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Here’s The Scoop …7/ 29/08 …LBTS Commissioner Meeting #2 …. OPEN MIKE …. # % #*# ….

August 1, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… The mike was on and the Vice Mayor was caught…rattled…he was really rattled  nearing the end of day 2……saying “This is Bullshit…This is absolute bullshit…she’s [ this writer] starting to run the meetings!”…..

Before the overview of day 2…with  verbatim exchanges on certain items and comments to come in separate posts…Peggy Mohler fiancee’ of Comm. Silverstone  flew into the hall after hearing her business Aruba Beach Cafe’ singled out in the discussion on the Commercial Blvd. drainage problem. Comm. Dodd used the term “Aruba’s river” to relay the problem that would still be facing the town after the Commercial drainage work is completed as specified in the current RFP. The owner of construction company that built the pavilion spoke to the Comm. and singled out the runoff the restaurant has from their lot…adding that the current proposal the town is about proceed with will not successfully alleviate the problem without addressing a separate drainage solution for that runoff….Ms. Mohler came in quite angry and turned to this writer (who knew exactly why she was there) asking how she would be allowed to speak…at first I told her she could not…but then I said she could raise her hand and ask to be recognized and they could vote to allow it…It turned out they were still on the topic of drainage …for the whole town and she raised her hand saying it was the same topic and went to the podium…She lashed out..and spoke of it not being only Aruba…taking offense for the “Aruba’s river” remark…then in her angry state proceeded to make suggestions on how to deal with the problem (Looks like the wrong Fiancee’ is sitting on the dais!)…she said stems from the new pavilion …which she stated sits 11′ in the back…10′ in the front…with the street level being 8’…”Hello”…she said…as she proceeded with talk of assessing the businesses as they do in Fort Lauderdale…In her anger she turned and said this writer’s name and the Aruba’s river comment…I had not said anything about the comment and took umbridge  to it asking to defend myself…The Vice Mayor said I was out of order (Guess he only defends his “gang” from remarks from other residents)…and the Mayor did give me a warning…we took a break to “let the steam fall off our backs” said the Mayor…and McIntee with his open mike made the above Bullshit comments aimed at this resident!…Ms. Mohler had not realized she said my name in error and apologized…Upon returning to finish the meeting as we waited for the Town Manager it can be heard  from the audience as Ms. Mohler set the record straight that she was in error when she said my name…No apology from the Vice Mayor who was clearly insubordinate on the dais. Further exchanges from the VM will be posted later…more of his all too familiar rhetoric..It is definitely time to throw this guy out of office in March……out of the VFD ASAP…and out of town to start all over again somewhere his stale “David vs Goliath” stories might work one more time……unless they read this site!….

DAY 2 …LBTS Commission meeting…overview…

Commissioner Comments…Comm. Clottey came in late…had previously said she was forgoing her comments in order to save time (11 hours for this 2-day meeting) and allow for the Solar light presentation…She did have one comment though on Terra Mar and lift stations after she was contacted that her previous statement on the location of Terra Mar’s was incorrect…She checked it out…found it was by a private property and said in future the Comm. should insist the location be decided on save the problems found in Terra Mar and Bel Air do not occur again…

Comm. Silverstone …”Thank you, I made a promise to myself that you expect us to be accountable up here so what we do what we say what we write and so forth, but that , that accountability goes both ways. (HUH?) I wrote a list of everybody that spoke at public comments cause again there’s a lot of misinformation being spread out there for whatever reason which I think is really at the heart of the problems in this town. Um, but I’m not going to waste a lot of time going through this , but a couple of points”…He spoke of the “resident”  who came to talk of the fishing problem he encountered on the beach…saying “as an example of how it should work”…

BC-Comm. Silverstone did not know how it worked….with an e-mail to this writer…
— On Mon, 7/27/09, Soccersales> wrote:

From: Soccersales>
Subject: HELP HELP HELP from Chad Purcell Sea Ranch A ORDINANCE PROBLEM
To: barbarafcole
Date: Monday, July 27, 2009, 4:44 AM

I have been reading your posts and they are very informative! I have a problem and no one even gives me the time of day to be heard!

I am a 38 year single father to a great 5 year old son. I live in Coral Springs and my family owns a condo in Sea Ranch A. Everyone say parents should be more involved with kids and I agree whole heartily!

I go to our condo about 3 days a week and we snorkel play in the sand and recently have been helping the wildlife with watching the turtle nests.

Twice now I have had BSO officers come down to me on the beach because my son and I were fishing at about 7 Pm. Not a sole on the beach. I would never even if it was the law fish with people in the water no matter what time.

The Ft. Lauderdale and Wildlife laws state
Fort Lauderdale Beach Rules and Regulations: Fishing or netting of fish is limited to the hours from 6pm until 8 am when on the beach and must conduct in a safe manner. All debris, bait, fish line and hooks, and other fishing equipment or tackle must be removed from the beach after fishing has been conducted.

Article 3 section 8-75
It shall be unlawful for any person to fish or surf cast from any part of the public beach between the hours of 9 am and 6pm. On any day except as follows.( WHICH IS SAYING YOU CAN FISH AFTER 6PM UNTIL 9AM)
1. Fishing and surf net shall be allowed on the sandy part of the beach located between NE 18th Street and NE 23rd street during any hours other then 9am through 4 pm Monday through Friday and 9am through 6pm on Saturday, Sunday and National holidays.

I sit there do not bother anyone and spend memorable times with my son just as my father and grandfather did with me.
They say go to the pier,,, Well if you have been to a pier the language and stuff that goes on there are no place for a 5 year old!
They say go to a jetty,,, Hmmm no rails, long drop, strong currents, and jagged edges,, no thanks!

I called the mayor no call back twice, I called BSO wasn’t sure. Because here is the problem you are patrolled by BSO which would follow Ft. Lauderdale rules, which allows me to fish during those hours with my son.

I am shocked an embarrassed that someone actually gets upset seeing a father and son bonding and spending time teaching him about the finer things in life and about nature?


We are owners, and my research shows that I am allowed to fish with my son during those hours. Why would the Sea Ranch or the City not want special moments for families? I will not stopped after once again Police embarrassing me walking down on the beach ( not to mention scarring my son)



Warmest Regard’s
Chad Purcell
Monday, July 27, 2009 6:41 AM

FROM: barbarafcole
TO: Soccersales

The meeting is at 7 pm tomorrow night. Public comments is early right after presentations. (#5). Speakers are taken in the order they sign up. You have 3 minutes to speak. It is likely they will not respond to you from the podium (they are not supposed to, but sometimes they do it anyhow) Each is on record saying they will put something on an agenda by request. You could ask them to do so in your speech. I am not sure if the rules are only town or county? It is timely though with Kite boarding to addressed on this agenda as well. There are no meetings in Aug. so even if there is a possibility to do something within the town codes. It would not happen until Sept. The contact #s are on the town website. Good luck. Personally I think fishing should be allowed. Comm. Dodd I believe also has that opinion. which he stated some time ago. But you should contact him yourself as well as the other commissioners. Let me know how it goes. BC

BC- Would Comm. Silverstone still stand by his “example”?…Hmmmm…..
Comm. Silverstone ” Our form of government dictates that we set policy up here, we don’t run the town in that sense we don’t really have any power up here what we do individually is come up with ideas so collectively we can set policy and move forward.” He went on about Mr. Purcell and said he would put it on the next agenda.

