., Mr Marchelos…but his accusations of what Mr. Marchelos said were as usual “bending the truth” in his attempts to protect his #1 BFF Marc Furth…..(as the Mayor told him was his tendency during one heated exchange when the VM asked the Mayor if she was calling him a liar)…….This writer can tell you with 100% certainty, the most important person in McIntee’s life…is Marc Furth…During the days of being left out in the cold a few years back when the Furths found out that McIntee divulged something they told him in confidence…… he [McIntee] was banned from the Furth motel…and any communications with Marc Furth…It was the only time I have ever seen McIntee as a diminished figure…He was barely treading water…He would have done ANYTHING to get back into Marc Furth’s motel and Marc Furth’s good graces…ANYTHING!….Marc Furth is the one in charge… Marc Furth  IS Jerry McIntee’s Achilles heel…OUCH!….

Public Comments…Louis Marchelos…7/28/09…

“Tonight I was gonna speak in support of the agenda item that Commissioner Silverstone put on in referencing Marc Furth. I am disappointed that Mr. Furth would not wish to receive this proclamation.While I have found his political support of the Bully Bunch abhorrent, I can not deny that he has devoted many hours to the community. I support the proposed recognition but not his political activities which have split this town into factions and have destroyed what the true pioneers of this town had for a future vision.

While we are giving recognition to individuals I think we have an opportunity to partially right a wrong. I propose that at the same time we recognize Furth we issue a proclamation recognizing Scott Gooding for his excellent service to our community, acknowledging his professional competency and his contribution to all our lives.

This man has been wronged and this is an opportunity for those on the dais who said they let the firing take place only because of the separation of powers in Ms. Colon’s contract, put their money where their mouth is. This is a perfect opportunity for the Town to erase this black mark from Scott Gooding’s record. Show some conviction. Show that the dais has a soul.”

Vice Mayor McIntee’s comments on the above …7/29/09…

“And to have another person, another town member, owner of a business come up and attack a town resident by name. We all said specifically no town, nobody speaking can attack anybody by name. I’m not talking about Commissioners, I’m talking citizens. We all agreed to that, nobody could come up and go to that podium and say I don’t like John Doe. He’s a bad guy. He lives over on El Mar Drive and you [Mayor Minnet] let it happen multiple times and it’s wrong. That’s why citizens are at each others throats. This is not a, a position to, to throw your hate against somebody else in town. You can’t use the name of citizens. We have to put up with it, I accept that but no citizen should have to listen to another citizen talking throughout this town about them and making accusations. That’s wrong Mayor and you should have stopped it and you didn’t and I resent it, I yield.”

BC- Looks like the Vice Mayor was veering away from his take on the public comments made by Mr. Marchelos to perhaps include previous posts written on this site…concerning “leader” Furth….

Let’s get one thing straight …. Marc Furth  is not just “a resident”…he is not “John Doe” who “lives over on El Mar Drive”….Marc Furth is also “a business owner”…(like Mr. Marchelos)…Marc Furth is the Town & VFD photographer/ Town event coordinator/Reef project coordinator/MPSC board member/local newspaper owner & Editor/ CIC member /CIC Citizen of the Year/(it is said) #1 advisor to the “Gang of 3″/ (most likely ) the 2010 re-election campaign co-chair  as well as a former Commissioner…Marc Furth has recently written letters with ultimatums to the Town concerning  Commissioner Dodd and the Mayor and is said to have instigated numerous acts upon Mr. Marchelos during the past year concerning the pier and other Marchelos businesses…for July 4th/the pier parking lot/ the Pier lease etc/ special events….Marc Furth is front and center with his #1 BFF McIntee which leaves him in the position of being “fair game” for comment and commentary from the podium…local newspapers …or online posts….DOUBLE OUCH!…

And that’s a wrap… Ya big “HEEL”….

more to come……..

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