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Here’s The Scoop…Passing The Litmus Test…Concerts In LBTS….

May 19, 2009 by Barbara

COMMISSIONER CLOTTEY…..”this is part of the litmus test”…”and would determine coming back to the dais for more such concerts.”

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litmus test
: a test in which a single factor (as an attitude, event, or fact) is decisive
At the 5/12/09 Commission meeting, Comm. Clottey in her Commissioner comments put out the word…this would be the “litmus test” for whether a concert series would become a series rather than a one-shot deal…
This was her “baby” when she decided to get involved after seeing the arts in LBTS had stalled out with the removal of the previous community arts program…It began with her contacting Lynn University and working closely with them and Town staff to bring the talents of the Lynn University Conservatory of Music to the residents of our town…The first such “union” was at the ribbon cutting at the new beach pavilion…Last night’s concert was the “kick-off” to the possibility of planning a full season of musical collaborations in the coming year…That is if we passed the test…
It really was a test…due to the season being over…the short notice …limited advertising…rainy weather…and the big unknown of just how many residents were interested….
We passed!….
For this night …at the Community Church in LBTS…the people came…..100+…and they were in for a treat, with the Cole-Robertson Piano Trio…
The program was fitting for the accompanying stormy sounds heard from beyond the walls ….including Trio In B-flat Major K.502…Trio In A minor (1951)…Trio in C minor, op.66….Mozart…Vietor …..and Mendelssohn….
For this writer there was the added pleasure of watching Cellist David Cole (no relation) whose facial expressions brought forth an unbridled delight in what was either being played or about to come as he read his sheet music…….It was almost like watching the young rookie I had seen at the Marlins game a few days before as he took his turn at bat…..that same look of loving what they do!…
The ladies of the Garden Club, provided refreshments afterward and a chance for all those in attendance to put off the nasty weather awaiting them right outside the Church’s  doors!…
Given a passing grade Doctor/ Commissioner Clottey will definitely be returning to the dais, to continue in providing beautiful music to Lauderdale-By- The -Sea…from Lynn University for the season to come…
more to come

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