BC-This lack of fishing being allowed was previously discussed from the dais by Comm. Dodd and had no support from Comm. Silverstone…OOPS! ..He went the dove overboard and again spoke of Scott Gooding (a precursor to the hatchet job done by the Mc-Furth Times?)…
CS- ” There’s still alot of I think misinformation regarding the issue with Scott Gooding, Chief Gooding. To me it was a simple, simply it was a simple case of a boss, an employee the ability to get things done and the boss in this case , the Town Manager wishing for certain things to happen and being able to work with somebody and she has a job to do for whatever reason, I think she gave her reasons for what happened but she didn’t feel she felt it was best to have this person transferred out of here , get somebody else from the same organization that she could better work with.”
BC- The Colonel from BSO clearly stated TM Colon and Scott Gooding were “like this” as he held two fingers up tightly…adding she always spoke of “Scott and I”…Miss that one Jimmy-boy? YIKES!..
CS-” I think it’s that simple. That’s what happened. She runs the day to day operations of this town. She has to be the one who, who sets, who follows our policy to set in motion how to get things done around here and to deal with the day to day business operations of this town. To which I think she’s doing an outstanding job and at the end of the day it comes down to numbers, numbers don’t lie. There’s nobody that I know that knows municipalities regarding the number system as well as she does , so I think we’re very BLESSED to have her. So at the end of the day a fine job. But, I think whatever happened with that situation (He just said he said what happened?) I wish Chief Gooding the best and I think the Village Grille is having a celebration for him a um, a goodbye party this Friday evening and um it might be a good idea for everybody to attend who wishes to do so, I think that’s a nice Gesture by them.”
BC- My God…give this Comm. his MARCH-ing order…1 term…
Comm. Silvers tone then spoke of his “clock” the one he built with Marc Furth…the consensus from the audience…”tacky”…(pic below)…and also of his comments and “challenge in the Mc-Furth Times…..(see previous post)…

Comm. Dodd..I was prepared at this year’s budget meeting and staff did a very good job of answering most of my questions.  I was asked very early in the meeting by the Town Manager whether I thought the Chamber should be put out to RFP.  I said I would take this away and come back with an answer later.  On consideration I decided that if the manager wanted to be really unpopular then please go ahead and put out the welcome center for an RFP. The going rate is $28,000 and a free building.  It must be specified in the RFP that all profits have to be plowed back into the enterprise since any contractor needs to be registered as a “Not for profit business”.   While pondering this issue I wondered how the town manager would feel if this commission put out the running of the town to an RFP since the capital budget is around 12 million that would be an RFP for $100.00 per minute of each working day.  I feel sure we could get some interesting responses.  I believe we should be going out for every RFP or bid over $15000, and advertising properly with all the  details on the internet and in the local paper.  It is a very competitive market and many companies are prepared to sharpen their pencils in an effort to keep their lucrative governmental contracts.  By the way – town manager , do you have an answer to my July 15th E-mail requesting when was the last time the town advertised an RFP on the internet or are you still researching it? I will keep today’s comments short since you will be hearing a lot of me on some topics later on but I just wanted to mention that I’m hopeful this town can raise it’s recycling totals when Broward transfers to “single stream” recycling.  It is free revenue for the town and by all accounts of trends from Miami Dade the recycled tonnage approximately doubles. Residents will probably be able to apply for a small wheelie bin into which all paper , aluminum cans, bottles and recyclable plastic – no need to separate and no excuses allowed in my book. Hopefully with the help of Choice, our two local papers, town topics and the internet everyone can start recycling as if we mean it. I get very disappointed when I drive around town on recycling day and observe how many of you residents “just can’t be bothered”.  This has to change as you will be throwing away the town’s revenue and that means your tax dollars if you don’t get the message. I’m looking forward to the break but I hope the commission next year will consider a single August meeting in order to reduce the burden on this agenda.  I already have it on my computer to remind me along with several other issues that in my opinion need adjusting when the political climate changes.Two, organizational issues one regarding public comments we agreed the public could speak on any subject whatsoever at public comments or reserve the right to address one specific topic later on the meeting’s agenda.Secondly The public speaker who addressed fishing struck me as the classic for the “round table conference” if we are in agreement to change the code then the dias can progress forward without wasting attorney or staff time – if we don’t agree the agreed to disagree and move on. Thirdly, we slipped up since we agreed any quasi Judicial hearings would take place on the night of the meeting to be fair to anyone who is paying attorney fees to be at the meeting. Apologies if that was you.Have a wonderful holiday everyone and we can but hope September brings some peace and harmony to this dais after all there is an election coming up in March.

Vice Mayor McIntee…”Ah, thank you the ah, Town’s going in a strong direction and it saddens me that there’s so many people that are trying to tear down  the administration. If you had grounds to tear the administration down I could possibly justify it.” He spoke of the budget …the 11% decrease compared to other towns and “double digit increases”…”It really says to me somebody’s doing really the right thing and the right job.”…He spoke again (a pre-election replay his last Comm. comments ) of the accomplishments…over the past 3 years…(avoiding the fact he rode in on those accomplishment coattails when he took his seat…they were already in progress)…Again with Oriana the P&Z…the property was “incringing” on town property …the million for beautification of El Mar……stating the building has  7 occupant….is in bankruptcy…he’s not trying to destroy the downtown…He helped the “brothers”…he’s not for 3 day events…..we’re a residential town…with a  “Mayberry feeling” …everyone likes the Pavilion…The VFD is back…5 pieces of fire equipment…and in conclusion he talked about  Marc Furth…”If an enemy called with a window…he’d [Marc] be there with a hammer” you gotta laugh…a little  “midnight tour ” vandalism humor don’t ya know…

Mayor Minnet-The Mayor spoke of Chen and Assoc. and rethinking the medians…saying the islands are beautiful in themselves…she was more inclined to make El Mar Drive more walking friendly acknowledging this might take things “backward”…but said “there was a need to look at everything in its fullest capacity”..that we tend to do things over in this town…She said she was going to be putting on a proclamation for Chief Gooding and wished everyone a happy summer…

We then moved on to finish the items on this long agenda…starting with the remaining Consent agenda items…

12b was the approval for $39,000.00 for the annual contract for Tele-Vac to do storm drain cleaning…It was curious that there were 3 bids done by Don Prince Director of Municipal works but not an RFP…and further curiosity came to to this writer when going to Town Hall on Mon. the 27th after seeing an RFP in the Sentinel for sewer line and storm drain maintenance and repair (09-07-06 …including bid opening date 8/27/09 included this time)…I picked up a copy of the published RFP to see the materials were identical to the Consent item to be approved…I asked Don Prince  who explained the consent was storm drain cleaning…piggybacked off of Sunrise and would be a stop-gap until we acquired a contract alone for both storm water and sewer…This was explained also at the meeting. Comm. Dodd asked a question for a resident who wanted to know who owns the sewers…Assist. Olinzock said the Town does in the south and Pompano Beach does in the north where new sewers were installed…passes 5-0

The Commission approved 12 c. and d. for 2 new trucks for the town fleet …total cost approx. $41,000.00…after some discussion from the Town Manager that 2 Comms. (did not say which 2) had directed her to buy the 2nd one this year instead of next rather than repair the transmission…(The Mayor kept the VM in line when he through out a figure of $5000 for the repair…it was in the backup $1700!)…passes 4-1 Mayor Minnet dissented

14  Quasi Judicial Public Hearings…

a. and b. were both for variances for Terra Mar resident Karen D’Uva …the crux of what transpired was we once again had no proper representation from a qualified Development Director and were left with BOA board members to continuously come to the podium…Assist. TM Olinzock was of no help at all…the Commission was informed by those BOA members and the owner that although she has always Terra Mar Drive as her address and has even had it recognized by Broward County when previous permitting was done…on paper it was not so…She was asking on the advice of the BOA for a variance to make that change…The change according to the backup code enforcement advised the change would now make her home non- conforming with the front encroaching on public property…Mrs D’Uva was again caught between a rock and a hard place due to this designation being the impetus for the BOA to agree to her variance for a side yard pool and to keep her shed (which was improperly put in long ago)…There is a long history with this applicant and the Town…when she was given substandard service from an inept department…followed up by disparaging remarks made at a commission meeting from the Town Manager and Director of Development without the applicant being in the hall to counter or defend herself…The Director  involved at the time resigned and Assist. Director was let go… the current department is even worse… all leading to further disarray and obstacles for the resident to go through…After spending hours waiting the first night…the Comm. apparently forgot their rule that  Quasi Judicial items would be addressed the date of the posted meeting and Mrs. D’Uva was forced to come back a second day…and then spent an 1 1/2 going through it…(having spent 2 hours earlier in the month in front of the BOA with her attorney)…. Even with Comm. approval for the change of designation for her front yard she was looking at yet again another variance to proceed….After much discussion the Comm. did vote to allow for the change…Then it was on to the 2nd hurdle (of this meeting for her) and it got dicey and personal with the Vice Mayor originally agreeable to her plight…turning on her after she spoke of the shed and the pool and the history that included the shed was illegal and a similar pool was approved in Bel Air …He sat forward and said he withdrew his motion and went after the applicant saying the town was going to have to investigate..(prev. posts …the shed led to “sweep” of sheds  throughout the town…and the pool in Bel Air it was found was approved by the Town by mistake …both came before the Commission)…He said she needed to follow the process….(Sure YOU want to say that VM?) ..suddenly Jimmy-boy followed suit…saying no hardship was found…HUH?…What hypocrites…these 2 had variances themselves…with the VM carport enclosure (never built) encroaching on the public property (his hardship…he had already bought  his supplies) and Comm. Silverstone  who owns a corner lot needed to fence in his wading pool and asked for fencing (wanting it higher then the allowed 4′)…no hardship……The Mayor was strict in her views in adhering to the code and the rules…she was adamant about not voting for any changes before the ordinances were changed first…and asked the Town Engineer’s position on non approval be read into the record…Comms. Dodd and Clottey sympathized with the resident and taking in to consideration each case…individually …that we are not a planned community and this should move ahead…The applicant said to please approve this…the staff had no comment and the vote was finally taken 3-2 it did not pass …The Mayor did not pass it for her stated reasons…BUT …for the VM and Comm. Silverstone to say no was totally hypocritical …not only because of their own situations (both passed by the Comms. 4-0 )…but because they are on record saying they MUST listen to and follow the advice of the boards…and the BOA board members…. CIC members handpicked by these 2 advised for this variance…OUCH!…

12c. This was for  101 North Ocean in need of  a variance to keep their dumpster enclosure chain link…it was originally approved in error of the town code requiring wood…T he owner said he spent alot for the enclosure…it’s sturdy and cleaner than wood…he offered to put slats in it to reduce the chain link exposure…The Town Engineers did not approve of it …the BOA did recommend approval….The VM said wood fostered “critters”…. Comm. Silverstone asked if there were any others with chain link in town…..the Assist. TM did not know …(there are)…The Mayor asked the Assist. TM  to read the code to which Comm. Silverstone said exasperatedly “No, not the entire code!”…Comm. Silverstone then said it was allowed to be built…Comm. Clottey offered up to let him keep it until he needs to replace it with the proper wood enclosure…that he should not be penalized…Comm. Dodd agreed and said the code should be changed …VM said on the condition it is replaced with a conforming fence he would vote for it…the roll was called…passes 4-1 Mayor Minnet dissenting…

15 Old Business…

a. Reduction of the right-of way performance bond for Minto…WOW!…The “2-hats” had their hypocritical hats on this meeting…big time…for all their talk about listening to staff …following staff….all the rhetoric about Town Manager’s duties and direction……and these 2 chose to vote to lower the performance  bond!…They had help (unfortunately) with Comm. Clottey and Dodd (who was not at the July 23rd meeting to hear the rep. assert a no vote would bring new sidewalks) …It passed 4-1..Mayor Minnet dissenting…What this means is that the sidewalks outside of the unfinished Minto properties will not be the 8′ pink sidewalks until Minto returns to complete the next 2 phases (2-5 yrs from now) leaving the Town to pay for them if the El Mar project proceeds to the north end before Minto comes back…

BC- Of note…Has anybody seen the fence sign for Minto on their construction fence facing the El Prado parking lot…interesting that Ms. Furth/ Code Enforcement/ Town Administration has not has been moot…add to that the sign pointing to the sale office trailer…And how long exactly can the sales trailer stay up? We were told trailers are not allowed and that there was a time frame for sales offices …( Villa Caprice was allowed 6 mos. when they wanted their across from the Holiday Inn)…It sure looks suspect……

b. custom banners…were approved 5-0…$731.50 DEPOSIT on art design…total $1463.00..for DESIGN ONLY…the cost if comparable to last years banners thousands!…

c. Comm. Dodd brought this back to allow the sea turtle monitors  to park closer to the beach near the portals…Comm. Clottey still clueless said she still didn’t think they should park there …they could drop off their equipment and park elsewhere….The Mayor reiterated (it was originally put on by her) that they only come in the early morning  hours …”2-Hats” joined together with the insane assertions there might be possible abuse …with the VM saying if there’s abuse “we pull everything!”…it passed 4-1 Comm. Clottey dissenting..

d. Parking permits and fees …will be addressed art the Sept. 10th round table…after it was required to explain to the VM the difference in procedures for a resolution rather than an ordinance…

BC- Perhaps the VM did not recall it was Comm. Dodd who insisted some time back to separate resolutions with fees from ordinances specifically to allow less constraints in changing the cost…OOPS!…

e. Kite surfing…..No one was there in the audience …so the VM withdrew it…no date deferred…so it’s status quo for kite surfing on the beach….YEA!…

f. was withdrawn it was a duplicate for the round table discussion ..item h.

g. Discussion on the Commercial drainage problem at the Beach Pavilion…Comm. Dodd brought this back because it was cut off at the prior meeting and he still had concerns over its effectiveness and the past actions of the Town Manager not bringing this item to the Commission to address…Assist. Manager Olinzock came to the podium completely adversarial and incredibly ineffective… he could not recall when the town became aware of the problem…and asserted the pavilion and the drainage were separate issues..HUH?….Olinzock also stated the extended time for Commercial as compared to the VM street was getting DEP permits…Assist. Olinzock also kept up the Town Administrative charade of being under the gun to complete the pavilion with the last grant (prev. post…it’s OCT. 2009!)…adding  administration takes direction from the dais…(hard to do when it is KEPT from the dais!)…Comm. Dodd relayed the Coastal Construction conversation stating the problems with Aruba’s runoff requiring a separate drainage runoff…the Town Manager spoke up about surrounding properties…and a memo addressing that issue given to the Comm. it included 2 alternatives …and true to her M.O. she decided to veer off and say the RFP was out BUT if Comm. Dodd wanted to not do the RFP and spend no money …she had no problem with it…(it’s really getting to be a tired old act TM)…The VM in la la land said he has been to the pavilion after an hour the water is gone …HUH?…it’s typical and then he brought up the pier being just as guilty of runoff as Aruba…they are trying to get it done… no action taken..RFPs are opened (and hopefully read out loud) Aug. 11,2009 2 pm….

h. The Round Table to discuss the criteria used for the Town Manager Review…after some discussion…that was shocking that the Town Manager does not know what is in her contract (only her 147 large / additions/ perks)…said she could review the Comm. as well…NOT SO…This writer made that mistake and incorrectly asserted it at the podium when first bringing this requirement of her contract to the dais…Comm. Silverstone repeated it…and now the Town Manager has done the same…

Pg. 6-  15.0

After more talk of needing to discuss how to review he a round table is set Sept. 10,2009 5 pm…Jarvis Hall…public should be there!

16 New Business

a. Heroes award…the VM wants to give out medals for Heroes…at $60- $75 a pop…he brought them with passed them down…(the medals brought we  hear are the same as the ones handed out to VFD…and shown in the Mc-Furth Times)…Comm. Clottey was a hoot (for a change)…when she spoke of hearing an alternative of rings and wanted to look into it…she also felt the medals looked “tacky”…and that we’re a little town “not the military”…stating it was going too far…OUCH!…passes 5-0

b. Installation of drainage Bougainvilla from Commercial to Pine…Comm. Dodd wanted to know why we were going approve a study for $8450 dollars for a project that will cost $341,000 and is not in the budget…He expressed his opinion of not liking to do things “piecemeal” and wanting to use the “correct approach” with some planning…He relayed the TM’s assertions at his budget meeting with the staff that a full study would cost $80,000 …and said maybe instead of going around taking photos of garbage containers…photos of flooding could be taken ….Shaun Bamforth from Chen & Assoc came to the podium to express a need for a prioritized list…Town manager Colon said the $80,000 was a previous 1st study and it would now cost $98,000…She again brought up the storm assessment’s demise…the $243,000 …and again made reference to stopping Comm. Blvd. drainage repairs…which brought a motion for a warning to this writer for responding to her tactics…the motion failed 3-2 (thank you Comm. Clottey)…More discussion on the assessment…engineers and from Comm. Silverstone …re-institute the storm water fees……Comm. Clottey said we won’t be able to deduct it from our taxes…and said liked Comm. Dodds idea of priorities …and referred to the problem on the VM’s street and the kids affected…Shaun Bamforth spoke about approaching months where the problems we have now will dissipate adding he had spoken to the administration of doing aplan that would run $30-40,000 and it would cost less than the piecemeal we are now doing…Hmmm….fiscally irresponsible TM?….no vote…and then we had the “Aruba River” fallout …see above….

c. PIO Steve d’Oliveira asked for and received $4,755 to update software for channel 78…passes 5-0

d. Public speakers…”2-Hats” hypocrisy once more…these 2 guys were behind putting an end to resident/ non-resident after the longtime ban for their former friend John Thompson…It was something Comm. Clottey and Dodd ran on to rectify…and now it has come back again because the “Gang of 3” does not like being the minority on the receiving end…SHAME ON YOU!…passes 3-2 Mayor Minnet/ Comm. Dodd dissenting….

e. Comm Dodd wanted to see if another date could be added for citizens to have input…it could not…any resident with questions etc…must contact their Comm. who will then go to the TM…and get back to them…Of course the justification sheets are still not included on the backup…(will post soon on this site)…until Sept. 14th and 28th..

f. Discussion/action on extending the Village Grille and Athena special permits..(will post more on this one later) …in a nutshell…it was holding court for the “Gang of 4″…with an embarrassing “gotcha” for the Assist. TM…and only touching on the Town Manager changing a permit without direction or vote of the Comm. removing 1 part…adding something else…and on the dais interpreting it further…(what happened to following her own rules?)…Comm. Clottey opened “Pandora’s Box” with her suspicions that Athena was putting tables in front of other businesses…when in fact Athena owner Louis Marchelos said he owns the buildings…HIS tables are in front of…and the other tables belong to another business…leading to the VM talking illegalities and state liquor license problems…total spin…A glaring difference in the treatment for Dave Gadsby and Louis Marchelos from the majority on the dais…sad!..In the end ..the applicants will get a 60 day extension….and will be held to 3 month permits that need to be re-upped 60 days before!…that’s 2 times before March!…passes 5-0

g. The Audit…more Town Manager  nonsense…with the Manager ultimatums…her spin on the engagement letter her GAO budget presentation award …something 1265 municipalities  take part in and 90% get the award…pretty funny that the Manager said it’s based on “QUALIFICATIONS” in regards to Auditors…but not for public safety…ARGHHH….She got all testy…saying this is “Too personal” speaking of her integrity  …”I don’t cheat” ..BUT… in this writer’s opinion…giving Comm. outdated info while you possess the up to date figures…”INFORMING” them what you are going to do…then telling the Auditor the Comm. “ACCEPTED” the extended contract with only her signature for a 3 year $200,000.00 deal with a 10% increase per year …says something quite different…The VM chimed in ….going after Comm. Dodd….just a load of BULL#&*#….BUT in the end they will go out for an RFP for next year…passes 5-0…YEA!…

h. was withdrawn…storm water bond issue…will come back later…

The meeting ended with the Vice Mayor taking Comm. Dodd’s notes and asking the attorney if they were public record…DEJA VU…The VM has done it before with Atty. Abbott…and received the same answer both times…they are not public record…Perhaps the VM really is losing his mind?….

No Town Atty. report…adjourned…

more to come…..

Post Division

Here’s The Scoop… It’s Not Goodbye Chief ….. IT’S GAME OVER ….

July 31, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers… First the news…

‘LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – There will be a new chief in town Monday when Capt. Oscar Llerena replaces Broward Sheriff’s Chief Scott Gooding, who was removed from office last month by Town Manager Esther Colon.

Gooding’s departure was protested at a raucous town meeting where more than 100 residents and business owners praised his leadership and demanded his reinstatement. They were unsuccessful.

Gooding’s removal came as a surprise, after Colon faulted the cost of his renovation plans for police office space. She had never complained about his performance or financial management and had reviewed the construction costs with his supervisors prior to removing him.

Colon chose the new leader from within the sheriff’s ranks but from outside the town’s 28-member force.

In 2004, Llerena was named in a widespread inquiry into improperly closed cases during former Sheriff Ken Jenne’s administration. Sheriff’s investigators recommended a three-day suspension for Llerena.

“Captain Llerena challenged the finding and the investigators’ recommendation was not sustained,” agency spokesman Jim Leljedal said. “He was never suspended.”

Colon declined to comment on her selection of Llerena, 37, who is on vacation and did not return messages seeking comment about his goals for the new job.

Llerena will work under a $2.9 million contract with the town that ends Sept. 30, 2011.

He joined the Broward Sheriff’s Office as a road patrol deputy in 1996 and has been a training officer and detective. An agency spokeswoman said Llerena’s most recent post was night watch commander.

Gooding will remain with the sheriff’s office as a field commander.’


What a turnout…what a crowd…and what a way to say thank you to outgoing Chief Scott Gooding…for a job well done!

We gathered around as Village Grill owner Dave Gadsby (no relation)  stepped on the stage to explain why we had all come out this evening…saying a few words about Chief Scott Gooding…He then introduced BSO Sheriff Al  Lamberti who came to support the Chief ….The Sheriff spoke about the BSO and what they stand for…and how they stand together…saying it’s not about one person …it’s about the BSO department as a whole…He then brought Scott up to speak to the crowd….Scott  spoke about the LBTS department and of the people he worked with in his 5 1/2 years in town…His voice cracked a little as he said it was hard to move on when you weren’t ready to leave ….but added in his new position….this was not goodbye…he would be able to return anytime he wanted!….The crowd burst into applause!…He gave special thanks to close friends …. pointed out his sister ( and her date) and his neighbors from Pompano Beach who had joined him for this event…..and then said the drinks were free courtesy of Dave Gadsby!…(all in good fun)….Dave Gadsby came back to the mike and asked everyone to join in to sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”….followed by more applause and shouts of support ……Also in attendance…former LBTS Chief Tyre, incoming Chief, Capt. Oscar Llerena  …. Lt. Angelo Cedeno…many of Chief Gooding’s LBTS-BSO staff…Mayor Minnet… Commissioner Dodd…and former Town Commissioners…

Walking around the square the  subject was the same no matter where you walked…no matter who you talked to…IT’S GAME OVER…for  McIntee/ Silverstone/ Colon and the Furths…They went to far …and there’s no turning back… there’s no letting up….. to see that come this March…they are marched right out of power!…

This writer has never seen anything like it…a town full of residents…business owners….BSO ….and VFD ….ALL saying the McIntee and Gang are toast…they crossed the line and they can NEVER  recover from this action….NEVER….

Some spoke and snickered about the “UNSPINNING ” the spin campaign latest edition of the Mc-Furth times…saying it was more the “UNRAVELING” the campaign in 2010…THEIRS…”WE SWEPT THEM IN….WE CAN SWEEP THEM OUT”….Bye Bye BROOMS……..

With the Deputy Chief safely out of town, leaks from the VFD were front and center on these downtown sidewalks …Word is there is no support for McIntee in the VFD ….they’re  just waiting …for Dec/Jan VFD elections…where this writer is told McIntee will not be  re-elected Deputy Chief…We hear his bad acts are out of control……It is only a matter of time……..We’ll supply a medal for that!…

As the hour turned late and the music died down we all were in agreement….The man we came to thank tonight made his mark, was appreciated and richly supported by a community that will honor him by making “sweeping changes” in March ….of that this writer has no doubt……lights out…GAME OVER….

Thank you Chief, see you around town!….

link to Sentinel….,0,3298688.story

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. Mc-Furth Times …..Beyond Kool-Aid ……

July 31, 2009 by Barbara


The Mc-Furth/CIC Sometimes pictorial is out….A colorful charade of fractured fairy tales….Full out Mc-Furth spin …Still livin’ large to the  beat of their different drummer…until March 2010…

You get what you pay for (it’s free)… a psychedelic plethora of Mc-Furth /CIC desperation…Epiphanies as real as the “press pass” worn around the “Healer’s”  neck…with a Psuedo “interview” included in this edition’s lovefest…. given by the soon to be departing Prize winning (11 years running for budget PRESENTATION) Town Manager who regularly ignores the real press….Those with journalism degrees…

SHAMfully… front and center …(besides the Leader Furth staged production photos)…the “Gang of 6”  has taken what the rapidly growing rallying resident voters ACTUALLY WITNESSED…the exchange with BSO Chief Gooding on June 23rd …and the June 30th special meeting melt- down crassly and disturbingly made from the soon to be ex-Town Manager …and turned it upside down and inside out…A truly mindbending experience!…. FLASHBACK….

It’s so implausible…so hard to comprehend…just so over the top…”SO WAY OUT THERE, MAN”…..that the only possible answer to how they could really believe (where’s Dorothy and her ruby slippers when you need her?)  readers would buy into what they are selling….desperately (seeking) selling……is….

the Mc-Furth staff has dropped something stronger than kool- aid…..YEAH, BABY!…

For those of you who dare to experiment…and peruse the latest issue…remember it does hold one redeeming quality….it’s  recyclable…the content as well as the paper…

Please come tonight to Village Grille and say thanks and goodbye to BSO Chief Scott Gooding…

It will be like going to DETOX!….

more to come…….

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Here’s The Scoop …. We made The Papers …. Just Look In The Mirror… …

July 31, 2009 by Barbara


‘Lauderdale-by-the-Sea officials ask for donations from residents to build a monument to themselves

LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA – Neighbor, can you spare a dime?

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea commissioners are asking residents to contribute $4,500 so they can build a 6-foot-high granite monument listing the names of the town’s elected officials from 1947 to present, including their own.

“I don’t think you’ll have any problems getting donations,” Commissioner James Silverstone predicted. But two weeks since fundraising began, they’ve raised zero dollars.

Officials considered tapping the general fund to build the monument and accept donations later, but Commissioner Birute Clottey said no one would contribute if the town had already paid for it.

Besides, she said, “I don’t like the idea of having to vote on a granite statue that will have my name on it and have the town pay for it.”

The campaign continues until December.’

BC-This writer did go to the podium and say it was not the time for it…

The idea at this time…looks even worse in print….

How about a mirror on the wall…those who were important in town will know who they are….OUCH!

link below…,0,5145198.story

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …7/28/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #1 …. Roosters Coming Home ….

July 29, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…experiencing some computer technical difficulties …. The Mc-Furth Gang of 4 on the dais was showing signs that all is not well in their floundering faction……Guess the Roosters are coming home to roost…and they can’t seem to cope with the ongoing slaughter ….Quite snappish…..and downright impish were they as the time stretched on and on and on…….They’re still on a slippery slope and they just can’t get a grip to stop them from the free fall coming round the bend next March!….

We started with the special hearing at 5 pm and dealt with the “2-Hats” favorite …the fire assessment…Oh, the moolah they have coming with the $130 fire assessment and 4% increase in their contract expected to arrive just in time to fill their coffers and allow for more gluttony when it comes the the Deputy Chief’s insatiable needs to acquire apparatus …..And boy did  Mike Burton from Burton and Assoc. put a little spring in his step….Mr. Burton quoted 2 cases …one was a Supreme Court case Lake County VS Water Oak Management Corp. 1997  which provided that just as Comm. Dodd reminded Mr. Burton of previous comments Mr. Burton made at a past fire assessment meeting…the fire department in responding to auto crash scenes was akin to responding to medical calls as “first responders” in only offering “basic” care and not transport…and were allowed to do so under fire assessment funds… There was a major fumble on the part of the Vice Mayor and the Town Manager when it came to discussing even more equipment and a purchasing plan…even though Mr Burton stressed the reserve funds ( equal to approx. a months savings) was not intended for equipment replacement…The Vice Mayor was in his favorite arena…the “Bash BSO Bigtop”…blame the boys from the BSO … when it comes to all the wrongs that wreaked havoc on the VFD…The Manager walked head long into her newest version of who owns what…There was a heated exchange “2-Hats” calling Comm. Dodd a liar….Comm. Clottey asking the VFD to give up the 4% increase…and in the end direction was given for maintaining the $130 fire assessment…(details to be posted )…

Next came the millage with 3 scenarios provided by the Town Manager  3.9990/ 4.4829/ 5.2076 …the consensus was to keep the 3.9990…with a 10.80% decrease for our municipality…The Mayor made a list of proposed areas to cut back on…direction was given…the sticky wicket seemed to be the Chamber and providing a 2.0-2.5% COLA (cost of living) for the 30 hr employees in town…(although no total price was provided…)…other cuts and specifics to be posted…

The meeting began with Rev George Hunsaker speaking of human nature…trying to get everything done…to wipe the slate clean…reminding all that relationships are more important than personal agendas…

The Wind presentation was withdrawn …a no- show…Mayor Minnet took off her item on the round table as Comm. Dodd had the same item on the agenda…Comm. Silverstone took off his Proclamation for Marc Furth saying he did it without asking and because of the “political environment”…a wet noodle to those not enamored by the Mc-Furth leader….

The Solar Lighting presentation was given by Gregory Perez from Sol Inc. (previous post )…who gave a powerpoint presentation and spoke of what they could offer…It really should have been put on hold until after the hiatus and maybe the response would have been more receptive…

Honeybees were given a day August 22, 2009 with a Mayoral proclamation and a brief  presentation by Dr. Gosser concerning the perils and the benefits of the honeybees…bottom line don’t call the exterminator call a beekeeper…and consider bees in your backyard…

Chen & Assoc./ Ocampo & Assoc. were put on after the MPSC/Comms. asked them both to come up with some plans for the Oriana million and El Mar…surprise… surprise…they can both give us medians based on the AI student winners …and the cost including their percentage (anywhere from 20-27%  brought to light by Comm. Dodd) But later on in the 2 day meetings it became clear that some on the commission are changing their tune on the money being used for the center of the roadway….

Public comments…proved the public commentary is growing in participation from those who sat on the sidelines…but are now fully engaged and eyeing March 2010…detailed post to come…

Reports….Finance/Development/Municipal/ BSO/ AMR  no discussion 5-0….VFD …questions from Comm. Dodd….The Chief filling all in on his daily duties…standards of operation…some good (life jackets required on the fire boat)…some questionable (training at midnight at Europa…prev. post)……jaws of life training…trainers in-house and the Chief while happy and confident in his trainers (no interest in Comm. Clottey’s request for outside trainers as well)…BUT unable to name trainer #5…(#1-4…Joe Padden/Mark Conn/ J & JJr. McIntee)…and some even more questionable…a mass entry of “rookies” from the academy (what academy)…with a mass exodus of trained members being scooped up by professional departments (whose hiring in such large numbers?)….more on this to come…passes 5-0

Town Manager report…Choice garbage…angry residents…getting charged for more toters than they were before…Madam Manager is strictly by the book…( sometimes)…no exceptions (we hear when Waste was under contract exceptions were allowed)…Instead of looking to help…with exceptions…the Manager gave a powerpoint of garbage can faux pas…This writer wonders did Esther don her Floppy hat and Foster Grants going undercover ala her previous escapades to check out the local open container laws at our downtown bars?…The presentation was the talk of the town on Wed. with witty and wicked words of her being way off base…But did Readers pick up the  caveat to her solution…with the 1 cubic toter…requiring an enclosure…requiring a permit… requiring Cha-Ching fees!…

OF NOTE…3 suggestions…coming from readers…1- cancel service for certain units (put them on vacation)…2-…don’t pay or accept service the contract is with the Town not the homeowners…3-redo the contract to allow for the refuse amt. as is done for the condos…for multi-family duplexes etc…(no legal advise being offered…just passing on suggestions)..Choice was receptive…pun intended…caught in the middle and handling it quite well…

Tennis anyone?…Looks like 20+ tennis wannabees are LOVE-in it and ready to dive in to the swim program (no real diving allowed in the Mc-pool)..and then after a cool dip it seem it’s Kickin’on over to Tai Kwon Do…all budgeted to succeed…says the Manager

Last was the news that in order to replace the Town’s mature trees…we would have to insure to the tune of $80,000….but for that amount the dais said…show me the shorties…passes 5-0

The minutes were approved …1..2…3…5-0 no discussion…

Ordinances…1st reading 2009-26 amending water conservation- passes 5-0/ 2nd reading 2009-10 the ongoing chapter 30 Unified land devel. sec. 30-21…Finally (we hope ,we hope no hidden particulars not brought out to bite us in the end) we have a second reading completed…with non- conforming structures allowed to be rebuilt after more than 50% destroyed…to the same footprint and height or higher while keeping to the Town Charter ..(still queasy over it being put to the test)….Right of Ways can have Zeriscape…still have inequitable maintenance and watering depending on the neighborhood…and still not clear…if the Town plants it…they maintain it…but if the homeowner puts it in (zericape) it theirs to upkeep? Again any change…means a trip to development for permits and fees…We have beauty shops…mopeds…fencing…setbacks…and more …passes 5-0/ 2009-12 sidewalk cafes have removable and permanent barriers…allowed in private areas and public…showing it is possible to provide to all  equitably…passes 5-0/ Noise…passes 4-1 (Minnet dissenting) ….posting in depth later…

The clock struck 11…and a vote was taken to proceed…after the VM said he was heading out of town…OOPS!….Let the cat out of the bag VM…advertising your departure…who ya gonna blame this time?…Vote to extend went down 3-2 BFF Silverstone joined the VM to go long…while the others said 20 minutes and they were calling it a night…The VM was P.O.’d…he had plans and insinuated that 2 could play at this game…

Ordinance 2nd reading…2009-25 sanitary sewer disposal service …The VM made good on his stall tactic asking for the Town Atty. to explain…she passed it on the staff…Olinzock explained it was to add a size for service to Oriana…No extra tax to everybody as Comm. Clottey stated showing she skipped the backup…passes 5-0

Consent agenda …the Bel Air signs…subject to the Town Atty’s review..the VM made the motion…and Comm. Silverstone 2nd…a few residents spoke of its placement…the history…what it was replacing and all that entailed…the Mayor stood her ground and reiterated her stance…fiscal and inequitable to other town neighborhoods…Comm. Clottey reiterated the need and the unsightly entry left after the change from septic to sewers…Comm. Silverstone spoke of how the previous walls taken down were probably paid for by the people there so since they paid  it once…it should be done by the Town this time (huh?)…asking also for the Town seal to be included (it is)…The VM looking for any votes he can… spoke of grassroots project and the guys who spearheaded this…saying they bypassed the “channels” and saying “thank goodness they did” OUCH!….Comm. Dodd was unhappy about the $10,000 for a $20,000 job paid to Chen and Assoc…and it went to a vote passes 4-1 (Minnet dissented)…The audience was dumbfounded that Comm. Clottey and VM McIntee did not recuse themselves…they both live in the are benefitting from the signage…Also being asked… why would the VM recuse himself for the sewers in front of his house…but not for these signs?…Hmmmm….

The meeting was adjourned until 2:30 the next day…….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. Act 2… 7/28/09 LBTS Commission Meeting… Matinee’ …. “Off With Their Heads” ….

July 29, 2009 by Barbara


The Commission will go at it again…Jarvis Hall 2:30 pm…….

Commissioner Comments..

Consent Agenda …..

Quasi Judicial Hearing….

Old Business….

New Business…..

No Reservations required….open seating….

More to come….

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July 28, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers….as you all know this writer makes public records requests for certain VFD incident reports…You may also recall that previously posted were incident reports that were less than stellar…due to the lateness in their production….A comparison was shown that the Pompano Beach Fire Dept.has each apparatus that was on scene write up their own incident report within the report completed right after the incident…something we were told before the VFD took over would be the process followed by them as well…..Nope…didn’t happen…instead we get reports (that are legal documents in any court proceeding) that are usually done by one member …who may not have not even been on scene…but he takes the info from the Dep. Chief (McIntee) more often than not!…

The VFD was paying their members for both medical and beach patrol responses…per their income-expense reports…(until they were told it was a no-no)  for at least 9 months into the 1st year as our provider…..At the first meeting in July the Town Manager went along with what looked like a  “cover up” (in this writer’s opinion) from the dais calling  the medical calls the VFD goes on “training “…per the VFD Fire Chief…… But how many times can you call it training when in June alone they went on 58 of 64 medical calls with AMR?…Turns out they lucked out on the medical calls/training charade they cooked up…when Mike Burton of Burton and Assoc. informed them at the special hearing last night that under “first responder” status according to the Supreme Court they could continue to go and get paid from the fire assessment funds as long as they did not assist beyond “basic “care or transport…(The Beach Patrol though is to be paid from a separate account…more on that to come)….

The problem this writer still has is the same despite the heavy weight being lifted from their shoulders on the whether they can be paid for these call from the assessment…and that is the VFD told us repeatedly that there would be NO need to have firetrucks going on medical calls because AMR would be fully staffed in the way BSO was not …thus allowing us not to have a firetruck going along for that 3rd EMS responder…Instead the VFD  is going on almost all medical calls and we are continually faced with an unnecessarily large number of responders …leaving taxpayers to pay through the nose for those VFD members to standby…(Check out some of the yearly call #’s  for some members to 6/30/09…287/406/112/281/226/340/248/161/494/221/373/257/533/429( no pay McIntee)/729/184/289/247/415/268/187/195/111/122(no pay Silverstone)…..then multiply them each  by $10 for medical/ $25 for fire ) ….Furthermore the Chief’s assertions that AMR needs their help at all these calls diminishes AMR as our EMS provider in the eyes of those who are asked to put their trust in the services!…

These recent public requests made were from July 4th and July 10th, 2009…

The July 4th incident reports…show the following..(NOTE- VFD Incident reports were written 9 days later on 7/13/09)……

21:43:43 (After the July 4th fireworks…prev. post)…Incident Type 745- Alarm system sounded, no fire- unintentional (brought out 3 trucks/ 2 command cars/ 17 personnel right as crowds departing the beach) / CAD NARRATIVE …Incident Type FIRE ALARM …GENERAL FIRE…NO RESET INFO…4 STORY CBS ABC INVESTIGATING, ALARMS FLASHING, NOTHING SHOWING DP12/FC ADV 4/S CHECKING PERIMETER & INTERIOR…POSS MALICIOUS DP12 ADV ESTAB IT IS A FALSE ALARM …ORIANA SUITE

7/13/09 VFD Narrative…At 2143 hours on Saturday July 4,2009 we were dispatched to an alarm system sounding. Five units were assigned to this incident. Seventeen personnel responded. We arrived on scene at 2147 hours and cleared at 2240 hours. The incident occurred at 4318 EL MAR Dr. L-B-T-S in District 12A. The local station is 12. The general description of this property is multifamily dwelling. The primary task(s) performed by responding personnel was standby. No mutual/ automatic aid was given or received.

Upon arrival E12 and SQ 12 crew found that alarm panel read pull station. E12 and SQ12 Crews searched for pull station. Pull station manually pulled and on the north side of the garage. No smoke no flames.

BC- This was the 1st half of the embarrassing display that had residents and tourists shaking their heads…and openly laughing at the spectacle…not quite what the Deputy Chief desired from this response call…


7/13/09…VFD Narrative…At 2153 hours on Saturday July 4, 2009 we were dispatched to a contained trash or rubbish fire. Two units were assigned to this incident. Six personnel responded. We arrived on scene at 2157 hours and cleared at 2221 hours. The incident occurred at 4209 EL MAR Dr. Dr. L-B-T-S in District 12A. The local station is 12. The general description of this property is multfamily dwelling. The primary task(s) performed by responding personnel was standby. No mutual/ automatic aid was given or received.

Upon arrival E12 crew found the dumpster on fire, E12 crews used a 13/4 speedlay to extinguish the fire.

BC- What is wrong with this report is that this writer and countless others saw 2 trucks go to this fire along with command cars…all the trucks assigned to the Oriana alarm “hightailed” it over to this dumpster fire…taking a fast turn around the square (curbing)… looking like “Keystone Cops” which is what you heard them called from the crowds watching the equipment falling off one of the trucks and hoses left unattended  for many to trip over as they took off to the 2nd scene up the block!…Not quite what was written 9 days after the fact…OUCH!…


July 10th ….AND 11th 2009…(prev. post)…

BC- Previously this writer posted the leaks from VFD members concerning the “dressing down” of VFD Chief Perkins by his Deputy Chief McIntee…after it is said McIntee returned from dinner with family out of Town limits and returned to find an alarm still going off at the Europa Condominium where his “troops” had been earlier for a fire call…Not happy with the situation…Dep. Chief McIntee it is said dropped the Mrs. off at home and made a beeline to the station…giving the Chief and ” troops” hell…Dep. Chief McIntee then contacted BSO Dispatch to say they were going back and after being asked by Dis[patch if he wanted a 2nd call number he said he would be using the original call number to return …BUT as you will see from the VFD Narrative…the Dep. Chief  7 days later as “Officer in Charge/Reviewer called the after Midnight- 1AM return a “Training exercise”!……How can you use an existing fire call and turn it into a “training exercise”?….Hmmm….

7/10/09 …23:25:44 alarm/ 23:34:38 arrival (1st time)..1st clear time for Chief Perkins 23:59:38/ E12 clear time (1st time) 23:31:08/ E212 clear time (1st time) 23:59:38/ E12 (again pg. 2) clear time (2nd time?) 23:40:44 (HUH?)

7/11/09…E12  arrival time o0:30:54 …clear time 01:10:12/ E212 arrival time 00:30:54…clear time 01:09:32/ SQ12 arrival time 00:31:07…clear time 01:08:28/ C12 (Perkins) arrival time 00:34:57…clear time 01:10:15 / DP12 (McIntee)  arrival time 00:35:02…clear time 01:10:23


7/17/09 VFD Narrative …At 2325 hours on Friday July 10,2009 we were dispatched to an alarm system sounding. Nine units were assigned to this incident. Nineteen personnel responded. We arrived on scene at 2334 hours and cleared at 0110 hours. The incident occurred at 1460 N Ocean Blvd L-B-T-S in District 12A. The local station is 12. The general description of this property is multifamily dwelling. The primary task(s) performed by responding personnel was investigation. No mutual/ automatic aid was given or received.

Upon arrival C12 discovered that alarm panel showed trouble on the 6th floor. E12. E212, SQ12 crews investigated the trouble and searched all floors. No flames or smoke found. alarm was reset at the panel (BC-?) After all tasks were completed all units RETURNED to Station.



BC- Sure looks like the “leaks” were accurate concerning the Deputy Chief’s actions at the station and with the 2nd run to Europa ….As for the Chief’s “missed opportunity” of using the situation as a “training” for a couple of “rookies” it sadly looks to have been orchestrated and really lame performance at the podium…..especially when the report shows that the VFD responders sent both times were not “rookies”……when compared to their June Report stats below…

MTD= Month To Date calls (JUNE)/ YTD = Year To Date (calls from Oct. 1st to June 30)…..

E12- 1st run-#090  Miko Angeles Captain FF1 (MTD calls/ 32 YTD  calls 287)/ #110 Gordon Chase FF1(MTD calls 39/YTD calls 406) / #128 Danilo Goyochea FF2 EMT-B(MTD calls 62/ YTD calls 340)/ #43 Jerome McIntee FF1/Pd. Trainer (not on Roster)

E212- 1st run-#004 Mark Conn FF1 (MTD calls 30/ YTD calls 281)/ #100 Brad Fabian FF1 (MTD calls 33/ YTD calls 226)/ #131 Christopher Maddock FF2 (MTD calls 31/ YTD calls 257)/ #089 Jonathan Michailiuk FF1 (MTD calls 33/ YTD calls 727)/ #091 Steven Muntean FF1 (MTD calls 20/ YTD calls 65)

C12 – 1st run-#81 Chief Perkins FF1 (MTD calls 19/ YTD calls 415)

E12- 2nd run- same as above minus Jerome McIntee Jr. replaced by #040 Pete Long LT.FF1 (MTD calls 20/ YTD calls 221)

E212- 2nd run- no names given

SQ12-  2nd run -(SQ 12 not on 1st run) #078 John Louvaris Battalion Chief FF1 (MTD calls 30/ YTD calls 373)/ Maddock (see above)/ Michailiuk (see above)/ #011 Ron McGirr Acting Captain FF1 (MTD calls 61/533)

C12-2nd run- Chief Perkins (see above)

DP12 – 2nd run (DP12 not on 1st run) #58 Jerry McIntee Dep. Chief FF1 (MTD calls 45/ YTD calls 429)

BC- Definitely not the “rookies” the Chief told the Commission were in need of the after midnight training at the condo….OUCH!…

Time to get their stories straight….write their reports accurately and right after the calls….and to get their act together…

It’s time to get rid of the Deputy Chief…

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop …. REMINDER ….. LBTS Fire Assess & Millage Rate/ Regular 2nd Commission Meeting Of The Month …..

July 28, 2009 by Barbara



A. Resolution 2009-18 FIRE ASSESSMENT….


B. Resolution 2009-19 MILLAGE RATE….

7 PM….. 2ND Commission Meeting for July…(last one until September)…

Jarvis Hall/ Public Welcome / Public Comments

use link below to also get the agendas/backup

Online ….. / Comcast Channel 78

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop…. You Call This A Strategy? ….. Political Posturing Personified ….Pass The Smelling Salts …..

July 27, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…you don’t have to wait for the Jimmy Silverstone   July 28, 2009 New Business Item  J. “PROCLAMATION FOR MARC FURTH”…or even for the Mc-Furth Times coming out at the end of the week….to see that for the 2nd time the CIC “leadership” ….have decided to “HIJACK” a Town sponsored/ Taxpayer funded event and claim it as their own …

The Citizens Initiative Committee is a registered Political Action Committee….that accepts dues from like-minded members…and you must be approved by the “cheerleading ” CIC BOARD to join….

It turned off the rest of the non- CIC LBTS taxpaying residents  big time when the “Mc-Furth Gang”  politicized July 4th by making this year’s event (paid for by the town)… a CIC/VFD /Town Sponsored event…( a first for this event)….The CIC Board “bent” the rules of eligibility to make the Mer-couple their  CIC “Citizen’s of the Year” with the self adulating  CIC -Coral Reef Project float front and center with the Furth close-up photos imposed on Mer-bodies leading the way….

Now they have sent out an e-mail (prev. post) to their dwindling “school of fish” that states they have placed this color ad in their Furth owned newspaper to get new CIC members…and prepare for the March 2010 CIC Commission Re-election Campaign straight from the Mc-Furth Times headquarter AKA Town Hall East…

We now have the copy of the CIC full page color ad..(can’t put on for copyright reasons)….

The background is a school of fish underwater…a familiar Marc Furth type-photo…


















BC-WOW!…The Mc-Furth’s have taken a longtime LBTS Capital Improvement Fund Project…..had CIC members pay for a full page ad in their newspaper to “tout” it and are using it as a campaign tool for donations and for new members to join their PAC organization!…….

BC- Looks like somebody’s tanks were low on oxygen…….For the rest of us….it gives us the bends!…..

Please note members pay $10 yearly dues…a full page color ad cost approx. $750 in the previous BTSTimes…

Did members vote on this one?…Are there 75 members left to pay for it?….OUCH!…

more to come…….

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Here’s The Scoop… Any Doubt Who’s Runnning The Show ….NOPE! …

July 27, 2009 by Barbara



7/27/09…E-mail to CIC members…Get ready to support the Mc-Furth Times and the Broom Boys 2010!…

Looking for some pockets to empty….are any left?…

‘Dear CIC Member

We have not had a CIC meeting this month and with many of us away on
summer travel we will not be having an August meeting. However, we have
been busy working behind the scenes. I think you will agree that the ad
below does a great job of promoting the CIC and the values we stand for.
It will appear in the next issue of By the Sea Times, and is being paid
for by the CIC.

Campaigning for the March 2010 election is already underway and the CIC
has to be ready to work for candidates who support CIC values.
Contributions to the CIC (in addition to normal dues) will enable us to
buy quality ads like this in support of these candidates. It promises to
be a hard fight, however, the Citizens Initiative Committee remains
steadfast in doing everything possible to insure that our wonderful
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea ?Quality of Life? is protected and preserved.

Looking forward to seeing you at the September meeting (date to be

Bob Roberts, Chairman’

BC- no ad was included…in the e-mails OOPS!…


FURTHNEWS LLC. ….(located at  TOWN HALL EAST)……(public record)

Florida Limited Liability Company FURTH NEWS, LLC Filing Information

Document Number L08000115292
FEI/EIN Number N/A
Date Filed 12/18/2008
State FL
Event Date Filed 12/22/2008
Event Effective Date NONE

Principal Address 4525 EL MAR DRIVE

US Mailing Address 4525 EL MAR DRIVE

US Registered Agent Name & Address GRAND, MARK S ESQ.

US Manager/Member Detail Name & Address Title



Mc-Furth BY THE SOME-TIMES  Paper paid for by the CIC/VFD due out this week…A Proclamation of love to the leaders Furth!……

more to come…CHA CHA CHING!….

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